Health benefits of besan flour / gram flour

Amongst all the types of flours available in the market, the besan flour or gram flour is one of the healthiest, because it is made from pulses loaded with proteins and a lot of other vital nutrients.

However, during the manufacturing process of the flour often most of the goodness of the gram is destroyed and hence when you are buying besan flour spend on the ones that are made through hand processes and not the machine polishing and grinding that reaps off all the nutrients from it.

This article will inform you about the best health benefits of besan flour. Read on,

Besan flour helps in reducing blood cholesterol level

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Besan flour contains no trans- fat, which can result in the increase of blood cholesterol level that can be detrimental for your cardiovascular health. Besan flour contains healthy fats that can be effective in lowering the blood cholesterol helping in regularizing blood pressure.

Promotes better heart health

As besan helps in reducing the blood cholesterol automatically it helps in promoting a better heart health.

The sodium content of besan ensures proper functioning of the heart muscles. Besan is considered as healthier flour for heart patients over any other type of flours available in the market.

Controls blood pressure

Besan has good amount of magnesium, which can be ideal for regulating the blood pressure and the vascular health.

Besan can control diabetes

Besan has low glycemic index which makes it an ideal food for the diabetic patients. Replacing rice or even wheat flour with besan flour can be a healthy choice for patients suffering from diabetes.

Besan can be ideal for weight management

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Worried about your rapidly increasing weight? Change your regular flour with besan and see the difference. Besan is high in dietary fibers which make them ideal to fill in hunger and to provide satiation for longer.

The fats present in besan are good fats and they never add to your weight. So, for weight management besan flour can be a good choice.

Besan for fighting anemia

Besan being made from gram is high in Iron content, which makes it an ideal food for fighting iron deficiency or iron related anemia in the body.

Besan also has folate, which can fight the folate deficiency caused anemia. So, if you are suffering from any type of anemia, replacing your regular flour with besan can give you effective results.

Besan for a better mood

Besan is high in Vitamin B6 content which plays a vital role in the synthesis of serotonin. This neurotransmitter is a major mood regulator in the body and can relieve stress, promoting overall better health.

Besan is protein rich

Most of the types of flours available add only more carbohydrate to your body, but the besan flour can provide you great energy as well due to its commendable protein content.

Being made from gram, it is rich in protein and always makes a healthier choice compared to other flours.

Besan for stronger bones

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The calcium present in besan is not very high in percentage, but the good thing is that, the form of calcium present in it is mostly absorbable by the body. Hence, banking on besan flour can be helpful to give you better bone health limiting the loss in bone density.

Besan flour – an ideal food for pregnancy

Besan being rich in both folate and iron makes an ideal food for pregnant women. It not only fights anemia but also ensures proper neural growth of the fetus by supplying folate to the body.

The calcium present in besan also helps in reducing the risk of bone density loss in pregnant women and being high in Vitamin B-6 promotes good mood in the expecting mothers. So, besan can be considered as a complete food for pregnancy.

Other minerals

Besan flour also contains a number of other minerals like manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium apart from iron and potassium. Though the amount of these minerals is quite less in gram flour, they are good for your health.

Besan beauty benefits

Besan is extensively used in skin care due to its ability to promote a brighter and even skin complexion. Besan flour also has the ability to absorb excess oil from the skin, which can be effective in controlling acne.

You can mix water with besan flour to make a simple face pack or opt for ingredients like honey and Aloe Vera with besan to make a lavish skin treatment.