Natural Foods to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterones are one of the key hormones in men. It’s essential to maintain adequate testosterone levels as it affects your overall health. Adding testosterone boosting foods can help you increase the levels naturally. Include these natural foods in your diet & witness the transformation.

Testosterone Foods

Scroll down to see the list of natural foods to increase testosterone naturally:


Onion & Garlic


Though these ingredients might be an ally in your kitchen & bedroom, onions & garlic have been proved to increase your Testosterone levels naturally. Both onions & garlic contain natural plant chemicals called Flavonoids which help in maintaining adequate levels of testosterone. Besides, onions & garlic have several nutrients & antioxidants to boost your immunity.


Green Leafy Vegetables & Cereals


Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli have been found to increase testosterone levels. These healthy veggies are power-packed with magnesium, iron & vitamin B6 which are excellent testosterone boosters.

Another natural food known to increase T-level is the cereals. Cereals like oats and whole grains are rich in magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin B6. However, try avoiding cereals high in sugar content.


Banana & Pomegranate


Bananas are rich in bromelain enzymes which are known to boost testosterone levels. This nutrient-dense fruit also helps boost your energy. Another super fruit pomegranate is often associated with fertility & sexual function.

Pomegranates are also known to improve your mood by reducing stress hormones like cortisol. Have it raw, juiced up or make smoothies, these fruits will help you put in a better mood.


Oyster & Fish


Oysters are rich in zinc & protein for daily diet plus they are known for fertility. Zinc is essential to keep testosterone in check. Adding oysters in your diet will help increase testosterone levels naturally.

If you aren’t fond of oysters you can have fish like salmon, tuna & mackerel. Rich in vitamin D, these fish are a great natural food to increase hormone production. Have a maximum of 2-3 servings a week. 


Eggs & Milk


Egg yolks are a healthy way to promote testosterone production. Egg yolks are a versatile ingredient, rich in vitamin D, they help increase protein levels along with building strong muscles. Avoid having eggs if you have high cholesterol.

Milk is another great source of Vitamin D. A rich source of protein & calcium, a glass of milk a day keeps testosterone levels in check. Look out for low fat or skimmed milk.


Nuts & Honey


Adding dry fruit like raisin & nuts like almonds and brazil nuts are very beneficial for maintaining the T-level. Raisins are rich in boron, almonds are rich in zinc & brazil nuts contain high selenium. All three minerals are essential in maintain T-level. Another simple yet natural ingredient is honey. Honey also contains boron which is useful in building hormone levels while building muscles.

These natural superfoods are loaded with goodness. It will no doubt help increase T-level but also keep you happy & healthy.