How to avoid pregnancy after one month without abortion

In this advanced technological world, preventive measures to avoid pregnancy are aplenty, however, they fail to work at times and leads to awkward situation. Thanks to the invention of birth control pills which help you avoid unexpected pregnancy within 48 to 72 hours of last sexual intercourse.

Sometimes your body cannot support a healthy development of the fetus. In such cases, you need to worry about how you can stop pregnancy after 1 month. After all this, even if the pills couldn’t stop you from getting pregnant, then the only thing you are left with is abortion. Abortion is a tough and strong decision that a woman has to make.

Terminating or ending pregnancy before the fetusis alive is known as abortion. Taking a decision for abortion is not easy and moreover after a month of being pregnant, it may have adverse effects on the health of the woman.

There are multiple things to be taken care of before making a decision regarding abortion. Abortion not only affects the women physically but also mentally and emotionally. In the longer run, it may cause further complications if the woman is willing to get pregnant. In such conditions, you need to consult your doctor, visit a counsellor or any concerned person who is trustworthy in your family.

However, here are some ways to avoid abortion after pregnancy. Depending on the health of the woman as well as age and health of the fetus under utmost concern, some methods are given below.

Abortion with natural ingredients available within a month

Best methods to avoid the pregnancy

Consuming certain food items can also lead to abortion naturally. However, these food items are not completely reliable, therefore it is advisable to visit a doctor if you don’t see any bleeding upon using them.


Papaya contains phytochemicals which are abortifacient in nature. Papaya inhibits the high amount of progesterone hormonal activities and contains oxytocin and prostaglandins. Oxytocins and prostaglandins are helpful in stimulating contractions. Therefore, it is advised by doctors not to consume papaya during pregnancy. Gorge on fibre-rich fruit to stop pregnancy after a month and avoid abortion.


Pineapples are rich in proteolytic enzymes which are commonly known as bromelain. Bromelain are known to soften the cervix. This property of pineapple might lead to natural abortion. This is yet another citric fruit which helps to stop abortion after one month pregnancy naturally.


Consuming raw cinnamon directly or cinnamon supplements is advised to ease the delivery process as it helps in stimulating the uterus. However, if cinnamon is consumed by an excessive amount within a month of having intercourse, it can cause abortion naturally. This home remedy works well in stopping pregnancy after one month.

Sesame seeds

Consuming sesame seeds regularly within a month of intercourse can lead to natural abortion. All you have to do is soak some sesame seeds overnight and have it the next morning. Alternatively, you can also mix some sesame seeds with honey and consume it for a month to see the results. This kitchen staple will help you avoid abortion after a month long pregnancy naturally.

Chamomile tea

Consuming high amount of chamomile tea helps in inducing abortion and therefore, leads to miscarriage. All, you have to do is consume chamomile tea on a regular basis until you start bleeding. For this remedy, simply mix some chamomile tea into boiling water, let the tea steep into the water for a few minutes, strain the water and consume it.


Parsley helps in stimulating uterine contractions which might need it to bleeding. This way parsley helps in avoiding abortion after one-month pregnancy naturally.

Other natural ways of aborting within a month

Hot water bath

How to avoid pregnancy after intercourse

For inducing abortion in a natural way, you should take bath regularly using extremely hot water. Steaming hot water bath combined with any of the herbal methods can help in stopping pregnancy. Taking hot water bath affects the mucus membrane surrounding the vaginal area and initiates removal of the foetal.

Frequent sex

Involving yourself in a frequent intercourse during the early pregnancy stages is a known to be harmful to the fetus. The orgasms result in uterine contractions and at the same time, the prostaglandins present in semen will start inhibiting fetus growth.

Surgical abortion

In case the at-home abortion remedies do not prove to be effective, women need to undergo medical abortion procedure. The surgery takes place at the hospital where the entire lining of womb is taken out and it involves mainly two procedures: MVA (Manual Vacuum Abortion) and D & E (Dilation and Evacuation).

Both the procedures incorporate suction technique to empty out the contents from the womb. MVA is carried out in the initial phase i.e. within 12 weeks of pregnancy while D&E is a preferred treatment for the 13th week of pregnancy and post that.

It is nor more than 10-15-minute procedure where the gynaecologist inserts a tube to open the cervix and empty the uterus by numbing the womb with a soothing drug. Using suction tube helps to empty the womb and, it’s all good.

Abortion by scraping

In this method, the patient in given anaesthesia and a sharp instrument curette is used which takes almost 10-15 minutes. In this procedure, the cervix is stretched so that the curette can be inserted into the worm. This process of abortion can be done in the first month.

Symptoms post abortion that women commonly face

Some symptoms faced by the women during pregnancy are:

Itchy skin

Extensive itchiness and redness in your skin mainly on your palm, feet or hands. It is common on your breast and belly because the area of your breast generally expands post abortion.


How to avoid pregnancy after 15/20 days

Fatigueless is yet another symptom of pregnancy because the body starts responding and supporting to your pregnancy. Your heart starts delivering extra oxygen to your uterus. Hydration is the key that can keep you active.


