Activated charcoal uses for skin and beauty

Activated charcoal was at first, effectively used in World War I, to make gas masks which prevented the soldiers from poisonous chemicals.

Later, in 1930, it had been used to treat water to make it odorless and tasteless, and the procedure remained the same over the decades.

These charcoals are almost identical to regular charcoal, and the only distinction is that activated charcoals are only used for medicinal purposes.

An ordinary charcoal is heated to transform it into an activated charcoal. This expands the substance, creating a porous surface, and traps the toxins.

These are then used for various chemical and medicinal purposes. But, what’d interest you to know is, that this black unlikely piece of coal helps our skin and beauty in various ways!

Benefits of activated charcoal

Teeth whitening

It’s quite bizarre to even imagine having put those black particles into your mouth to clean your teeth, but you’d be surprised to know that activated charcoal powder actually helps in whitening your teeth.

After applying toothpaste to your toothbrush, all you have to do is sprinkle some charcoal powder and brush normally.

It might seem a little uncomfortable initially but the good part is that they are tasteless and odorless, so you would have black particles in your mouth while you brush and make sure you puke them out while cleaning. This process would give you visible results within 2 week.


  • The powder of activated charcoal doesn’t stain your skin, but it can stain your clothes. Be careful that you don’t spill it and keep wet paper towels at the reach of your hand. It will be an aid to you in case of a mess.
  • It is not advisable to someone who has sensitive teeth. If you do not know that you’re teeth is sensitive and you see weakened enamel over time, reduce the usage or stop it once you’ve attained whiter teeth comparatively.


This coal can prevent cellular destruction for both kidneys and livers. This also helps us maintain healthy adrenal glands. Chemically, these are majorly used for cleaning toxins from our body.

Aging is quite natural, but the food and environment we all eat and live in, add onto the toxin content. Consume 2 capsules of activated charcoal everyday to prevent pre-mature aging.

We wouldn’t advise you to consume unhealthy food regularly, but these capsules provide better cognitive function when you consume some junk food.

None-the-less, we do come across irresistible meals, which turn out to be quite heavy. Thus, you could consume one capsule after such a meal. These capsules promote proper kidney functioning, healthier lives, improved digestive system and reduced brain fog.

Skin treatment

Now that you know that activated charcoal reduces toxin, you’d be happier to know that it can help you treat acne and other skin problems you might be suffering from.

The biggest secret we’d love to reveal is that it helps you wash off your makeup completely! Take a small bowl and add ½ – 1 capsule powder.

Add 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel, 1 pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon of plain/rose water and 5 drops of tea-tree oil. Mix the components till they make a fine consistency.

The mix is going to look black, so make sure you don’t stain your clothes with it. Apply the mix on your face and wait till it dries up. Rinse off with plain water and feel the glow!

Bee stings and insect bites

Activated charcoal can treat insect bites, like bee stings, snake bites, spider bites, etc. The remedy starts by grinding 3 tablespoons of flaxseeds and then follows by mixing 2 tablespoons of activated charcoal powder in it.

Then you blend the contents well and add a cup of water. Heat the mix and let it cool, or simply keep it aside for 15 minutes. This thickens the consistency.

Spread the jelly on a paper towel and apply it on the affected area. Bandage to keep it still for a minimum of 4 hours. You can substitute flaxseeds with cornstarch.

There is another alternative for curing insect bites. Take some coconut oil and dab cotton into it. Dab the same cotton into charcoal powder and then apply in the effective aresa. This too is an effective remedy to cure numerous poisonous bites, and it is easier to prepare and apply.

As the activated charcoal does wonders to get rid of toxins from our body, a lot of people like to get rid of the toxins which are built-up in them. The length and procedures for this purpose varies from person to person.

If you want to use it as a cleaning or detox agent, then you have to suit a recipe which works for your body weight and your lifestyle. Remember that consumption or usage of excessive activated charcoal could get you constipated and make your feel sluggish.

But again if you take too little in amount, that won’t be very effective. If you regularly consume activated charcoal, make sure you drink a lot of water to prevent constipation and let your body get used to the change.

Best products made of activated charcoal

Soapy Twist Activated Charcoal (100 gm)

Soapy Twist Activated Charcoal (100 gm)


Activated Charcoal goes into the pores of our skin and takes out the dirt and reduces oil. It is known to reduce toxins, which makes you skin brighter instantly.

From white washing your basin to your teeth, activated charcoal helps in deep cleansing. Add this to face pack and see the different it does to the product. Don’t keep it for long as it can stain your face instead!

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Handmade Soap Set of 6

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Handmade Soap Set of 6


This is superb soap which comes in the set of 6. These can be replaced with your regular bathing soaps, since it cleanses deeps and nourishes your skin. With time, you will see that your skin has become suppler, cleanser and smoother!

Konjac Sponge – Activated Charcoal – Facial Sponge

Konjac Sponge - Activated Charcoal - Facial Sponge


This is a special sponge which has been added with activated charcoal. They are known to make your body cleanse better. If you don’t opt for the soap, you can surely replace it with this and get similar results.

Konjac is a rich plant fiber which is known to moisturize your skin. It removes impurities and makes you massage your skin while you scrub. Improve blood flow and feel refresh like never before!

Shamanuti – Organic Activated Charcoal Cleanser (4oz)

Shamanuti - Organic Activated Charcoal Cleanser (4oz)


This is another cleanse which deeps cleans your pores and exfoliates the skin. Make your skin suppler within no time and add anti-inflammatory benefits that it provides. It is also known to promote new skin cells for soothing the skin.

This is also known to treat dark circles and blemishes. Watch your skin regenerate and look youthful too. This is also inclusive of cranberry extracts which has antioxidant and phytosterol, and also protects you from UV rays!