How to Make Homemade Hand Wash?

We use hand soaps and hand washes several times a day but we hardly give them a thought in between our busy schedules and rushing timelines. We have so many chores in our list, so many things to take care of that the quantity of hand wash hardly concerns us until the dispenser runs out of the liquid.

Next, we are rushing to nearby grocery stores and buying refill packs over and over again and the vicious cycle continues. In desperate times like now when cities are under lockdown, all the shops are closed, and people are facing the corona threat; what do you do if you run out of a basic commodity as hand washes? Another matter of concern is if the store-bought hand washes containing chemicals are indeed good for your skin when you are washing hands more frequently?

You can make a completely chemical-free herbal hand wash at home with few basic ingredients. But before we tell you how, you should know why homemade hand wash is better than store-bought products.

Homemade Hand Wash Advantages

Homemade products are always better than store-bought commercial products. Here are some benefits of homemade hand wash:

Suits different types of skin

Store-bought hand wash may harm your sensitive or dry skin because of the chemical ingredients. Most commercial products contain chemicals and hidden ingredients that may adversely affect your health. On the contrary, you use skin-friendly natural ingredients to make your hand wash at home.

It saves money

You can purchase raw ingredients in bulk to make your homemade hand wash and prepare a large quantity worth multiple refills thereby saving more money.

Your hands get a natural glow

Homemade hand wash is prepared by combining essential oils with natural ingredients such as probiotic soap bars and liquid castile soap. This combination of products is gentle on your hands and gives you soft, supple, glowing, and flawless skin.

Recipes for Homemade Hand Wash

You can quickly prepare homemade hand wash with any of these recipes:

Combining essential oils with probiotic soap bar

For this preparation, you require water, any preferable essential oil, and a probiotic soap bar. Once you have all the ingredients, put a pan on the burner, add distilled water, and bring it to a boil. Take a small section of the soap bar and add it to the boiling water.

For more efficiency, quicker results, and gel-like consistency, you can grate the soap bar into tiny flakes or use a food processor to blend the flakes before adding them to the boiling water. You can also use customized unscented soap bars instead of probiotic soap bars. Use an antibacterial soap to make a more effective handwash with antibacterial properties. Opt for using a moisturizing soap bar to prepare a hand wash suitable for dry skin.

Maintain a medium flame. Keep stirring continuously until the soap liquefies. Switch off the flame and keep the pan aside for 24 hours. Add a few drops of any essential oil. Pour in a spray bottle and shake well before every use.

Using liquid castile soap

For this preparation, you require a soap dispenser, distilled water, and pure liquid castile soap. All you need to do is to pour a small quantity of the liquid castile soap into the soap dispenser and fill it up with distilled water.

Your hand wash is ready. Shake well before every use. You can also add a few drops of lemon essential oil and olive oil for fragrance and better moisturization.

You can store your homemade hand wash in glass containers or mason jars for a while. Since homemade products do not have any preservatives, their shelf life is short. But you can still keep them fresh for some time. So, whenever you run out of liquid soap next time, you know you can make a hand wash at home within minutes.

It will be gentle on your skin and easy to make with some basic ingredients. You can even customize these recipes by using different essential oils and soap bars. Keep experimenting with different ingredients to get a preferable combination. Make sure the soap bars you purchase are organic in origin and sourced naturally.