Effect of housefly genome – repeated human sickness and cure

One new discovery of scientists relates to housefly genome on various human diseases. As we all know that flies carry more than 100 types of illness, the recent findings can easily surprise you with its positive behavior. The scientists have researched every aspects of housefly genome which brings out new cures for human disease.

The team of experts at Cornell University of US compared the DNA of that of the fruit fly. They have realized that these genes are capable of making the houseflies strong with regards to its immunity. Unique code was duly found which helps the flies to dissolve the waste .These genes can be related to handle human waste with the motive of improving environment.

According to Dr Jeff Scott, human diseases are transmitted by much other variety of flies. But, this act will be effective in encouraging genome analysis much more and create a comparison among both.


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The most suitable flies in spreading disease is none other than that of houseflies. Since they are always in contact with the rubbish, sarcasses, spreading disease through any source will be very well possible for them. They also enjoy delicious food which we do as they have great capability of evading and detection.

Life cycle of housefly

A female housewife is capable of laying around 100 eggs at a particular time. Just after laying eggs, it takes just 2 to 3 days to emerge larvae from it. Then after a week, it will get transformed into the adult flies.

Since they feed on semi liquid or liquid matter, it will be quite usual for them to carry pathogens. They also need to evacuate large amount of faeces which is associated with pathogens that they have been carrying. Peculiar fact about the flies is, they don’t get sick the way human being does.

Dr Scott was really impressed with the immunity capacity of the flies and wished to utilize it in human health.  In a trial, the team of scientists has squeezed genomes of six flies that were female in gender. This has created a long sequence of 691 Mb. It was also been compared with 123 Mb of genome which was extracted from a fruit fly. The researcher found that the DNA so found was unique and can be utilized in further study.

As compared to Drosophila, immunity was much more in housefly. The diversity of its immune genes was also found out quite well. Thus, it has capacity of protecting against variety of pathogens which it carries. Some people have an impression that the houseflies are just nuisance, but in reality they have the capacity of transmitting many pathogen bacteria in such places where the sanitation is very poor.

The analysis of genome sequence is really very great to observe. The study has been conducted with regards to the fruit flies. There are huge varieties of flies that have capacity of transmitting variety of human diseases. Thus, the genome analysis will be capable of eradicating such diseases.

Spread of sleeping sickness is possible through the genome of tsetse fly. This fly is much more dangerous than those of houseflies as well as mosquitoes.  It is now possible to get the names of vectors that spread intelligent diseases. This fact can be understood much well with further comparison of genomes.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-29596438