How to look beautiful from behind / rear view

Only looking attractive from the front is not all which every lady wants, rather they also wishes to stay beautiful from the back. There are certain beauties tips that will make you look beautiful right from your rear view.

All your body parts right from the back of your head, neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs must be attractive even from the back.

Even the dress that you wear must make you look attractive right from the back. Your body shape is an important consideration for deciding about how to dress up. Following are some of the tips that will help you get an attractive rear view.

It’s not only the front portion from where an individual wishes to stay attractive, even the back portion plays an important role.

When we see a lady or a man with attractive back when we are walking at the back of him or her, it brings us a thought that the particular person will be attraction from the front portion. Beautiful shoulders, back, hips and curves that can be shown right from the back of an individual.

Tips to look beautiful from behind


How to get beautiful back

When you are looking a lady from the back, the top most view will be her hair. If you belong to western countries go for an open hairstyle which with a beautiful cut at the back. Again some ladies from Asian countries like to adopt a traditional hairstyle.

If you are wearing traditional attire go for a braided hairstyle or a bun. But there is fashion of curling hair with the back of the hair kept with step cut.

Shoulders and neck

Just after the hair come the neck and the shoulder at your rear view. If your shoulder has become too much stiff and deposition of fat layer can be viewed between two shoulders like a lump, this needs to make immediate flat as that will impact your looks at your rear view.

Exercise is the best way through which you can shape your shoulder and neck. You can go to gym or take advice from a professional to go ahead with the exercise schedule.

Back in rear view

Your back is an important part which should always look good as with the latest fashion, ladies are invariably wearing variety of backless blouses.

Having a bareback should not be odd today as maximum ladies prefer deep neck or backless blouse. You must go ahead with cleaning of your back with a body wash or cleaners.

There after use an exfoliate and ask your partner to gently move your finger on a circular motion at your back. Keep it for some time and wash away. This will remove all dead skin layer from your back and make it look fair and fresh.

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Go for a toning treatment at your back. Use a toner that you have been using for your face. This will help opening the pores of the skin lying at the back. Your skin will be able to breathe properly.

Once you have applied toner at your back, the next step will be the moisturizer. Use a deep moisturizer that will moisturizer your skin and protect it from foreign objects. If your skin is dry go for a deep moisturizer but for oily skin tone people must adopt a light moisturizer.


This organ that is viewed from the back creates an impression of femininity with its curves. Along with the waist it must have a synchronization attempt in creating a beautiful rear back look. Some ladies have big and bulging hips whereas another group has almost flat variation of hips.

It is always preferred for girls and ladies to have little bumpy hips but too much bump is also not preferable. You need to go ahead with proper hip exercise in order to make it look attractive in all ways.


The dress and clothing that you wear also have impact on how your look. For example, it will be ideal to give little exposure to the backend of your body. For example, if you are wearing a traditional dress, a backless blouse that exposes your back will be ideal.

Again, with the western dress go for a short tunic or a skirt that shows your legs. The stretchable material goes well when you are going to expose every curve of your body from the back side. You can also go for a long gown with back exposed.

This way dresses have a wonderful role in creating an appeal on your personality with some very simple tips. You can try out both western and formal dresses to keep the crowd focused on your back or rear view.

Good back brushing

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Your back is an important part of your body which will make others aware about your dignity and looks. It is very important to keep your back clean. Today, most of the ladies are wearing the blouse or tops that has wide opening at the back.

His is the reason all pollutants and dirt gets clogged over the pores of your skin exposed at the back. You need to get a textured brush or loofah to get them removed at the back.

Scrubbing the back

You should use a scrubber which will exfoliate the back portion of your body just below your shoulders. You can get variety of scrubbers and exfoliates available in the market. You just need to take one among those and try doing your scrubbing activity.

You can also take up the homemade exfoliate and try scrubbing the back portion. You can also ask your friend or family member to do it if your hand cannot reach properly.

Oatmeal and olive oil

You can now get a wonderful back if you can avail a home remedy. The oatmeal is something which you always keep at home as this is one of the healthiest food you intake. You need to take half cup of oats and grind into smaller particles now add one cup of olive oil in it.

Mix them and apply all over your back. Us the hand palms to rub it against so that a dead skin layer is removed. At the same time you are also getting wider moisturize with the olive oil present in the same.