The Best Vintage Camera Apps for Android Phone

There are many vintage camera apps available on the Playstore of android devices. Still, sadly not all of them are free and easy to use. You must also know that we cannot discuss hundreds of camera apps in one post, so we would only list the perfect options for you. 

Vintage camera apps are generally used to enhance and edit the pictures you already have on your device. You can also use these apps as your default photography application if you are not satisfied with their results. 

If you are interested in getting the details of the best camera apps available on the play store of android, then we would suggest you keep reading.

Best Vintage Camera applications for android smartphones! 

Below mentioned apps have a good reputation and are known to be best for enhancing your images.

  • Camera for Instagram filters & effects: IG filters

This vintage camera application belongs to content arcade apps and is perfect for adding filters and effects to your images. You can easily upload/publish images on Instagram with the help of this Lomography camera app. If you want to push your photography skills to the upper level, then you should try this camera filters application. This vintage camera app has gathered a lot of fame in the last few years. This is just because of its amazing retro and Lomography filters. You can avail all features of this Instagram filters application without paying a single penny. Some of the old camera effects that you can find on this app are:

  • Old camera films
  • Hipstamatic photo editor
  • Cinematic effects 
  • Retro analogue filters
  • Polaroid effects 
  • Special filters for Instagram


  • Huji

This camera application is known to be best for old camera filters. If you want to feel your images from the 90s, you should get this application from the Playstore. The best feature of Huji is that it recreates flaws and raw effects in your otherwise perfect images. The interface of this android application is quite simple and straightforward, which adds ease to its use. Huji has both free and paid options, and it is up to you to choose the one you need. This android application is being used by celebrities including Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian. You can also use this application for creating pictures for Instagram.


  • Glitch Lab

Glitch Lab is another android camera app that can be used by anyone who wants to add artistic effects to images. It can be installed for free from the Playstore, but you might have to go through some in-app purchases if you look for premium features. There are more than a hundred different vintage camera effects and filters available on this application. You can try all of these filters without any hassle. If you are new to this artistic application, then we would suggest you watch the tutorial videos listed on the face of this app. 

  • Photo Lab Retro

If you love the graphics used in arcade games, you must know that this application will help you add a distinct arcade look to your images. The photo lab retro application is known to be best for its retro, Lomography, and vintage camera filters. You cannot only add filters with this camera application, but you can also help yourself in editing/customizing your pictures. You can also use this app/utility as your default camera app, and that too for free. The interface and the options listed in this photo lab are quite neat, and you can understand how to use them without any help. The filter combination feature of this app is a very interesting and unique option that you should try on your images.

  • Hypo cam

You might have heard about monochrome. It is considered to be the basic essence of photography for many people. When talking about vintage camera applications, we cannot simply miss this one because it is one of the viable options you can find online, which would help you capture white and black images. You must know that a hypo cam can be used to capture black and white images. Still, you can also use this application for editing and customizing images that you have already saved in your gallery. You can easily set the brightness level, contrast, and other things from dozens of preset options available on this app. You should also know that this vintage camera app is also known to be best for personalizing images for social media. So if you are an Instagram freak, then this is the app worthy of trying.

Closing remarks

These are the top five android vintage camera apps that you can easily download on your device for free. The applications are very easy to use. Even an amateur user can learn how to capture professional photos with these apps. There are plenty of cool vintage effects and filters in all of these camera apps, and it is up to you to choose the one which intrigues you the most.