Home remedies for black heads

Blackheads are a very typical problem suffered by many individuals especially over the rose corners as well as chins. You can get creams and cosmetics and even the blackheads removal strips in the market that will remove the layer of blackheads around your nose ideally. But, instead of using all those, you can also go for the natural remedy. It will be free from all types of side effects and also help you remove the black heads from your skin easily. The remedy for black heads and white heads is almost the same but should be removed after a certain interval. Black heads on and around your nose takes place where your pores on the nose gets clogged with excessive sebum. Even the dead skin cells contribute in forming the blackheads over the nose layer. Even there are different between formation of white and black heads. If the pores are open oxidation takes place with the plug of sebum which reacts with oxygen and turns black. Again white heads takes place when the pores are closed.

Many people are facing the problem with black heads, it occurs due to the hormonal changes or due to the heavy usage of cosmetic products. But don’t need to worry about it there are home remedies for them to drop down from your face, nose and other skin areas.

Home remedies for black heads

Baking soda

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Baking soda is a good ingredient to work against black heads. It can treat black heads along with the problem acne too. It makes your skin free from dirt by cleaning it.

Mix two table spoons of baking soda with water and form like a paste. Apply it on the black heads area and scrub it gently for two to three minutes before going to wash it. Follow this remedy for two to three times in a week to get the best results.


The anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties of turmeric works effective on many of the skin problems. It can treat the minor burns to black heads and acne issues.

Mix a table spoon of turmeric powder with sufficient amount of mint juice. Apply it on the affected area and let it dry for few minutes. Now rinse off with luke warm water.


Use cinnamon to prevent and remove black heads. Prepare a paste from one table spoon of cinnamon powder, few drops of lemon juice and half table spoon of honey. Apply this paste on your black heads area and leave it for entire night. In the next day morning, wash your face with plain water. This remedy helps to remove out the black heads as soon as possible. Try this remedy for every 10 days.


Take one table spoon of honey in a bowl and add it three table spoons of tomato juice and two table spoons of oatmeal powder. Mix all the three ingredients well and scrub on your face. Leave it for five to ten minutes and then rinse off. Trying this remedy for one time in a week, it helps to remove the black heads with in just few months.

Alternatively try adding two table spoons of oatmeal with three table spoons of yogurt, half spoon of lemon juice and one table spoon of olive oil. Mix them proper and apply it to your entire face, let it sit for few minutes and then rinse off with luke warm water.

Lemon juice

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The astringent property of lemon not just helps to lighten the marks but also helps to take away the black heads. Simultaneously the nutrients and vitamins present in the lemon juice makes our skin clear and spots free.

To one table spoon of yogurt and one table spoon of honey add half spoon of lemon juice and pinch amount of salt. Mix all of them well and scrub on the black heads area in the upward direction. Alternatively mix few drops of lemon juice with milk and rose water to form a facial cleanser. Use this cleanser daily for two weeks to get the good results.

White egg mask

The egg white mask is a wonderful remedy that helps in clearing the black heads from your rose rings. This will not only clear the blackheads for the particular time but will ideally help in developing further blackheads. Since the egg white is a good source of nutrients, blackheads can also take place if your skin lacks nutrients. The ingredients you require for same include:

  • A small bowl
  • An egg
  • A clean towel
  • Facial tissue

Break an egg and separate the white portion of the egg from the yellow yolk portion. Now wash you face with cold water, pat your face dry and apply the egg white over the portion where you have formed the blackheads. Now place the facial tissue over the portion of your nose where you have applied egg white. Keep this for some time and lift the tissue and then wash your face with water. There after you can apply the moisturizer and see the difference.

Honey and cinnamon strips

When you think about cinnamon and honey it will remind you about a sweet taste just like the one you experience in a candy. But this can help you make a wonderful remedy for your blackheads. The cinnamon present in it improves your blood circulation along with healthy, smooth and glow over your face.  The ingredients required are:

  • Raw and organic honey – 1 part
  • Cinnamon powder – 1 part
  • Cotton strips clean

Take the appropriate quantity of honey and cinnamon and mix them really well.  Once the paste is formed cover the portion where you have the problem of black heads apply the paste. Now cover it with the thin layer of cotton. Keep this for 3-5 minutes and then pull the cotton up and see the removal of blackheads completely.

Tomato juice

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Tomato acts as a wonderful toner that will open the clogged pores over your skin layer. Since tomato juice has astringent properties, it will easily help removing the dirt and carbon from your skin and even open the pores so that your skin can breathe. The ingredients required here are:

  • Cotton balls
  • A single ltomato
  • Small bottle

First of all you need to rinse your face and then pat dry with the towel. Now squeeze the tomato juice into a bottle now apply it over the cotton cloth in exactly that much which can make it dampen. Now rub your face and especially the portion of the blackheads affected area with the cotton ball and see the reduction of blackheads.


Clay can also work well in removing the blackheads from your face and around your nose lines. Since black heads is the result of excess oil storing inside your facial skin layer, this will work well with a clay mask. For this you require bentonite clay and water.

Now make a paste with clay and water to for a paste which is slowly applied over your face that include your black heads area. Keep this for 20 minutes and wash away with warm water. It is important to slowly rub the blackhead portion before washing it away and see the reduction of blackheads.