5 Awesome Social Media Tools for the Health and Beauty

For the beauty and health industry, social media is a game-changer. You’re missing out on a lot if your beauty brand is not there on the social media channels. With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can drive in more sales. The growing number of beauty brands and their presence in different social media has made it difficult for the newcomers to build a reputation in the market. To ensure that you can give a tough fight to your competitors, it’s essential to help make people aware of your brand. But how’s that possible? Well! The answer is quite simple! Besides creating a business account page on various social media platforms, it’s also important to have the right tools at your disposal to add power to your social media campaign. These tools are highly important to create high-converting campaigns, increase sales, and build brand faith amongst your followers. For example, InVideo is the best Instagram video editor tool that allows you to edit your videos quickly.

Before you use the tools, it’s also important to know why you should promote your beauty business online-

Use email campaigning –

Email marketing is by far the best method to engage with your audiences. The logic is simple here. If people are interested in your brand, they can subscribe to promotional offers and the latest updates of your brand. Once you accumulate the mails, you can start reaching out to your customers.

Create contents –

Once you’ve been able to build your email marketing platform, your next target should be to create engaging content. Here mentioned are some of the effective ways that’ll help you in preparing strong contents- start your own blog to talk about your products or how your products can solve certain skin problems, make tutorial videos of your product, and create a business page on different social media platforms to promote those contents.

Use social media to promote your content-

Another great way to get more engagement is by cross-posting your content on different channels. This will help in getting more customers and leads for your website.

Be genuine –

It’s not sufficient to build an online presence. The market is full of beauty products and brands clamoring for the audience’s attention. People are also confused as to which brand they should rely on. Hence, the key here is to introduce genuine products that people can trust. Be authentic while you communicate. Your brand tone shouldn’t be like you’re forcing them to buy your products. Be careful while preparing your content.

Top 5 Social Media Tools That Will Help You Stand Out from Your Competitors

1. Social Report-

This is one of the smart tools that you can have at your disposal. From scheduling post timings to monitoring KPI metrics, you get to manage all your social media posts with this tool.

Moreover, it is not just about posting. But you also need to deal with analytics. Unless you check the analytics report, you won’t be able to understand how much engagements or grow your social media page has achieved.

Scheduling image posting or statuses can be done all at once! Reporting features are extremely important as it gives you an idea of how well your posts are performing. What’s more? Social Report also supports most of the social media networks virtually- which also includes Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Canva-

Canva is a user-friendly tool that helps you in creating visually appealing graphics. It has different kinds of templates, from marketing brochures to social media images. This image editor helps in increasing the image qualities that you’re planning to post. The best part is that you have free access. It has hundreds of customization options like font types, illustrations, templates, etc.

You do not need to have graphic designing skills to use this tool. The already prepared templates can be edited to create high-quality and engaging content. Canva also has templates for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, so you can easily cross-post the contents across various social media channels.

3. VSCO-

If your brand gets more engagement on Instagram, it’s better to devote some extra time to this channel to drive more leads and sales. VSCO is one of the best image editors that you can use for Instagram. With multiple editing features and high-quality filter options, the tool allows you to create promotional posts.

4. Pepper Filters-

Snapchat is an amazing platform to promote your beauty products. Snapchat is known for having exclusive features and eye-catching filters. Upgrade the content quality through Pepper filters as it creates captivating posts, drawing in the attention of the new audiences.

Moreover, your already existing customers can generously share your posts with their friends and followers. You do not need to be a professional graphic designer in order to create these filters. The site has multiple free templates to use.

Just pick the one you like the most, make changes that you feel are important, and lastly, add your brand logo. However, the only thing is that you need to pay a small fee for using a filter. Currently, they’ll charge you $4.99 for using each filter.

5. Wishpond –

Handling social media is not an easy affair! Posting similar pictures or videos can actually turn off your visitors. Hence, you need to do something different so that your customers feel engaged. It can be polls or photo contests.

Wishpond is a photo contest tool that allows you to run content on various social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. The best thing about this tool is that each of the contests has its own URL, which helps in making the contest go viral. Also, the contests developed using this tool look pleasant on different devices like tablets, mobile devices, desktop, etc.

Parting Note

Invideo is also a fantastic tool to resize images, add cool filters, and add animations. No matter whichever tool you’re using, it’s essential to check their features and advantages. The above-mentioned tools will help you create engaging content and also get more audiences for your brand.