Top best anti hair fall shampoos in India

Today, due to pollution in the environment as well as adulteration, very few people are satisfied with their hair. The problem of hair fall seems to have bothered people around the world.

Incidentally, cosmetics manufacturing companies have made variety of hair fall products those suites with individual’s choice and preferences. You must choose one among the best brands available in the market which serves well with regards to hair fall problems.

If you are not having any idea about the shampoo which might suit you the best, taking advice from a hair expert will be important.

Top best anti hair fall shampoos in India

Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo (Sulfate Free)

Dove is one of the leading brands in the market which is good for all types of hair and skin care products. Previously we used to know about dove by its signature soap that contains 1/4th moisturizer. This soap was really famous as it cleans as well as moisturizes your skin effectively.

Today, dove has also concentrated on its hair care products among which hair fall shampoo is regarded as one of the best in the market. If you can use the hair fall shampoo of dove on a regular basis, getting a hair type with no fall at all will be quite easy and effective.

Sunsilk hair fall solution

Sun silk hair fall solution

You must have heard about sunsilk shampoos for a long time. Previously people used to apply sunsilk shampoo to get silky and lustrous hair as mentioned in the name. But, today this company has made the formula much more improved along with providing silky hair.

One of the varieties of shampoo formulated by experts in Sun silk brand is enriched with unique formula of soya Vit Complex. Along with cleaning the hair, this shampoo also provides nourishment to each of your hair from its root to tip. Thus, the hair fall becomes lower naturally.

Vaadi herbal Amla shikakai shampoo

Vaadi herbal Amla shikakai shampoo

Some people trust the herbal products more than the other leading and famous brands in the market.

Since they are really very cautious about the use of chemical in making skin care as well as hair products, preferring the herbal products are just due to the fact that those are made up of natural herbs which does not contains any chemicals which would be harmful.

Vaadi herbal Amla shikakai shampoo is one of the shampoos that contains good amount of herbs and shikakai which was known to be very good for hair. Due to shikakai extract, you hair follicles will become strong and prevent hair fall.

L’Oreal Total repair 5


L’Oreal is a shampoo brand manufactured in Paris with the great formula to stay away from 5 different problems in hair. Whether you have dull hair, split ends, roughness in hair, hair fall or breakage, the only solution at your disposal is L’Oreal total repair 5.

The manufacturer’s claims to use ceramide cement which seems to be the unique formula that makes your hair really strong and free from hair fall.

L’Oreal fall repair


If you are suffering from the severe problem of hair fall, L’Oreal has another good option named as fall repair. This shampoo comes in a black color tube along with the conditioner.

According to the market review, this shampoo along with the conditioner works really well if your hair fall is massive. You can also get a tube along with this shampoo and conditioner which must be applied in roots of each hair to get much more effective treatment in the process of hair fall.

Himalaya anti hair fall shampoo


Himalaya is one of the herbal brands of shampoo available in the market for a long time. This has win over the heart of thousands of people around the world due to its wonderful treatment with herbal formulation.

This hair fall shampoo basically consists of Butea Frondosa as well as Eclipta Alba. This is really effective for strengthening the root.  Even if you have the problem of eruption along with the itchy scalp, the goodness of Pongamia will be a wonder.

Dabur Vatika root strengthening shampoo


Vatika hair oil has been very popular at a particular point of time. This works effectively in strengthening of root. This company has brought shampoo in the market with its fascinating features.

The users of vatika oil started to rely upon the root strengthening shampoo which was brought in the market by the same company.

Along with controlling the hair fall, this shampoo also works well in making your hair really soft and smooth. Since it has coconut milk as its content, this acts really well.

Jovees henna and Ginseng anti hair loss shampoo

Jovees Henna & Ginseng Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Jovees has gained its name in the Indian market due to its wonderful skincare and hair care products. Though it is not very old brand, people are using its products and gaining confidence.

Even after using the Jovees henna and Ginseng anti hair loss shampoo, people are really satisfied and have provided with a positive review. It contains the goodness of henna as well as ginseng.

It works and deeply cleanses the scalp which removes all sorts of dirt as well as impurities from the root of the scalp leaving the hair very clean and free from excess oil which helps in eradicating the hair fall effectively.

Baba ramdev Patanjali kesh kanti shampoo

Baba ramdev Patanjali kesh kanti shampoo

Baba ramdev has acquired name not only in India but even out of the nation. Many people have been constant follower of Baba Ramdev and his spiritual teaching.

He also has formulated many herbal products which are really good for health, skin and even health of people around the world. Baba ramdev Patanjali kesh kanti shampoo is one of the powerful shampoos which have been liked by many ladies these days.

This is totally an herbal product which provides great lustre as well as shine to hair. The ingredients used in making the shampoo include reetha, haldi, giloy, bhringraj, neem, shikakai etc.

Since this shampoo is herbal in nature, it is really very effective in the process of herbal restoration. Your hair will gain its strength and would hardly fall due to the effectiveness of this herbal shampoo.

You can get this shampoo from any of the Patanjali shore that is established by Baba ramdev in various locations. You can also get it online with the help of the search engine. If you want to reduce hair fall, don’t every miss it. 

L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X anti-Dandruff Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X anti-Dandruff Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Head and Shoulders Anti Hairfall Shampoo

Head and Shoulders Anti Hairfall Shampoo

Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo

Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

TRESemme Hair Fall Defence Shampoo

TRESemme Hair Fall Defence Shampoo

Nuzen Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Nuzen Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Trichup Hair Fall Control Herbal Hair Shampoo

Trichup Hair Fall Control Herbal Hair Shampoo

Lever Ayush Anti Hairfall Bhringraj Shampoo

Lever Ayush Anti Hairfall Bhringaraj Shampoo