Types of hair textures, what is my type

Every individual have different types of hair based on their hair texture. Some people have straight hair, some have coarse curls and others have waves around their head. You can now get some idea of textured hair from this article as the article will explain it in detail and make the presence of several hair textures within your knowledge. If you are still unaware of the hair texture that you have, you can get it from this particular article. You can get curls and waves according to your likes and expectations. Let us have a look at various types of hair textures.

Types of hair textures

Wavy hair with slight bend

This is very light wave which is almost like straight hair but is not straight hair. It is having a slight S finish along with natural sheen and fine density. This type of hair generally lacks volume which can come up with fewer frizzes if you can refresh it with styling spritz.

Waver with S formation

This is a type of wavy hair that is curvy than the previous variety. The formation of S can be seen in a clear way in this particular variety of hair texture. It is known to be slightly more frizzer as compared to the previous one. In order to keep the hair in order, you need to use frizz fighting cream. Since it is mostly formed in oily type of hair and scalp, you need to use a dry shampoo.

Coarse wave’s texture

Yet another variation of hair type is the coarse wave texture which is also known as 2c waves which is quite resistant to go for styles and get curl waves. You can go for frizzy look with clean finish with this particular hairstyle. In order to keep the hair texture intact, you can go for deep conditioning in every once a week.

What is your hair type?

There is also a procedure through which you can determine your hair type and texture. All you have to do is wash your hair and dry it and see the formation of the hair. Then you can classify whether your hair type is 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b or 4c with the help of chart that has types mentioned serially. You can have a look at the hair type classification of Andre walker. Louis system hair type classification can also help you to find out your hair type.

Tips to determine your hair type

Hair density determination

In order to determine which type of hair you hold, hair density determination will be an important consideration. You need to stand in front of the mirror and part your hair from the middle. It will be better to use fingers instead of comb while parting hair.

Holding chunk of hair

You have to hold the chunks and move it so that roots can be visible. In very different angles, the roots of the hair will be visible. If you are viewing your hair in bathroom mirror, it is very important to light the light so that the chunks and hair roots can be visible. If you have thin density, a lot of scalp will be visible. People with medium hair density, some scalp can be visible. People with thick density of hair have hair covered the entire scalp. Here the scalp cannot be visible at all.

Testing spot of scalp

After completing the hair density test on one part of head, another spot must be chose to confirm the status. You have to go through the same process on another spot as well. In many cases it has been viewed that the hair density is different on other spot. If you want to have a view on the hair density test at the back of your hair, it will be important to have a helping hand. You have to ask your friend to help you out with the same.

Hair texture determination

In order to determine your hair texture, you need to wash your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner. There after you can rinse your hair and dry your hair. It is better to use a towel to soak wet hair. Either dry your hair under fan or under natural sunlight. You can also use a hair dryer but do not dry it completely under the hair dryer. Keep some space for natural drying phenomenon.

Combine sewing thread with hair strand

For this step you have to take a sewing thread of 6-8 inches long and keep it aside. Now pull a hair out from the root from your head without breaking it from the middle. Now take a white paper and keep the thread as well as strand of hair side by side.

Comparison of hair strand with thread

Now you have to compare the hair strand and the thread by having a close look on it. Since the thread is totally straight, the hair placed beside it can be easily comparable. Whether it is slightly wavy or medium wavy or coarse can be easily found out with this hair density test.

Determination of Porosity

In this method also you have to wash your hair with regular shampoo along with conditioner. Soak with towel and dry it under fan or dryer. Once it is dry you can feel the porosity in your hand. If you have touched your hair and it feels totally dry you can define it to be one with low porosity. If you hair is pretty wet but not sticky, you have to be sure that it has medium porosity. If your hair feels sticky and the water takes long time to leave your hair, it can be termed as high porosity. This is the hair type where your hairs have lot of moisture within.

Water test porosity

You can also make your hair strand float on water and see if it floats completely over the water. If it floats, it means you have low porosity. If the strand sinks after sometime mean that you have medium density. If your hair completely sinks under water, it means that you have high porosity.