Headaches happen due to pregnancy when your body tends to have an increased level of progesterone and lack of fluid. In this situation, the headaches are normal. It also occurs when you are anaemic, however headache becomes less common as the pregnancy proceeds.


You will start experiencing nausea which is caused by a hormone called as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The hormone progesterone will lead to slowing down of digestion process which will cause constipation and food aversions. During this period, you will also start liking and disliking some foods.


Women experience excessive bleeding from the uterus after abortion. Prevention of pregnancy after a month might take a few weeks for the womb to recover and this shall result in bleeding and cramps among women. Incase there is a non-stop bleeding with severe clogs, rush to emergency for immediate medical help.


Quite a common phenomenon amongst women post abortion. Cramps are very natural to occur because of the uterus lining removed from the womb completely. Doctors recommend pain killers to alleviate pain and using hot water bottle is also a great way to get rid of the pain.

Emotional dysfunction

This comes as no surprise as the women might go through a plethora of emotional roller coaster ride. Feeling guilty, grief-ridden, depressed and sad to kill the life fromtheir womb is not an easy feat. This will take time to settle.

Must do’s after abortion

Natural tips for pregnancy weight loss

  • Intake of plenty of fluids in your diet to reassure hydration and maintain a good body balance.
  • Healthy balanced diet including multi-vitamins, iron and proteins for the energy and required strength.
  • Don’t lift weights over and above 15 pounds for at least 2 weeks.
  • Take a few days work off.
  • No tub baths or swimming for at least 2 weeks.
  • Avoid excessive and coarse workout session for a week at least.
  • Apply for offs from your work to take rest at home.
  • Do not indulge in activities that will stretch and stress your vagina including sex, tampons and douches.
  • Avoid any physical intercourse until you’re recovered and feel emotionally and physically ready to take this further.

Medical method

These medicines must be used under the guidance of gynaecologist. This method is a kind of abortion which is done through medications. The fetus is stopped from developing with the help of medicines. Mifepristone and Methotrexate are the most commonly used medicines for termination of pregnancy after 1 month. Mifepristone works together with the Progesterone and helps destroy the fetus. While Methotrexate is a toxic chemical which assaults the fetus cells and thus results in abortion. In either case, the Misoprostol is provided for carrying out the dead fetus. Below we have elaborated the procedure.

The process

  • In this abortion procedure, visit your Gynaecologist at least 3 times for completion of the process.
  • The 1stdose of medicine is mifepristone.
  • This medicine results in contractions in the uterus and leaves it drained.
  • The abortion process can lead to bleeding which may continue for about 2 weeks.
  • Light bleeding and spotting may continue for several weeks.


  • If you are more than a month pregnant then do not opt for this procedure.
  • If you are above 35 years old, then do not opt for this method.
  • If you are a chain smoker or if you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, then do not opt for this method.

Saline water method

Ideal nourishment during pregnancy

This process is another way of destroying the foetus. In this procedure, the salt water is injected into the womb. This leads to damage of the foetus by poisoning it with salt. It kills the foetus and goes for dehydration. This will help you stop pregnancy after one month without undergoing abortion.

Prostaglandin method

This method is carried away by injecting certain hormones in the uterus which causes premature labor pain, resulting in the death of the fetus.

Chemical method

Here we are inserting the Zygote to the uterine wall as it helps in prohibiting pregnancy. The remedy which is used in the amalgamation is used in the abortion. The widely accepted processes are Nuva Ring- Vaginal Ring and Ortho-Evra Birth control patch. These processes will operate upon the gonadotropins which manufactures the ovulation. The change in the lining of the uterus will prevent the implantation. The sperm is not allowed to get into the uterus by the cervical mucus and thus, results in thinning of the uterus lining. This method should only be taken under consideration when no other methods are applicable or helpful enough to prevent the development during pregnancy.

Herbal abortion

In this process, there are multiple unsafe and improper ways to stop the pregnancy. It is a difficult procedure and is very rare. Here the pregnancy is prevented by using some herbs. Yarrow which is scientifically known as achillea millefolium is an herbal flower which is used for miscarriage. A certain amount of dosage is given which when acts, leads to miscarriage. This isn’t a healthy method to be adopted for preventing pregnancy after a month. You should make up your mind to adjust to these situations properly before we go for these methods.

Taking pills

Pills are basically medicines which when consumed within or after a certain period of time helps prevent the development of the fetus. These pills can be consumed up to 63 days or 9 weeks after last menstruation period of a woman. These pills usually have a course of consumption, on completion of which the pregnancy is prevented. The pregnancy pill is very much effective and has 98% positive outcome. You should be in regular touch with your doctor and on completion of the course, consult your doctor so that your doctor can assure you whether the pills worked effectively or not. Some pills prescribed for prevention of the growth of the fetus may cause some serious damage if the pregnancy is continued. So before consuming any medication, do consult your doctor about the pros and cons of the drug. When the pills are consumed, you may feel an allergic reaction, infection in the uterus and sometimes may cause clotting of blood in the uterus. It is recommended to consult your doctor before opting for this method.