Is cow milk good for my baby? When should i start giving it?

Cow’s milk is considered as one of the essential sources of calcium for human body, which helps in developing bones. Cow’s milk also has many benefits as it helps in protecting colon cells from certain chemicals which causes cancer in human body. It is also very beneficial for children’s mainly for those who are obese. It contains vitamin B12 which plays a significant role in building red blood cells in the body. And lastly cow’s milk contains high quality of protein in it which is of great importance for the growth of the body.

Benefits of cow’s milk for babies

Before this you need to know of certain benefits also for babies which cow’s milk can provide. Cow’s milk is good source of vitamin A and calcium which helps in building up of bones and teeth of toddlers. It also helps in preventing from fractures or having cancer in later life and also prevents from any kind of stroke, related to heart. Another benefit of cow’s milk for your babies is that, it contains good amount of protein and also a rich source of carbohydrates. This helps in growth and development of your baby. Consumption of cow’s milk also protects your baby from having kidney stones, obesity, and hypertension like problems in later years of his life. Apart from all this cow’s milk also has many benefits for children’s and babies too. But you need to know when to start giving it to them or introduce it in their diet.

When to start giving cow’s milk to babies

Cow’s milk is hard for your newborn to digest. Hence, there is a specified time to start cow’s milk for your little one.

Start giving it after 12 months

There are various reasons why it is suggested to introduce cow’s milk to babies only after they reach their first birthday. Because before reaching at this age your baby will be unable to digest cow’s milk. Cow’s milk contains high amount of proteins and minerals in it, which can cause affect to your babies digestive system. Therefore try to introduce cow’s milk in your baby’s diet once he reaches the age of 1 or more than that. At this age he will be able to digest the milk, which will give your child a lot of energy for the whole day.

Amount of milk given to toddler

Always give milk to your babies by measuring in a cup. This will help them get used to it. Doctor’s suggest that 1 year old babies should given 2 to 2 ½ cups of milk everyday. Do not give more than that, or else your baby will not have any room left to digest his or her food for the whole day. Offer them 3 cups of milk, and if your baby still feels thirsty then provide water instead of giving cow’s milk.

Nutritional benefits of cow’s milk for babies

As milk contains wholesome nutrients which helps in bone building, like calcium, proteins, and vitamin d. You can include cow’s milk in your baby’s diet as it is easily available. Though it is believed that baby does get all these nutrients value from other foods also, but milk is considered one of the important food in your baby’s diet.

What if your baby does not like the taste?

If your baby does not like cow’s milk at first, then try some tips like these. Firstly you can heat the milk a bit on stove or in microwave and then give it to your child or you can also try giving milk to your child by adding some sweetener in it. With these you can make them habit of drinking cow’s milk. But do follow these steps on alternate basis or else your baby will get used to it.

Look for any allergic reaction

Always keep a lookout on various symptoms in your baby after consumption of milk. Like vomiting, stomach upset, rashes and diarrhea may indicate you of certain allergies caused by dairy products. If you notice these symptoms, do eliminate cow’s milk from your baby’s and consult with your pediatrician for further help. Ask him off any alternate food to given to your baby instead of cow’s milk.

Is full fat or toned cow’s milk good for my baby?

Full fat milk is always considered a better option, as it provides lot of energy to your baby. The fat in cow’s milk also contains vitamin a and d which is beneficial for child’s growth. But nowadays doctors are recommending fat free milk for the child’s too. Due to increase number of obesity rates in babies. It has also been found that that toned milk does not cause any retardation in brain growth or lack of vitamin in the body. But you need to make it very sure that while you give your baby cow’s milk to drink, it should be properly boiled. As raw milk contain several harmful bacteria which is not all good for your baby’s health.

What to do if baby does not milk at all?

It may be sound worrying for you if your baby does not like milk at all. Then you can include some dairy products in their diet like cheese, yoghurt or other foods which are rich in calcium. As calcium is a very important nutrient for your baby in his growing years. Just be sure of the facts that all alternative foods do not contain proper amount of vitamin d in it. So if you are looking for alternative foods for your baby, consult your pediatrician to suggest you to some of the alternatives which contains vitamin d in it.

From the above points, one thing is clear that cow’s milk has many benefits both for your baby. As it not only helps in your baby’s growth and development, but also protects from various harmful illness in future. So it depends to you what you feel best for your baby. You can give them any alternative instead of giving them cow’s milk or you can also give then whole fat cow’s milk only after consulting with your pediatrician.