Android & IOS apps for women health

Who does not want to stay fit? Everybody wants to stay fit. Women are considered as the backbone of our society. They should be healthy and fit always, but many women do not find time to go to the gym or for yoga.

As because of many of them busy with household duties or some handle office and house both. Now you can easily lose weight or can stay healthy sitting at home. By the grace of technology, it is possible now.

In recent days android and apple phone is present everyone house. If you really want to work on your fitness or trying to lose weight, eat better and your android and apple phone can help you regarding this.

Isn’t it amazing? Your Android and iPhone can actually help you to stay healthy. There are more than hundred of health app you can find in google play store or apple store.

All the fitness app. This app store will help you to stay fit and healthy. Many women are worried about to choose the right app, so not to worry here we will discuss some app which is easy to download and stay young;



Nexercise is a fitness app which is available on androids that is smartphone or tablets and in apple also i.e iPhone or iPad. It is free of cost. Are you tired of running on a treadmill? Now with the use of Nexercise, you can compete with your colleagues and friends to earn rewards and this app will keep all the track. Now achieving goals is not that tough, you can win many types of equipment, gift card and various type of exercise gear.

Virtual runner

Virtual runnerGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

The virtual runner is an apple app. ‘It is available in apple store only. This app is free, anyone can download it. Don’t you like the gym environment? But love the treadmill. This app will compensate the entire workout. With this app, you can make the boring work out enjoyable. Virtual runner provides some high definition videos, you can adjust the speed and also can slow down according to your pace. You can find a library in the app where the videos, famous racecourse, any types of beautiful location are present. These would help you to take to the virtual world. If you want to can add natural sound to get the more natural feeling.

NFL Play 60


NFL Play 60 is available for Android and Apple both, it is too free. We all know that best thing in life are free, here is another example of that. The American heart association and National football league is the developer of this app. This app will turn you into a virtual player. You can jump run by holding your gadget. You can also earn coins that you can spend on the NFL team.



Human is an apple app, it is absolutely free. Don’t you find time to workout? Make out for 30 minutes only. You can dance, run, jog or walk whatever you want to do this android app will keep the track. It will track how much you do in one day and by this, it will give you a weekly report. Regularly you will receive a notification which will motivate you to reach your goal. That may be by dancing or hardcore exercise.

Zombies run


This app is available for apple android both. This app will cost $4.29 for Android phone and $3.99 for Apple mobile. Are you afraid of doing exercise? Now it’s time to rethink again. Many people do not like exercise as because they do the same thing daily which is boring. Now make your exercise exciting from boring. Try zombies run. It is fun. You need to just put the headphone in your ear and press the start button. You have to run to avoid the zombies as they will follow you. This game is so distracting that when you will finish the workout you yourself won’t realize. This is the beauty of the app.



Couch-to-5k is for android and apple both device. The price is same for apple android both. It costs $ 1.99. Though it is an old app it is a good app. This android and apple app has helped lots of beginners to reach 5km within just nine weeks. Sounds so interesting. This app divides the exercise into walking and running. You can take intervals also, slowly you will be able to increase the speed of your walking. You will realize within a certain time you can cover the goal. Once you complete 5k next level is 10k.

7-minute workout challenge

7-minute workout challengeGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

The cost of 7-minute workout challenge is $ 1.99 for both android and apple device. This app is one of the best fitness apps for both Apple and Android platform. If you have android or apple device you can download the app and with that 12 exercise will be accessible which you have to perform for thirty seconds, You will get 10 seconds of an interval. Experts said that if you do intense exercise with minimum taking rest that is equivalent to one-hour workout. With this app you can exercise on the simple platform, you don’t require any gadget or any gym equipment. The good part is you do not need any internet. This app will track weekly and monthly exercise and give you the result.