Alexander technique for the backache, tennis elbow, incorrect breathing, tension

Back ache has become a common problem to every individual who have been working throughout the day. Only, people who have been carrying on with physical activities throughout the day are not getting back pain. Rather, individuals who are sitting on a chair and working can also get back pain ideally. You might get variety of techniques through which back ache can be eradicated. Rather, varieties of pain free sprays as well as creams are available on applying which back pain will be vanished in one go. But, this might not suit every individual. Thus, Alexander technique is preferred by many individuals for the conditions like tension, tennis elbow, incorrect breathing as well as backache.

An Australian actor, named Frederick Matthias Alexander, sustaining with voice and breathing problems proposed a technique based on re-educating the body’s posture to attain perfect posture and healthy life, and so the technique is known as Alexander technique.

Bad posture introduces several problems hampering our day to day activities and leads to physical imbalance. It is a self help programme, teaches us about the bad posture and its negatives-restrictive physical tension is one. This technique guides us about the positive approach to implement on the system for the balanced Lifestyle. It achieves a proper functional coordination for the body.

Self realisation is most important, the earlier we witness our wrongdoings, more early it can be eradicated.

This technique is also based on self help. This technique has helped classical musicians on a large platform coping from problems such as RSI , tendonitis, tennis elbow, back ache, tension, incorrect breathing and in some case stage fear as well. This technique is one proper remedy to fight against these physical issues.

The head, the neck and the back share a close relationship and it will be examined below:

Balancing head

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The head is the crest, or the uppermost part of the body. It ideally weighs around 10 pounds or 5 kgs, great to know..right? The proper balance of the head affects the entire body posture and if the head is not balanced properly it applies an extra stress of the same 10 pounds or 5 kgs on the neck muscles. The neck muscles are those big muscles which supports the head being on the upfront posture. Any excess pressure on these muscles might take the head back and disturbs the complete posture. This shows the close and subtle relation among the two. Any imbalance in one affects the other.

Put stress on exercises

In order to overcome these habits if pursue, there are exercises which can be tried on the primarily basis. One simple exercise is sit straight in front of the mirror and you need to check that your head is straight, your sharp observation will answer your dilemma. There are several exercises which can be performed for body posture, problems of tennis elbow, incorrect breathing, tension etc.

One technique being implied known as “freeing” of the neck on which great emphasis is put for correcting the body’s posture.

What you need to do?

The neck muscles at the back should be released slowly and the chin need to rest on the chest. Now put minimum stress on the muscle and bring the head back up , and do that till you witness that you’re looking straight in the mirror. It is one such Alexander technique.

With consent to music, it seems little difficult for users to maintain the above posture as the instruments do not allow them the same, leads to a wide imperfection hampering their posture and so govern with certain problems.

Another technique being implied is for drummers, this one is based on the Newton’s third law, explaining the relationship between body and gravity. In layman’s language, the ground is coming back to you and if same can be supplied to the ground, the same holds for drummers -by thinking that the force applied in the sitting position on the ground by the stool chair, you can compensate the same by getting a lightened feeling maintains the posture.

Therefore, several Alexander techniques maintaining a relationship among different body parts providing a balanced posture.

Self help program

You can now be a part of self help program that include Alexander technique to eradicate tension, tennis elbow, backaches as well as incorrect breathing. All these conditions are due to the fact that you practicing bad postural habit. But, Alexander technique will help getting awareness about your bad postural habit and replacing it with good postural habit.

Help to tendonitis

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Classical musician belong to such a profession where they often have problem of tendonitis, back pain, tennis elbow etc.  But, with the help of Alexander technique, it can be easily solved. Classical musicians must always go ahead with different techniques related to this. You can now get step by step procedure of eradicating the problems of incorrect breathing, backache, tension etc.

Exercise to be tried

You need to try out particular posture with head rest exercise to stay away from various types of pains. You need to sit in front of the mirror and practice all types of head rest exercises.  You need to sit straight with your head and neck straight.  You should even look straight to the mirror so that your head is parallel to your body.

Now, you have to allow the back muscle to release very slowly. Drop your head down to such a level that it touches your chest.  With very little neck muscle tension, bring the neck back to the same position.

Head balancing

Head balancing is also an important way through which you can get rid of back pain with the help of Alexander technique. If your head is positioned at the top of the spine, it must also have perfect balancing position. You should also not hold too much tension in muscles or else it will collapse. Head balancing is really important with subtle correct position.

Proper sitting posture

Sitting posture of an individual is also an important factor in order to stay away from back pain and tendonitis. The sitting bones which we have are two clean round bones which we have under our hip muscles. Without the base of these bones, we wouldn’t have achieved a sitting posture.  If you really wish to feel you’re sitting bones, just try out sitting over your hands. Alexander’s principle is based on Newton’s 3rd law. You must keep your spine free as this will give rise to stable torso.