Major health concerns, problems faced by IT professionals

IT or information technology is one of the most lucrative professional fields in India. The high compensations coupled with the great parks and quick growth scopes have made every boy and girl with a high ambition to aim for the sector. While the IT sector is no doubt rewarding, there are some side effects of it that comes along with the great parks, but are not surely great any in way.

IT professionals are quickly becoming a house of a range of health problems and diseases even at a younger age and their professional responsibilities and needs are often to be blamed for these health hazards.

The only way for these professionals to save their health from these problems is to start taking the right measures as soon as they join the profession. The measures that IT professionals can take from the very beginning to prevent the common health concerns are not anything difficult, but you need to be persistent and follow them regularly, not only for  one week in a month, to get the best results.

This article will delve into the major health concerns being faced by the IT professionals of today as well as the preventive measures for these health concerns.


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Obesity is one of the most common and major health problems faced by the IT professionals of today. You might be working too much, with no time to rest, but after all you are spending the whole day stuck to a chair. High work pressure also leads to junk eating and cups of coffee with added sugar which works as a major contributor to weight gain. Getting heavy at the bottom is a very common problem seen in people who spend long hours sitting and obesity can work as the beginning of many serious health problems.


No matter how busy you are, takeout 30 minutes time from your daily routine for exercising. You need not to do any targeted or muscle building exercises, simple cardio exercises can do all the good for you. Also increase your movement over the day, by making it a point to walk or climb the stairs whenever possible. Also, keep an eye on what you are munching and instead of munching on junk and sweets, devour on fresh fruits when hungry.

High blood pressure

High BP is a common problem faced by the IT professionals and there is more than one reason that propels this condition. Obesity is directly related to high blood pressure. Trans fats are deposited in the arteries, hindering the normal blood circulation. Blood cholesterol steals the flexibility of the arteries, increasing blood pressure. Moreover, the high stress involved in this profession also impacts the cardiovascular health negatively. Drinking and smoking, which are often taken up by IT professionals to relieve stress, damages the cardiovascular system in the worst ways. High blood pressure can result into many severe conditions including thrombosis, stroke and heart attack.


As already mentioned, the prevention lies in taking care of your body and your diet. Opt for a diet that is free from trans fats and include more of unsaturated fats like Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. Opting for a diet that is rich in dietary fibers can also be helpful to reduce the blood cholesterol levels which can control the blood pressure. Also, make it a point to exercise daily as burning the excess fat from your body, will directly impact your cardiovascular health. Quitting booze or at least limiting it and staying away from smoking are essential for a better cardiovascular health.

High blood sugar

If you are in your 30s and you do not run the risk of diabetes in your family, you might not suffer from this condition yet, but believe us once you cross the bar of 40 you will tend to get diabetes as well, because the conditions of IT professionals are ideal for diabetes. If you are already obese and suffering from high blood pressure, it is only a matter of time before you have high blood sugar levels as well, because obesity and high BP makes your body vulnerable to conditions like diabetes.


To prevent diabetes, you have to prevent obesity and high blood pressure because all these things are related with each other. If you are able to beat obesity and high BP, automatically your risk of getting diabetes will reduce. Also stay away from any food or habit that can damage your liver or pancreas.

Stress and anxiety

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There is no denying the fact that the job of an IT professional is one of the most demanding and challenging. High work pressure coupled with hundred and one responsibilities work efficiently to build up the stress factor. Stress and anxiety disrupts the natural hormonal balance of the body which can be the primary reason for mood swings and even depression. Stress affects the body in the worst possible ways, and can invite the serious conditions like high blood pressure and blood sugar.


To minimize stress and anxiety one of the most effective ways is to practice yoga. Yoga can relax your mind as well as your body and can make you more efficient at work which will naturally reduce the stress with time. Indulging in your hobbies, going out on week end trips, spending time with your family and pet, sleeping adequately can be highly helpful to reduce stress.

Eye problems

If you spend hours together looking at a brightly illuminated screen, you are sure to have eye problems sooner or later. Eye problems caused due to the computer screen radiation can result into different eye problems. Starting from problems in vision to dry eyes are very common particularly amongst the software professionals.


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You cannot really stop using the computer because it is harming your eyes. All you can do is to adjust the brightness of your system to a level that is more comfortable for your eyes. Use a protective cover on the computer screen and also use a special spectacle for saving your eyes from the radiation. Setting the computer screen at the right height and at the right distance will also help. Also take a break from the skin in every 20 minutes and look away for 20 seconds before getting back.

Back and neck ache

Back and neck pain are very common amongst the people who spend more than 10 hours a day in front of the computer. If proper care is not taken right in time, the pain can change to spondylosis or even something more serious.


The right posture while sitting in front of the computer is vital to prevent the back and neck pain. Regular exercising can certainly help but also make it a point to take frequent breaks from the chair and perform some simple back and side stretching exercises for 5 minutes before getting back to your work.  These simple measures can be very helpful to keep you safe from some of the most serious and painful health conditions.

Stomach problems

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Chronic stomach problem is another common health concern observed amongst the busy IT professionals. There is a direct relation of the functionality of your digestive system with stress. High stress can disrupt the normal hormonal balance of the body, which again has a direct impact on the secretion of the digestive juices. If you are under stress or if you eat your meals in a hurry between phone calls, you are sure to suffer from problems like indigestion, acidity and might be even constipation.


A healthy dietary fiber rich less oily diet can be helpful for controlling these stomach problems. Also try to reduce the stress and anxiety by taking proper rest and resorting to yoga, sports or anything else that you enjoy.