Faecal capsules a new finding to get rid of gut infection

Clostridium difficult bacteria live harmlessly in many people’s guts with hundreds of other species.  It is also known as gut flora or gut microbiota that lives in the digestive tract. Sometimes when the competitors of C difficile’s are killed by some antibiotics, these bugsbegin to multiply and produce toxins at a high rate, creating many problems related to the digestive system.This can lead to severe diarrheawhich can maybe life threatening. This condition was earlier treated with strong antibiotics but it often lead to chronic infection.

Latest BBC report reveals a new study by a team of US scientists who have treated peoplechronic C difficile infections by giving them frozen faecal capsules. BBC further reports that 20 peoplewere given15 capsules on two consecutive days. The symptoms had completely disappeared in   14 of them and there was no report reoccurrence for the next two months. In another course of treatment to these patients, onlytwo patients developed problems. Other patients reported that there was significant improvement in their overall health and they did not face any side effects.

The capsules were madeby using faecal material collectedfrom four healthy volunteers after screening them carefully. These healthy stools were frozen by doctors in Boston and were enclosed in capsules. The people are warned by the researchers that there are potential dangers of trying to make home brew by taking faecal material from family members or friends.

Faecal transplants

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Scientists have already carried outsome successful faecal transplants earlier.  This is a therapy that involves in administering fresh excrement through a tube into the body or directly into the colon. But most researchers argued that this procedure can carry many risks to the patients and is uncomfortable and impractical. This procedure should be performed under strict medical supervision that will collect the material after thorough screening of the donors.

Strict supervision

Dr. Youngster from Boston who was involved in writing the report added that the capsules simplified the procedure and can be easily accessible to a larger population. But still more experience and more studies are required in this field to determine a more safe and efficient therapy.

Most doctors believe that use of antibiotics tend to disturb the healthy intestinal ecosystem. The idea of these capsules is to develop healthy bacteria through these capsules.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-29572670