SINUS – Problem & Symptoms

Sinusitis or commonly called sinus is a prevalent condition among most of the people. When nasal passages are infected with viruses & bacteria, it causes stuffy & painful pressure in the nasal cavity. Sinusitis can also be caused by irritants like chemicals, nasal sprays or other substances inhaled through the nose.

Healthy sinus is filled with air, but when they become blocked the germs cause infection. People who have allergies, asthma, structural blockage in the nose & weak immunity are more prone to be afflicted with sinusitis.


Acute sinusitis usually has symptoms of cold like runny nose, coughing and loss of smell. It starts suddenly and may last up to four weeks. It is usually due to respiratory illness or cold.

Chronic sinusitis lasts even longer, more than twelve weeks and might reoccur. The symptoms include nasal blockage, pus in the nasal cavity, facial pain & congestion.


Finding out whether you are affected by sinusitis can be very challenging. Knowing the symptoms of sinus infection can help find the best treatment.
The symptoms of sinus infection include-Acute sinus pain.

The most common symptom of the sinus is pain. You may experience pain above and below your eyes and either side of your nose. The inflammation or swelling causes the sinuses to ache with a dull pressure. If this experience lasts for several weeks, you might be prone to sinusitis.

Discolored nasal discharge

The presence of viruses, bacteria or fungus in the mucus makes it change its color. Sinus infection causes green or yellow phlegm or a bright color mucus. People with sinusitis experience a lot of mucus production. No matter how much you tend to blow up your nose, you might be unable to clear the sinuses.

Frontal headache

The throbbing pain & pressure of sinusitis causes headache in the front of your head. The dull pressure and swelling in sinuses cause a headache. Some people might also experience earaches, tooth pain or pain in jaws and cheeks. The headache is worst during the morning due to the collected fluids all night.

Coughing & sore throat

Sinus infection can cause uncontrollable coughing. When the discharge from your sinuses drains back to your throat, it irritates. This persistent cough can be annoying during night and morning when you wake up. It makes it difficult to sleep. However, sleeping with your head a little elevated can provide some relief to the frequency of your coughing.

Nasal stuffiness

The inflated & swollen sinus may restrict breathing through the nose. The nasal congestion makes sit difficult to smell to taste. It can also make your voice hoarse & painful. A person with sinus infection has fluids trapped in sinuses which causes germs to grow. This is likely to make you feel congested due to a stuffy nose.

Postnatal drip

The excess mucus which accumulates and drips back of the nose and throat is called postnatal drip. It starts as a trickle but can leave you with the aching throat. If the infection lasts for a few weeks or more, it makes the mucus irritable which can inflame your throat when it drips.


When our body is fighting with all the germs to ward off possible infection, we experience fever. Some people can develop a fever with a sinus infection. Other possible symptoms associated with fever include chills, exhaustion, fatigue & muscle aches

If the fever, nasal congestion and other symptoms last more than ten days and reoccur, it is advisable to make an appointment with your doctor. With effective treatments like medications, nasal irrigation, antibiotics & herbal remedies sinusitis can be easily treated.