Kick Start Your AWS Qualification Journey with Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

Do you feel stagnant at your workplace? Would you like to commence a job in IT and then climb up the career ladder of a Cloud Architect job role? Well, this can be your first step to reaching your professional goals. In other words, the Amazon AWS Certification certification is the initial level for tech and non-tech specialists such as project managers, business analysts, sales managers, and finance employees who would like to learn more about AWS products and cloud computing tools and then work in this niche.

Why Should You Earn AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certificate?

Gaining this certification can help you obtain better salaries and in-demand job positions in organizations that use AWS Cloud technologies. In more detail, according to ZipRecruiter, an AWS Cloud Practitioner can earn at least $89,643 per annum and up to $175,000 with the right qualifications and years of experience. In addition, training for this designation means you will acquire a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts of AWS Cloud as well as useful skills such as coding, troubleshooting, performance testing, and designing cloud architecture. Besides, through such a certification and its relevant CLF-C01 exam, you will be able to validate your knowledge of AWS Cloud costs, billing practices as well as architectural principles and value propositions.

About Appropriate Test

All in all, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification involves 65 questions of multiple-choice and multiple-response formats. Plus, the actual exam is 90 minutes long and can be taken online or at a testing center once you pay the entrance test fee of $100. Moreover, it is recommended that you have at least six months of hands-on experience using AWS Cloud technologies. Thus, before sitting for the official test you should be fully aware of AWS Cloud concepts, be able to identify elements of the shared responsibility model, figure out AWS services and global infrastructure as well as have the ability to pick the right pricing models for AWS in relation to billing and pricing.

How to Gain This Certification on Your First Try

If you do not have experience using the Cloud, do not worry, the vendor provides training courses and other study resources to aid you with this. So, being a registered AWS member means you will have access to the AWS Ramp-Up Guide: Cloud Practitioner that contains access to all the materials related to the CLF-C01 evaluation. This will not only help you gain knowledge of the AWS Cloud via digital & classroom training, whitepapers, and videos but also keep track of your progress. In particular, with the help of this awesome resource, you can access and build your background through a variety of courses that suit your needs such as the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Job Roles in the Cloud, AWS Foundations: Securing Your AWS Cloud, etc. At the same time, if you would like to expand your basic knowledge, this guide gives you links so that you can dive deeper with the official webinars, tutorials, podcasts, and blogs. 


Well, if you have dreams of becoming a Cloud Architect or improving your career prospects, now is the time to start on your AWS certification journey. With the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate, you can prove to your prospective employers or current organization that you have the right skillset to connect the business and technical sides of Cloud computing. Moreover, this certification sets the foundation for you to obtain associate- and professional-level AWS qualifications in the future so opting for it as soon as possible is indeed a wise move.