Top 7 Trendy Fashion Pieces to wear all Year Round

Are you looking for a trendy outfit that you can buy without worrying about what time of the year it is? This article will give you the top 7 outfits that you can wear all year round without falling out of fashion.

Shirt Dress

This is the most easy wardrobe must-have. It gives a simple as well as an elegant touch to your look. Prints and total hues are very in when it comes to shirt dresses. If you have it in your wardrobe then you don’t need to worry about what season to wear it in.

If it’s summer, wear it alone and if it’s fall, wear it with tall boots. That’s how convenient it is! You can wear it to your work by simply pairing it with loafers and if you are looking forward for a fun weekend, pair it with sandals.


This is another must-have and it never goes out of fashion. Wondering what to pair it with? Knot a button down shirt and wear your glasses and some stylish sandals, which gives a classy look.

If it’s cold, forget the knot, add a sweater on top of the shirt and pair it with loafers. You can opt for bright colors, but pair them with light colors shirts or tops.

Ankle Jeans

Ankle jeans will give a classic touch to your wardrobe. It’s an everyday wear. Go for a slim-fit and stretch fit which is very light and comfortable to wear. Wondering what to pair it up with? Well a scarf with a shirt and a pair of sneakers can make you look perfect.

If you want to spice the look add a tailored jacket on it. Since Ankle jeans can be slightly on the higher price end, you can find coupons and deals from DesiDime.

Denim Skirts

Are you wondering if skirts can be worn all year round? Well, yes! If it’s chilly you can always wear a fleece tights under your denim skirt and pair it with a sweater or coat.

Turtlenecks can also be a good option. If you are looking forward for a look for the rest of the year then go for bright color tees or blouses and pair it with some platform sandals.

Floral Maxis

I know you will be wondering that floral is perfect for the spring season, but no that’s not it. Floral can be worn all year round. Whether you want to go for a casual evening get-together or a pool party, floral maxis are the perfect choice.

Wondering what to pair it with in winter? Well, just wear a duster coat on top of it and you are good to go! You can add a scarf and boots which will make your look go to next level. The other way to spice the outfit is with a crochet vest.

Tailored Jacket

Jackets not only give a formal look, but if they are paired correctly then it can also give a classy casual evening look. Having a finely crafted jacket with a beautiful cut will raise the standard of your wardrobe collection.

If you want to have a more versatile look go for neutral colors and simple pattern jackets. Wear it over a shirt and pants to give a formal touch or over a tee and chinos to give an evening look.

So if your wardrobe is missing out on this one, go and add one to it!  This major trend should certainly not be missed out on as you can find Myntra promo code on fashion to buy that classy tailored jacket.

Cutoff Shorts

You can totally pull off the shorts look the whole year round. In summers shorts will be the perfect thing to choose and you can pair it up with anything from a casual tee to a fancy blouse. Knot up your shirt or just tuck it in. No matter what you wear over it, it will just look perfect.

If you are thinking about the winter look, then you can simply wear some tights under it and pair it with boots. Simple and perfect! You can add some spice with a hat or a jacket. So add some cutoff shorts to your wardrobe.

Be the talk of the town with these basic staple pieces and always be a part of the fashion click no matter what time of the year.