Best ayurvedic hair oils available in market

As you choose an effective shampoo and quality conditioner to promote your hair health, make sure that you invest in good and active hair oil, as well. This is because, no hair care regime tend to be complete without a perfect oil massage. There are various types of hair oils for specific purposes.

For example, there are different hair oils to fight hair loss, prevent dandruff, stimulate hair growth, moisturize scalp, manage hair graying, add shine and volume to hair, as well as hair oils to make your tresses more manageable.

However, while a number of hair oils, which claim to have therapeutic properties can be chemical laden, there are also oils made from complete Ayurvedic formula.

These herbal oils might be a bit expensive from their other commercially-found counterparts, but they are well worth the investment for sure.

Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair oil

forest essentials bhringraj hair oil

As you know, bhringraj oil has been traditionally used for hair care and hair growth stimulation. This oil comes with the goodness of bhringraj oil, as well as the nutrients derived from coconut oil, sesame, amla oil, goat’s milk and many other herbal extracts that work to save you from bad hair days in different manner. This one will particularly come handy while growing your hair long fast. You should consider switching to this oil,if you willing to overcome the unsuitable hair cut really fast; then. The recipe of this oil comes from an age-old traditional secret, which also helps to fight dandruff effectively and check hair loss. Plus, it is mildly scented, non-sticky and does make your hair appear voluminous. The only con is, this one is quite expensive. But once you invest in it, you would probably not want to shift to any other hair oil.

Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Growth Vitalizing Oil

Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Growth Vitalizing Oil

This Ayurvedic recipe suits all hair type and is particularly helpful if you are suffering from hair breakage. This lightweight oil penetrates deep into the hair strands, thus stimulating hair growth. It is also good to treat split ends and prevent dry, itchy, flaky scalp. It helps to keep your hair long, lustrous and deeply conditioned. Once again, you might find this hair oil a bit expensive but the bottle contains sufficient oil to last many months. So buying it can give you a good value for money.

Shahnaz Husain Shalocks Ayurvedic Hair oil

Shahnaz Hussain Shalocks Ayurvedic Hair oil

This ayurvedic discovery by ShahnazHussain contains an excellent blend of Shikakai Extract, Brahmi Extract, Mehndi Extract, Amla Extract, Mungphali Tel, Badam Tel and Jaitun Tel. It is suitable for all hair types, and is particularly formulated to prevent and defend graying of hair, eliminate dandruff, check hair fall and promote hair growth.

Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil- Rosemary & Henna Hair oil

Khadi Henna Rosemarry and Henna Hair Oil

This product has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and has a refreshing smell, which is, however, not overwhelming. It is non-sticky and you will love its non-greasy texture. Use it regularly to experience softer, smoother and more manageable hair. What is more, users have also attested that with continuous usage of this oil, they have experienced a visible reduction in hair fall. As a bonus, it is absolutely chemical free in nature, which makes it herbal in the true sense of the term.

Lotus Herbals Grow Hair Herbal Oil

Lotus Herbals Grow Hair Herbal Oil

This is hair oil that stimulates hair growth, reduces hair fall and stops premature graying of hair. Additionally, you can also use this hair oil to manage headache, migraine and insomnia. The formula includes Brahmi oil (controls hair fall and prevent premature whitening of tresses), extracts of Bhringaraj (prevents balding and graying, promotes sleep), extracts of amla (prevents hair loss), extracts of harad (acts as hair vitalizer), extracts of behra (general hair tonic and prevents premature graying), extracts of Nagarmotha (treats scalp disorders), extracts of padmakh (relieves hair loss and treats headache) and til oil (makes hair darker). Considering its attributes, you will find this oil very reasonably priced.

Matrix Biolage Root Nourishing Oil

Matrix Biolage Root Nourishing Oil

This oil comes with three essential natural oils, those derived from sunflower seed, almond and coconut. This triple-fortified hair oil will nourish your scalp, as well as your hair, clear dandruff and induce hair growth. It comes for a pocket-friendly price, as well.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil


We all have a desire of having long thick hair so we have tried all the ways of getting it. From expensive products we did get nothing but disheartening results. By keeping your needs in mind a product made from sesame oil & other 21 selected herbs has been developed. Kesh King Ayurvedic is the complete beauty agent that will provide your hair all the natural ingredients it needs. Hope you will find this gift of natural element extracts useful.

Morpheme 7 Ultra Hair Oil


It’s time to treat your hair with the best product it deserves. Morpheme 7 Ultra Oil is a gift made from 7 oils like, Amla Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Walnut Oil that will give you the best nourishment ever. There is a myth that hair only requires protein, but by having a deep research we have come up with this product which contains vitamins & other essentials. So a regular use of this product with a healthy diet will give you the hair you have always craved for.

Soulflower pure natural Bhringraj


What if we say we have a product that is going to solve all the hair issues like hair fall, premature hair graying and dullness? Surprised? Don’t be because we have come with Bhringraj oil that can solve all your hair issues within a very short span of time. It does not only solve the hair issues. Massaging this oil made of all natural herbs acts as a stress buster & controls blood pressure. This product would help your hair regrowth. This acts as an anti-dandruff agent too. So don’t waste your time & grab this product

Auravedic Mahabhringraj Hair Oil


You know ancient people used to have better hair than us. The only reason behind it is that they used natural herbs. Our research made it proof that Bhringraj oil is a great source of hair nourishment. So Auravedic mahabhringraj hair oil is a wonderful hair agent that will provide you a healthy looking strong voluminous hair you have always wished for. This oil will help you get rid from Dandruff, dullness & hair damage. We ensure it is free from Paraben, SLS and 7 other harmful chemicals.

