Health benefits of green coffee

Green Coffee is quickly gaining popularity as a drink that can offer multiple health benefits. Starting from weight loss to fighting cancer, green coffee is being claimed to be effective in every battle to achieve better health. In this article we will first give you a brief idea about green coffee and why it has got this name and then we will proceed to illustrate the health benefits of drinking green coffee. Read on,

What is green coffee?

Green coffee for weight loss

Green coffee is made from the same coffee beans that you are familiar with. The normal coffee that we use is made by roasting the coffee beans, which gives them the characteristic color and flavor. The Green coffee on the other hand is made from unroasted coffee beans and as the beans are not roasted hence they are termed as the “green” coffee.

Roasting certainly causes many changes in the composition of the coffee beans and hence the effects offered by the roasted coffee and the green coffee are quite different, even though they are basically made from the same beans.

In scientific studies, it has been observed that green coffee bean extract can offer a number of health benefits and most of these health benefits are a result of the high caffeine and chlorogenic acid content of these beans. Apart from these two, the extract also contains a number of other ingredients that might offer other health benefits too. However, in order to get details about how green tea promotes overall health, more studies are needed to be conducted in the arena. The health benefits of green coffee listed below are the ones that have been observed through studies and can be explained through research oriented results.

Green coffee helps in controlling blood sugar level

For the diabetic patients finding a perfect drink can be difficult and this is where the green coffee pitches in. Green coffee is a drink that has the ability to control the blood sugar level, particularly when taken right before the meal. The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee is believed to be effective in regulating the release of glucose in the blood and hence it is capable to maintain a normal blood glucose level in the diabetic patients.

Green coffee for a better cardiovascular health

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The same chlorogenic acid content of green coffee can also be helpful to regulate blood pressure. This antioxidant is claimed to have a dilating effect on the blood vessels which naturally reduces the blood pressure. Reduced blood pressure can be helpful to maintain a healthier heart and cardiovascular system. So, for people with high BP levels or high blood cholesterol, green coffee consumption can be a good way of natural cure.

The weight loss benefits of green coffee

According to many studies, green coffee has potential weight loss abilities. The cholorogenic acid available in green coffee is easily absorbed by the body and this component can promote the weight loss effects. Chlorogenic acid controls the release of glucose in the blood after having a meal; hence naturally the chance of more storage is reduced in the body. In addition to that, green coffee can also work as an effective appetite suppressant when taken 30 minutes before meal and thus it helps in controlling the intake of calories helping you to lose weight. However, it is always suggested that to get the best benefits of green coffee in weight loss, you should combine it with a proper diet and regular exercise.

Green coffee for a better mood

The impact of caffeine in lifting mood is well known to all. As the green coffee contains a good amount of caffeine in it, hence it can offer an effective boost to your mood. At the same time, just like the roasted coffee, green coffee can also ward off sleep and can make you feel more energetic and attentive at work.

Green coffee for better cognitive performance

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It has been proven through many studies that caffeine is effective in enhancing the different cognitive abilities. Starting from enhanced reaction time to better concentration, vigilance and alertness, caffeine can be helpful in promoting all these abilities. Caffeine has also been found to be helpful for better memory. Green coffee has a high percentage of caffeine, which can give your cognitive abilities a quick boost.

Green coffee can cure headache

Just like the roasted coffee, green coffee also makes an ideal drink for relieving headache quickly. Again the caffeine content of the green coffee is the element that is responsible behind this ability of green coffee.

Green coffee can fight cancer

The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee is a powerful antioxidant which has direct effect in controlling the formation of tumors and the growth of cancer. This compound has been found to be effective in preventing four different types of cancers in the body and hence the green coffee can be an ideal drink to reduce the risk of cancer.

Green coffee can be helpful to control dementia

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The chlorogenic acid and caffeine present in the green coffee has the potential to boost the brain cells and also to control neural degeneration that occurs in the brain with aging. Till now no direct link has been established about the ability of green coffee in preventing conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, but these components are surely able to restrict the oxidative damage in the brain, which can be actually effective to reduce the risk of these conditions.

Green coffee for anti-aging

Being high in antioxidant content, green coffee offers great anti-aging effects to the body. It protects the internal organs, as well as the skin from oxidative damage with aging. This green potion can also be ideal to ward off those unwanted skin wrinkles, giving you a more youthful look and feel.

How to drink green coffee to get the best health benefits?

When you are drinking green coffee to get all its health benefits, make it a point to prepare the coffee with the best quality unroasted beans and also do not add sugar or milk to the preparation. Instead of boiling the beans in the water, it is best to steep the beans for some time in warm water, covering with a lid. This will ensure that the potent ingredients of the green coffee beans are not destroyed due to high heat.