5 Ways to strengthen your liver

The liver is considered as one of the essential part of our body. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, “If a physician knows how to harmonize the liver then he can treat any disease.” The liver is the most hardworking organ in the body as it is vital for transforming food in to energy. The liver is also considered as the multitasking organ, as its job is to divide the nutrients available in the food as they reach the digestive system and then spread it in all parts of the body in equal amount through bloodstreams and remove the impurities from them. Ancient practitioners believed that the liver is the primary thing to be treated in a patient before moving on to other organs.

If the liver is not performing the way it should, then we may end up with discomfort and distention in our digestive system. Improper liver functioning may result in damage to our digestive system as well as to other parts of our body. The liver controls and balances the metabolism rate in our body. It also helps in balancing hormones, purifying our blood, improving digestion, enhancing blood circulation and cleanses our skin from inside. If you are experiencing any kind of bloating, fatigue, hormonal imbalance and constipation then you should immediately start working on your liver functioning. Boost your liver functioning by removing toxins and other impurities.

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet

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Consume as much fibre as you can. Avoid sugar and toxins to keep your liver healthy. It is recommended to consume high amount of fibre and antioxidants to cure liver damage and cleanse it. As the job of the liver is to remove toxins created within as well as outside the body, it is considered as a detoxifying mechanism. When the liver fails to remove the harmful toxins, the immune system is triggered with a threat of rise in toxin levels in the body. This results in autoimmune and inflammation. Further you can experience leaky gut syndrome, food allergies and sensitivity.

Any food loaded with sugary contents, such as sugary snacks, sweetened beverages and refined grains pits excessive pressure on the liver. When you consume too much of sugary substances, it becomes tough for the liver to transform it to glucose. Due to this the sugar level rises and the insulin hormones try to store glycogens in the liver. On the other hand, the liver tries to balance the carbohydrate levels and for this it releases the glycogens in the blood so that energy is restored in your body. Processed foods like meats, refined vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils and artificial sweeteners are harmful enough to damage the liver.

To keep the liver health balanced, eat healthy foods and a lot of fluid. Organic edibles (unrefined substances), fresh vegetables, healthy fats and fruits are the things you should aim for having a healthy liver. When it comes to consumption of proteins, target cage free eggs, fresh seafoods and grass fed meat. It helps your liver to digest the food consumed properly without putting much effort. There are multiple detox diet schemes which may promise to deliver the said things but often they fail to do so. You cannot depend on such things as it is related to your liver health. Start off with high in antioxidant, organic healthy foods. Flush out the toxins and waste products in your body. Remove the pollutants from your daily schedule and get a fresh and healthy diet as soon as possible.

Properly prepare your food

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It is very important to take care of few things while you are preparing your own food. In order to reduce or remove the antinutrients, toxins and carcinogens which causes severe damage to your liver. Like toxins, antinutrients are of the same kind. These are found in grains, nuts, seeds and beans. These anti nutrients are very much helpful for the plants as they protect them from bugs and rotting, but cause enough harm to the liver while digesting them. It hampers the liver’s performance by reducing the ability to absorb nutrients and proteins. The liver has to suffer the effects of antinutrients consumed along with foods which are not properly washed and non cooked foods.

To avoid such circumstances always soak the grains, legumes, nuts, etc before consuming them. Avoid toxin consumption by avoiding overcooked foods and foods stored in chemically laden containers. While cooking meat products, always prefer low and slow procedure to cook foods. Using chemically coated pans for cooking meats can also lead to production of excess toxins. The cans made up of plastic or BPA may potentially leak chemicals and byproducts in your food. Strictly avoid charring and high heat grilling if you want to remove toxins from your diet.

Choose organic crops and grass-head, cage-free and wild animal foods

Your diet depends on what you consume. The quality of the food is very important as vegetables, meat, eggs and fishes stored or raised with the help of chemicals may hike up the toxin and anti nutrients levels in your food. These products when consumed, it becomes very tough for the liver to digest and remove the waste products, toxins, chemicals, synthetic hormones and antibiotic residues. Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy animal products such as meat and dairy products, eggs, etc. Fresh foods add antioxidants and omega 3 supplements to your body. It helps your liver to function properly and maintain your health.

Use liver-boosting supplements

Best foods that cleanse the liver

The liver has some specific functions to perform. These functions help in digestion of food, blood circulation, blood purification, etc. There are natural herbs which help in enhancing the liver function. These herbs help the liver metabolize chemicals found in hormones, nutrients, proteins, fat, antibiotics, etc. The amino acids from protein foods are extracted by the liver to produce energy. In this process a byproduct is also produced which is known as ammonia. This toxic byproduct is further transferred by the liver to the kidney. It is then eliminated from the body along with urine. Now when the liver function has slowed down due to multiple reasons, the ammonia elimination process also slows down which results in storing up of ammonia in the body.

Here are some powerful herbs which help in enhancing the liver functioning and eliminating toxins from the body. These herbs are holy basil, dandelion roots, milk thistle and bupleurum. These herbs are considered as liver boosting herbs. They boost up liver performance, remove toxins and balances hormones, helps in blood circulation. Individually these herbs are strong enough to cure damages made top your liver.

Holy basil consists of certain essential properties which can fight bacteria, strains of fungus and heavy metals. Milk thistle on the other hand is a brilliant source of antioxidants such as silymarin. It fights liver diseases and prevents the loss of glutathione in your liver. Dandelion root has a natural diuretic effect on your liver. It boosts liver performance, controls blood sugar and balances the fluid levels. It also eliminates toxins and byproducts, strengthens your immune system and cures indigestion. Whereas bupleurum, a medicinal root, also considered as an herb to boost your liver functioning. It helps in digestion, cures liver infection, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea. These herbs are some of the effective remedies to cure liver problems and enhance its performance.

Move your body more

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Blood circulation is an important factor for every individual’s health. As the liver processes and stores the blood, it also cleanses and enhances the circulation procedure. You may suffer from various unwelcomed diseases if the blood circulation procedure slows down. To enhance the blood circulation, it is important to increase the physical activities. Physical activities help the heart to pump more blood which further increases the blood circulation. The liver is able to release more blood into the body. It circulates the blood from muscles to tendons, joints, other organs and brain. Regular exercises help nutrients, protein and blood reach the digestive and reproductive organs effectively.