Best knee and elbow lightening creams

Darkened knees and elbows is a common problem for many of us. They do not seem to go easily and can make your hands and legs look really odd if you decide to don a stylish dress with a leg slit or short sleeves. They can ruin your appearance all together even in a beach or swimming wear, or if you decide to wear shorts. Wearing dresses that keeps your knees and elbows covered all the time is not really a feasible solution, so opting for a real solution for this problem is important.

The skin on the elbows and the knees are thicker than the skin of the other areas of the body and they tend to get dry and flakey even if you otherwise have an oily skin. The skin of these areas needs special care that can be provided only by treating them with creams that are specifically formulated for the purpose. Some most effective knee and elbow lightening creams that are currently available in India have been listed below

Dermactin-TS Knee and Elbow Cream

Dermactin-TS Knee and Elbow Cream[Buy it online]

This is one of the best knee and elbow lightening creams available in the market. The cream has a rich texture and it helps in fading the dark area on the skin and removes the discoloration at the knees and elbows over time. The product helps to even out the skin tone by removing the dead skin cells collected in the darkened area. The cream is very active and powerful and yet it is completely non-irritating and gentle on the skin.  In order to get the best results it is suggested to use this cream regularly as mentioned in the instructions provided with the package.

D&R Knee and Elbow Cream

D&R Knee and Elbow Cream[Buy it online]

This knee and elbow cream from Dermactin comes with the active natural extracts from plants which work to lighten the skin tone without harming the skin in anyway. With regular use the product evens out the thick and darkened skin in the knee and elbow area and also helps to reduce the appearance of patches in those areas. Due to its highly moisturizing formula, the cream hydrates the skin and makes it soft and smooth, giving an even tone. The formula is very active and powerful but at the same time it is completely safe for use and is non-irritating on the skin. The product is also very gentle and ensures to give you the best results with regular use.

Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream

Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream[Buy it online]

This medical grade cosmeceutical product by Glytoneis highly active and it is formulated to retexturize the skin. The cream contains 29.5% glycolic acid which helps in removing the rough and coarse skin on the knees and elbows effectively. The glycolic acid used in this product is free and un-buffered which ensures the maximum effectiveness in lightening the dark patches by removing the dead skin cells from the elbows and knees. You can even use this cream on your feet and heels if they seem to have got rough and dry patches. Use this cream on the skin of the affected area daily to get best results. However, for long and continuous usage, it is best suggested to consult a dermatologist first.

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter[Buy it online]

This rich cream is specially formulated for treating the dryness of the areas like knees and elbows. It soothes the skin instantly and adds adequate moisture healing the skin of the area from within. It gives extra softness to the skin and helps in removing discoloration with regular use. The product is dermatologically tested and well known for its effective skin healing properties.

Prowomen EKK (Elbow, Knee, Knuckle) Whitening Cream

Prowomen EKK (Elbow, Knee, Knuckle) Whitening Cream[Buy it online]