Top benefits of waking up early

The old saying “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”, stands true to its every word even today. Waking up early, might not be something that we prefer. In fact, the chance of staying some more time in the bed can be really difficult to dodge, but waking up early comes with bundle of benefits that cannot be debated.  Waking up early can be the best way to make your life more organized and healthy.

While taking some extra nap on some of the days of the week is not absolutely a bad idea, waking up early in general can be the key for a better life. This article will tell you how waking up early can bring the most expected changes in your life and lifestyle. So, read on and make sure that you avail these benefits by waking up early in the morning.

Get a healthy start

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The way you start your day has a great impact on how you go through the day. Waking up early gives you the chance to give your day a healthy start. It is possible only for the early risers to start their day with a dose of exercise or yoga, which can be really healthy for the body as well as for the mind. When you perform these activities in the morning, before getting into your busy schedule, your energy levels reach a higher range making you more active and effective the whole day. So, for better performance waking up early can be really effective.

Helps in fighting depression

The nature is a great healer and being close to the nature is the best therapy to treat any mental depression or sorrows. When you wake up in the morning and is greeted by the morning breeze, it is sure to help you fight depression and stress. Greeting the new sun every morning can actually bring a new meaning to your life, helping you to look at the life from a different perspective. If you are over stressed or you are going through a rough phase in your personal or professional life, waking up early can be very helpful to heal your wounds.

Enjoy the silence

Another important thing about the early morning is its quietude. Morning has its’ own beauty and its own sounds. The sound of the breeze, the call of the birdsall together makes a peaceful and quite environment that you are sure to cherish. It is the one time of the day when your surroundings are actually quiet and it is only the Mother Nature in her full glory that surrounds you.  It is really hard to explain the feelings of waking up early in the morning and going out to the terrace or to the garden to take walk. You actually have to do it, to know how great and enjoyable it can feel.

Get a proper breakfast

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For all the late risers, there is no other way but to gobble their food down in a hurry, because they always run behind the clock. Breakfast makes a very important meal of the day and skipping on it or just gulping it down does not help in nutrition. When you wake up early, you have the time to prepare your breakfast properly and also to cherish the food and the taste. This will not only increase your satiation, but will also make the same food more nourishing for your body. Enjoying your food makes a vital part of enjoying your life, so you should not miss it only because you did not wake up early.

Take all your time to get ready

For girls, this must be one of the primary benefits of waking up early enough in the morning. Waking up late will not leave you with much options but just to put on anything that is at hand. When you wake up early, you can plan your time and arrange your priorities. It leaves you with sufficient time to plan your dress and to get ready perfectly.

Meet deadlines easily

Deadlines have become a part of our daily lives now. When you wake up early in the morning, naturally you get more time at hand to complete your projects. If you have a deadline at 1pm, meeting it after you reach your office at 11am, might be difficult; but if you reach your office by 9-9.30am in the morning, you can easily manage to meet the deadlines without putting yourself under stress. When you wake up early, you get more time at hand during the day, which can be actually helpful to meet deadlines with better efficiency.

Commute with ease

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If you want to make your commuting in the morning more comfortable, ditching the rush hours is surely the key. Waking up early can make it very simple for you to start from your home 30 minutes before the rush hours, which will ease out not only the hassles of commuting but will also cut down the commute time.

Helps in fighting stress

Waking up in the morning is naturally relaxing. Apart from that, when you wake up early, you get more time in your hands, which enable you to complete your daily chores and responsibilities before time and without hurrying. Not being hurried to complete your responsibilities and projects can effectively reduce the amount of stress, which can have great effects on your physical and mental health.

The most productive hours of the day

Once you have become an early riser, you will find that the early hours of the day are the most productive. Right after you wake up in the morning after a long sleep, your brain functions are at their optimal levels. The beautiful environment of the morning, coupled with a rested body and mind can make the early hours the most productive time of the day. Hence, do not miss this precious time sleeping in your bed.

Lead a routine life

Leading a routine life has many health and psychological benefits. Going out of routine for a day in a week, is good, it helps in killing the monotony; but, taking your breakfast at 12noon, and lunch at 4 in the evening is not going to help you anyway, particularly if you make it an everyday habit. When you wake up early you have the full scope to lead a routine and well-organized life throughout the day, which can be highly helpful for a better physical as well as mental health.