Ayurvedic Blue Nectar Hair Oil


This hair oil is especially made for the people who are suffering from dandruff and grey hair & hair fall. Briganantadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil is made from Herbs like Bhringraj, Amla, Anantmool, Mulethi etc. This hair oil is able to give your hair a new growth and to give you relief from dry 7 itchy scalps. For best results use this product in a regular manner.

Blue Nectar Briganantadi is Ayurvedic Hair Oil suitable to promote Hair Growth and reduce Hair Fall. This Herbal Hair Oil also helps to reduce Dandruff in addition prevent graying of Hair. Briganantadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil contains 9 Vital Herbs like Bhringraj, Amla, Anantmool and Mulethi that are potent herbs to promote hair growth and is suitable for dry and itchy Scalp.

Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil


Dry hair & itchy scalp is a nightmare for everyone right? So here we are with a product that will help you to get rid of all kind of hair issues like- Dandruff, dullness, dryness. Using this hair will nourish and condition your hair. It contains pure coconut oil with the goodness of natural herbs so using it in a regular manner will give you the best ever nourished & soft hair. Visible effect can be found after a regular use of 30 days.

Hair Nourishment Therapy Hair Oil


With the help of Dr. Sudha Asokan, a well known authority in Ayurveda we have been successful in creating hair oil with using Dash-tatva formula. It contains Tulsi that helps to remove dandruff, &amla which is able to nourish the scalp.  Ingredients like- Bhringraj, Gunja and Jatamansi helps hair to grow again. Brahmi makes hair thick & strong. Neeli, Japan and Anjana Kal protect hair from UV rays. So you can understand that it’s a complete package to provide your hair everything it needs.

Sakunthala Herbal Hair Tone Coconut Hair


This 200 ml hair oil is a complete package to provide the best ever nourishment of your hair. This purely ayurvedic product has come from the house of Sakunthala. To ensure your hair safety no chemical has been added. This green colored Jasmine flavored oil is the perfect hair agent to give you best conditioning.

Iraya’s Cold Pressed Keshavardhak Ayurvedic Taila


A product made from pure coconut oil blended with neem has been made for you to get rid of dandruff, hair fall & hair damage. It’s an ayurvedic tradition to use coconut oil to nourish your scalp we have come up with this method to give to a healthy hair with balanced scalp.

A combination of 11 natural herbs is now in your hands so you can get the best nourished scalp along with thick strong dandruff free hair. Massaging Iraya’s Cold Pressed Keshavardhak Ayurvedic Taila from root to scalp will provide the hair all the best nutrition it needs. To restore the hairs vigor 7 vitality, make it a habit to use this oil in a regular manner.

Trichup Hair Fall Control Herbal Hair Oil


After years of lab tests & research we have become successful to formulate hair oil that can prevent hair fall & hair damage & can give you a strong nourished hair everyone wants to have. It contains vitamins & other natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Amla and Yashtimadhu that will help your hair regrowth & improve blood circulation.

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil


Nowadays our busy schedule does not allow us to give our hair its best care. As a result we suffer from hair fall and other hair damages. So the most reliable Ayurvedic Company Himalaya has come up with this anti hair fall product. With the help of beauty experts we have made this Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil that can nourish your hair & improve its quality. It contains Neem, Bale, Indian Gooseberry Thistles, Fenugreek, etc that work as antifungal & anti bacterial. So now have this product & enjoy smooth nourished hair you have always craved for.

Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hot Oil


Finally here is a hair oil made from natural ingredients that can condition and nourish your hair at the same time improve its quality. If you are suffering from any kind of hair issues this product is all you need to prevent any kind of hair damage. Massaging it for 20 minutes before shampooing will give you soften smoothened hair you have always wished for.

Ayurvedic Hair oil


Silkesha ayurvedic oil is a blessing for the ones who is suffering from dandruff & hair loss. Using this oil in a regular manner will provide you strong nourished hair to help you to steal the limelight. For getting best results use it overnight just the day before shampoo & experience the best ever hair.

Sesa Hair Oil


A natural ingredient made hair oil by Kshir Pak Vidhi is a gift for hair problems sufferers. It contains 5 herb oils & 18 herbs to provide you best ever nourished hair.  To ensure its authenticity & safety we have made it 100 % natural. Using it in a daily basis will make your hair strong, thick nourished & conditioned. So get ready to be free from all the hair problems you are suffering from ages.

Life & Pursuits – USDA Organic, Certified Organic, Ayurveda Hair Oil

Life & Pursuits - USDA Organic, Certified Organic, Ayurveda Hair Oil

Khadi Mahabhringraj Hair Oil

Khadi Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil

Royal Indulgence Amaira Hair Growth Oil

Royal Indulgence Amaira Hair Growth Oil

Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil

Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil