Top benefits of apple for health and beauty

An apple is a delicious fruit that is blessed with number of health benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants which is really beneficial for your health. We come across various diseases due to excess of oxidants in our body. This forms as we take adulterated food. But there are certain fruits and natural herbs that help us to remove oxidants from our body with the replacement of antioxidants. Apple has disease fighting compounds that will help repairing your body tissues and cells during its day to day operation. Let us find out some health and beauty benefits of apples.

Health benefits of Apples

Cell rebuilding

The antioxidant properties of apple rejuvenates the cells and rebuilds it, it also helps to maintain glowing and healthy skin.

Liver health

Apple is rich in antioxidant properties and it ensures the liver to function properly.

Thyroid gland

By the prevention of rheumatism thyroid gland will function properly and apple makes the same.


Free radical molecules are the main causers of skin aging, apple with its vitamin c properties fights the free radicals which inturn reduces the skin aging.

Old age problems

Old-age neurological problems like Alzheimer’s can be prevented by the intake of apple on everyday of the routine.

Asthma care

Asthma is a hypersensitive allergic disorder and it can be lowered by the consumption of apple juice in a regular manner.

Diabetics care

Diabetics problem which is seen more among the adults is one serious problem to nurture, to prevent the problem add the apple in your food diet.

Treating Alzheimer’s

An experiment was carried on with a mice where the being with provided with apple juice.  It was proved that the apple juice worked in improving memory loss. The mice who consumed apple juice in the particular experiment got higher level of neutron transmitter acetylcholine. They really performed well in the maze test after consuming the apple juice.

Controlling cholesterol

People with cardiac problem are having the root cause of cholesterol. Higher level of saturated oil is a nasty reason behind it.  But, apple is one of the wonderful fruit obtained from the nature with all goodness. It can easily fight with cholesterol in your body on regular consumption. You can  have daily one apple after meals or in the afternoon to control your high cholesterol level.

Fighting diarrhea and constipation

Constipation and diarrhea are two common diseases that goes hand in hand. Even both takes place due to consumption of wrong food and indigestion in the process. You can now easily fight with this health issue if apple is consumed. Since apple is rich in fiber, it will pull out excess water from your colon to control your diarrhea. Even when you have constipation it will help proper bowel movement.


Antioxidants are a necessity for your body. They avert cell and tissue damage as well as protect against health ailments like cancerous disease, heart infection and high cholesterol. Apples are a major source of antioxidants! Just make certain you don’t peel off the skin – that’s where these fighting substances reside.

Beauty benefits of Apples

Skin diseases prevention

Due to lack of various minerals multiple skin diseases attack us, apple helps us from those diseases.

Great skin

The antioxidant properties of the apple keep the skin elastic and brings up the youthful skin.

Fair complexion

As apple is a source of multiple vitamins, it helps the skin in making white and also shows the nourishing effects on the skin complexion.


The regular eating of green apple helps in the prevention and control of pimple eruptions and works effectively on the acne problem.

Wrinkle problem

Face pack prepared with the green apple will dull out the wrinkles and improves the overall skin texture.

Dandruff problem

To fight with the dandruff, green apple works very well. Prepare a paste from the apple skin and apply on the scalp regularly to quench the results. This remedy also strengthens the locks, enhances the hair growth and prevents the hair loss.

Improves skin quality

Apple is rich in vitamin C. Your skin always needs vitamin C or ascorbic acid which helps in making collagen in your skin layer. It also helps in maintaining waterproof barrier on your skin. Normally your skin gets affected with low collagen production due to which skin tear and old wounds can appear once again. But, with regular consumption of apple you will get better skin quality.

UV protection with apple

As we all know that UV rays are not good for your skin. This is passed from sun rays to our body affecting our skin layer. This is the reason we generally apply a sunscreen lotion over our skin so that the UV rays cannot touch our skin and damage. But, if  you have apples on a regular basis, you don’t need to apply sunscreen over your skin layer. This will act as a UV rays protector in a large scale. Even if you have sunburns this will treat it in a wonderful way. You can also make a paste of apple adding a little lemon and apply it over your skin. This acts in an effective way.

Skin’s waterproof barrier

Since apple contains good amount of Vitamin C, there will be an ease in skin collagen production. Even a layer of healthy protein is always maintained over your skin layer which will help in acting as a waterproof barrier of your skin. If your body produces low collagen than what is needed, there will be deficiency of vitamin C in your body which will once again give rise to sufferance due to reopening of the old wound.  When you are consuming a big apple, estimated vitamin C content in it is 10.3 milligrams. For maintaining proper luster over the skin layer of every lady, 14% of vitamin C is required daily which can be accomplished through apple consumption.

Skin development

If you want to stay beautiful, skin development is also one of the important consideration. Since apple contains good amount of Vitamin A, it will work well in the process of skin development. Some ladies might also have immature skin type which can be easily transformed into mature skin with the proper functioning of the skin tissue. Due to excess exposure to sun, some people can also get an effect of UV rays and which can even lead to skin cancer. But, if you can consume apple on a regular basis, chance of skin cancer becomes low.

Adequate melanin retention

You must have seen people with white skin tone suffering from variety of skin problems and even skin cancer. It is due to lack of melanin production in your body. All micro organisms can easily attack your body and skin layer if there is no melanin layer in your skin. But, if you can consume apple regularly, production and retention of melanin on your skin can be easily accomplished.  Even melanin is good for natural sun protection which can form over your skin and protect you from various types of skin problems.

Germ kill within hair

Variety of micro organisms and germs can develop within your inner skin that is placed just in your hair roots.  You must be hearing about apple cider vinegar as well as apple in raw form to have germ kill properties. Even if you don’t want to apply apple over your hair, simple consumption of apple in a raw form can promote healthy hair to women as well as men.  It has the germ killing effect that retains healthy hair ideally.

Restriction of hair loss

One of the common causes of hair loss is pollution and the second reason is none other than adulteration. But, even today there is natural way to restrict hair loss. Consumption of apple regularly on a daily basis can easily help you getting your hair root strong and tight. It is important to consume a single apple in a day for getting the hair loss restricted.

Enhancement of hair color

Some people think that apple can only make your healthy with a boost of your body immunity. But, today, people also have developed another benefit of apple consumption. Getting healthy hair is another important reason for why should you consume apple on a regular basis. If you are getting white hairs before age, you might be lacking some essential mineral. Apple can restore all such mineral and help boosting your natural hair color. If you don’t want to get grey hair immediately, it’s time to be really cautious and consume a full apple everyday.

Stimulate hair growth

Some people are suffering from excessive hair fall. This can be due to environmental reasons. This is the time for you to get perfect hair benefit. Apple is a fruit that is known for perfect hair growth boosters. It also has biotin and nutrient that will provide growth of hair without any side effects. You must have an apple everyday in order to stay away from hair issues. You can gain proper grip of the hair root with good quality of hair.

Boost in complexion

Who would not like to have fair skin complexion. You must have seen males and females residing in Kashmir valley. Aren’t they really fair? It is because they consume apples regularly. They have apple orchard and have fresh apples. Apple has highest content of collagen that makes your skin elastic with flawless glow. You can also get rosy cheeks in fair complexion.