Myths About Coronavirus

CoronaVirus is metastasizing its grip to distant parts of the world since its early onset in China. Amidst the growing numbers and increasing concern, you can also find many bonkers theories and myths floating around the media and social media websites. The trick is to figure out what is to be believed and whatnot.  

You must have heard all sorts of theories about how you can get the novel coronavirus from your pets and how it originated from the Corona beer to the various remedies being circulated on popular social media sites.

Most of them are mythical and without any scientific understanding. Efforts have been made to crack down some of these misbeliefs. However, there are over dozens of bizarre theories swirling around COVID-19 on different social media platforms.  

As per the scientists who are researching this imminent threat to mankind, the term corona refers to the crown. The virus is given this name for its pointy projections called S-spikes that are clearly visible under an electron microscope.

The spikes give the virus a crown-like appearance. As per the experts of the virus and the team of researchers, conformists are advised not to believe everything they hear or read. Some of this mythical information exchange contains dangerous medical advice that may put your health at risk. 

Here are some myths about the novel coronavirus you should watch out for:

Your pets can get infected and further spread the coronavirus

As the word spread about pets being infected with coronavirus, people started to purchase breathing masks for their pet dogs in the areas with a confirmed outbreak. Soon, the news went viral that infected pets can be a source of new infections.

However, animals like cats and dogs can indeed get infected with coronavirus, they carry a different strain that is not even close to human pathogens. So, in reality, your pets cannot give you the dangerous human coronavirus.

WHO reports that novel corona cannot infect your furry friends and there is no need to put a mask on your companion animals.

Drinking can miraculously protect against novel corona because of its miracle mineral solution

The FDA has long dismissed the rumors surrounding the use of alcohol as a remedy for coronavirus. A strange beverage like alcohol cannot prevent you from catching the infection.

On the contrary, alcoholic products contain sodium chlorite. The substance turns into bleach as soon as you mix it with citric acid. If you drink the solution, you will catch esophageal pathology. The virus, on the other hand, infects your respiratory cells and not the gastrointestinal system.

Antibiotics can help in treating the novel coronavirus strain

As per a study by the CDC, antibiotics are effective against bacterial infections but they cannot effectively treat viruses like the novel corona. Therefore, if you observe any symptoms of coronavirus, you cannot use antibiotics as a preventive measure. The best bet is to seek medical assistance immediately. 

CDC has circulated certain basic guidelines to help you protect yourself against the further spread of the virus. Some simple steps and practicing basic hygiene can reduce your risk of spreading or catching the novel corona.

Simply keep your mouth covered when you sneeze or cough, frequently wash your hands, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer often if washing is not an option, and resist touching your face.

It is advisable to wear an N95 face mask if you are visiting a crowded place or in close contact with people who are sneezing or coughing such as an airport or an airplane.

Coronavirus has turned one of the biggest health concerns nationwide infecting over 26 million people around the world. Some precautionary measures can help avoid further spread of the coronavirus.