Is it safe to eat papaya during pregnancy – list out the reasons

Pregnant women can easily eat papaya at the vital time of her pregnancy. But, the papaya must be ripe. A misconception is carried out within Indian in regards to the fact that papaya causes miscarriage during the pregnancy period. But, this is not a true face. Rather, a well ripe papaya is quite beneficial for a pregnant lady as it includes all types of nutrient that is necessary for the new born baby. Also, it helps in preventing the heartburn as well as constipation in a pregnant lady. It is good to consume ripe papaya for a pregnant lady in moderate amount.

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Papaya is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, beta-carotene, and potassium keeps eyesight normal. Consumption of papaya is not recommended during pregnancy. Ripe or raw papaya is not safe at the time pregnancy. Not only elders, but doctors are also advised to abstain from unripe or raw papaya during pregnancy.

Unripe Papaya

Though ripe papaya is filled with nutrition and is good for a pregnant lady, unripe papaya is equally unfavorable for the consumption of a pregnant lady. Doctors ask the patient party not to feed the pregnant lady with the unripe papaya as it includes latex in good quantity which in turn gives rise to urine contradictions. Also a pregnant lady must avoid consuming the skin as well as seed of papaya.

Researchers have found out that unripe papaya plays a negative role of the pregnant lady, rather it is not at all safe to consume papaya in raw form. This will give rise to complexity in your uterus.

How to consume papaya?

If you want to have papaya during your pregnancy period, the best way would be to smash ripe papaya in a container and then mix honey as well as milk and then consume it. Since a ripe papaya is rich in Vitamin C as well as E, it is also having adequate amount of folic acid as well as fiber.

A perfect tonic can be made out of the ripe papaya by making a perfect blend of papaya, milk as well as honey. It would be tasty to eat as well as healthy for the lady during her pregnancy period.

Sometimes, papaya is also recommended for all those who are suffering from indigestion. Sometimes the doctor suggests a pregnant lady to consume papaya at the advanced stage of pregnancy. This would be really beneficial for starting labor pain in a lady when she crosses the expected date of delivery.

Nutrition is very important for the pregnant lady at the time of her pregnancy as this would be beneficial for both the mother as well as the child. The whole grain, vegetables, fruits are rich in nutrition. Similarly the nutrition content in papaya would be an added advantage for the pregnant lady during her critical time period.


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Concerns with ripeness

There is always confusion among people about the need of papaya or the role of papaya for a pregnant lady. If you are consuming a fully ripe papaya, they would be beneficial for you as those include adequate amount of potassium, Vitamin B as well as vitamin A. But, you must avoid unripe papaya as those are very dangerous for a pregnant lady who is supposed to give birth to a baby at some time in her life.

Papaya in early pregnancy

A papaya that is unripe or semi-ripe is rich in oedema, a latex substance that causes bleeding of placenta. Consume papaya in early pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. Papaya has papain and pepsin can retard the growth of the fetus. By hampering cell development and weakens the fetal membranes. Scientific researchers suggested that papaya increases the risk of implantation loss and embryo toxicity. In Asian countries of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, it is believed that unripe papaya was actually used to carry out abortions by women in the past.

Papaya in third trimester

Papain enzyme in papaya latex activates the hormones like prostaglandin and oxytocin that are known to initiate labor contractions. It is given to pregnant women to start labor at the later stages of pregnancy. It may induce early labor during later months and cause complications in pregnant women. That’s the reason many women choose to eliminate papaya altogether from their diet.

Papaya juice during pregnancy

Papaya is rich in fiber and consume in the form of juice or smoothie negates this benefit. The tetra packed papaya juice may be made from the papaya concentrate, which could have higher content of latex. Avoid these and suggested to have a homemade juice. The preservatives and added sugar may rob the juice from its beneficial properties. Consume small quantities of fresh papaya juice. Check if you food allergies or have unpleasant past pregnancy experiences.

Papaya used as a contraceptive

Papaya has the ability to induce labor and cause abortion, unripe papaya is used for natural contraceptive. The juice is used to induce periods. Papaya cause bleeding in some women, whereas no reaction was found in some medical research in animals. It has some contraceptive and abortifacient capability. West Indies consume large amounts of raw papaya to avoid children being born into slavery.

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