How Investing in Luggage Can Save You Money in the Long Run

You don’t have to be a seasoned globe trotter to understand the importance of investing in quality luggage. Whether you travel frequently for business or take just one big vacation each year, buying the best bags you can afford is a smart move. Here’s how purchasing a few well-designed pieces now pays off down the road.

For the Functionality and Durability

The saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to luggage. Although you might score bargain-priced bags at discount stores, remember that lower prices almost always indicate lower quality.

For starters, cheaper cases aren’t as functional as better models. Expandability, compression flaps, plentiful pockets, and built-in TSA-approved locks are key features lacking in bargain baggage.

Quality luggage is more durable, too. The best bags are built to withstand travel abuse, from miles-long treks over cobblestone streets to rough handling by airport crews. Just one experience dragging a suitcase with a broken wheel through an airport or duct-taping a ripped carry-on and hoping it holds up until you get home, and you’ll quickly appreciate the value of good luggage.

For Style and Appeal

While a beat-up old duffle bag might have been fine to travel with during your gad-about college days, the look doesn’t exactly scream “polished traveler.” Beyond functionality and durability, investing in good luggage pieces signals your commitment to style and taste, whether you’re heading off on a luxury safari or taking a weekend break with friends.

The material and color choices available from top retailers allow you to express yourself without sacrificing quality. You might opt for soft-sided carry-on luggage that cuts a sleek profile and collapses down for easy storage, or go for a flare-forward hard-side roller in a sherbet hue to grab attention in the terminal. Either way, investing in good luggage is a surefire way to ensure you’re always traveling in style.

To Reduce Travel Costs

If you need further encouragement to invest in good luggage, look no further than cutting down travel expenses. Purchasing a variety of pieces means you always have the right cases for any flight scenario, helping you spend less money over time.

The cost of every flight you take often varies depending on the luggage you bring. That’s because with most carriers, you pay a fee to check full-size luggage. Traveling with a larger bag than you need may also result in extra charges. For many trips, especially shorter ones, a small, fee-free carry-on is all you need to pack.

Finally, buying quality cases means you’ll replace them far less often. Your hard-earned travel money can go toward creating amazing experiences instead of shelling out for new gear.Now that you know the benefits of buying better bags, it’s time to start shopping. Begin by visiting the website of a trusted retailer and checking their luggage size chart to zero in on your best options. With just a few clicks your order will be on its way, and you’ll be one step closer to a future “packed” with money-saving travels!