Top Meltable Nutritions Supplements You should consider if you are 40+

At the age of 40, many women suffer from several types of health issues. Being overweight is one of the vital issues which the ladies suffer from. The other parts of the body also face a deficiency of specific nutrition. According to the dietician and the experts, a woman’s body lacks some nutrition after a particular age that needs to be replenished with meltable nutrition supplements. Some of the problems which women face after 40+ are:

  • The metabolism becomes slow
  • You lose around have a pound of muscle every year 
  • Reduction in activity level
  • Increase of weight

How to overcome it?

Once you have crossed 40+ age, the food that you eat has great importance. Ask yourself whether the food that you are consuming every day has the proper quantity of all nutrition. Every woman of this age needs an appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. But, not everything that we consume has all the nutrients that our body needs. Thus the meltable supplements are essential to consider. It will replenish the nutrition that your food has not been able to provide you.

Top meltable supplements to consider

For Eye Care

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The product is made out of advanced German NANOscience technology. It is the eye care meltable vitamins that come with plant-based ingredients. The benefits that you can get from these products are:

  • It protects your eye from any strain
  • Users get ultimate protection from the blue light
  • It is completely plant-based and natural.

Multi Vitamins

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This multivitamin product has everything natural. It is based on a 95% plant-based supplement that is safe and effective compared to other multivitamins available in the market. Some of the benefits of this product are:

  • It is patented nanotechnology which converts plants extracts to nanoparticles.
  • You will get several types of essential nutrition in this product that will help in boosting your vision, increasing immunity power, and produce new cells.
  • One can easily consume this product.

For healthy gut

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These days, due to adulteration in food and pollution, people suffer from several gut issues. Digestion has become one of the biggest problems among several individuals. This particular product from Wellbeing nutrition is based on a plant-based probiotic supplement that will improve your gut and promote digestion with ease. Its benefits are

  •  It includes 10 billion live cultures CFU, which is good bacteria for gut
  • It has vital plant-based enzymes that help proper bowel movement
  • The apple cider vinegar will remove gastric problems and acidity issues

For instant Energy

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Today, women are associated with several types of physical activities such as going out to the office, attending dance classes, participating in yoga/exercise, working the whole day at home for every family member. Thus, their energy level falls. This meltable nutrition helps with the following features.

  • It is a natural energy booster with Elite caffeine and green tea
  • You get long-lasting energy with it
  • With electrolytes, you get the instant energy


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After a certain age, the hemoglobin level of women starts decreasing. It happens after 40 years of age when women proceed to the stage of menopause. But, this meltable nutrition will replenish the hemoglobin level. Following are its benefits:

  • It includes FortisAB tablet, which increases the red blood cells production
  • It comes with natural vitamin C and Acerola cherry, which is good on the stomach
  • The product contains an adequate amount of iron for women

For Heart, Muscle & Bone

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If you want a healthy heart, bones, and muscle, this meltable nutrients from the Wellbeing are a good option. It contains vitamin D3, which is usually emitted from sunlight. But, these days, people are not exposed to sunlight and thus get several diseases. The product helps in replenishing the vitamin. Also, vitamin K and D helps in making bones strong. It also contains healthy fat that helps keep your heart healthy.

For restful sleep

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Good sleep is one of the reasons behind a healthy and disease-free body. But, these days, due to tension and stress, it becomes impossible to get such good sleep naturally. Also, after 40 years of age, people get reduced sleep. The particular meltable nutrition from Wellbeing has the natural passionflower and the melatonin with Himalayan Tagara. It promotes sound sleep and keeps you healthy.

For healthy hair

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For every woman, hair is an important consideration. It is the tool that creates beauty to the entire physical and facial presentation. But, due to pollution and adulteration, ladies are getting hair fall vigorously. Luckily, the excellent product from Wellbeing nutrition based on plant-based biotin showed miraculous results by reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth.

For brain, heart and nervous system – B12

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This meltable vitamin and nutrition supplement has a beautiful combination of protecting your brain, heart, and nervous system. The capsules are formulated with advanced nanoscience that dissolves in your bloodstream quickly and supports your nervous system.

For radiant skin

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Healthy and glowing skin is what every lady wants at all ages. But after crossing 40 years of age, the signs of aging develop. It includes fine lines, patchy skin, wrinkles, spots, etc. But, with these naturally formed meltable nutrition supplements of Wellbeing, you can stay healthy and youthful for a long time.

For weight loss, immunity,  Detoxification & Skin Renewal 

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Weight gain is the biggest concern for many individuals across the world. Women are not an exception as the world expects them to stay presentable always. This product from wellbeing nutrition is organic and will help you get a toned and well-shaped body by removing fat from the body.