Homemade aloe vera face packs for all skin types

Aloe vera also known as the plant of immortality has been used since antiquity to redress skin and beauty problems. It is rumored that this naturally healing product was once used by Cleopatra herself as part of her beauty regime.

Its antibacterial properties can help in healing many skin problems. When used with other ingredients Aloe vera can work wonders for your skin.

It can not only give you a naturally beautiful skin but also treat sunburns, dehydrated skin, scars and acne. All you need to do is prepare face masks using the plant and other ingredients from your kitchen.

By using these face packs, you will be bidding adieu to all your skin problems. Here are some face pack recipes you can easily make at home:

Homemade aloe vera face packs

Treating acne and scars

Aloe vera face packs for glowing skin

Mix one spoon olive oil with 1 spoon Aloe vera gel then add 1 spoon lemon juice to it. Make a paste and smear it over acne or scars.

Keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes then wash with cool water.

Get glowing skin

Add equal parts rose water and Aloe vera gel and mix it well. Keep it on for 20 minutes and wash it with cold water. Rose water that is a natural moisturizer act as a hydrating mask for aging skin and moisturizes your skin to give it a radiating glow.

A cure for dry skin

Soak around ten almonds in water overnight before grounding it into a fine paste. Then mix it with Aloe vera gel. Leave this paste on your face for at least 15 minutes before washing.  This will act as a moisturizer for dry skin.

Stop acne before they appear

Mix one spoonful honey and an equal amount of Aloe vera in a bowl. Stir it well and apply on your skin. Keep the face mask for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with water. This face pack not only removes acne marks but also helps in preventing it.

Getting fair flawless skin

Skin whitening tips

Take one spoon raw milk, 1 spoon rose water, 1 spoon Aloe vera gel and a little bit of turmeric in a bowl.

After mixing it apply the paste on the face. This face pack helps to brighten your skin tone and give you fair, flawless skin.

Making an exfoliating scrub at home

Take two spoons of olive oil and Aloe vera gel in a bowl and mix it with an equal amount of oatmeal. Make a paste and apply it on your face, rubbing it in gently for around 5 minutes. Wash off after you have kept it for 10 minutes. This acts as a very good dead skin remover scrub.

Face pack to treat oily skin

Add an equal amount of Aloe vera gel and curd along with half the amount of Multani Mitti. Mix them well before applying on face, hands and feet. Multani Mitti also known as Fuller’s earth acts as an excellent absorbent for oil. If your skin is very oily, you can increase the amount of curd and Fullers earth.

Face pack to remove tan

Take two spoons of aloe vera gel and mix with half that amount of tomato juice or lemon juice. Apply this on your face and other areas that have got tanned and keep it for half an hour. You can add a little bit of turmeric to the mix for better result.

Remedies for pigmentation marks

Multani Mitti face packs for glowing skin

Pimple marks and pigmentation can easily be treated by using aloe vera and rose water packs. Add some turmeric to get benefits and also reduce burn or injury marks.

Aloe vera pack to detoxify and freshen up your skin

Blend some mango pieces with aloe vera gel and apply on your skin. Leave it on for around 20 minutes. It acts as a great detoxifies removing all impurities from your skin.

Treating oily skin and acne at the same time

Boil some aloe vera leaves and grind it to form a paste. Then add honey to the paste to make a face pack. Use it on your face to get rid of oil, as well as acne.

Aloe vera for those with sensitive skin

Make a paste with equal amounts of aloe vera gel, cucumber and yogurt. Keep it on for 15 minutes before washing with cold water. Add a few drops of rose oil to the paste to get a refreshing smell. This face pack will remove all the dirt and oil from your skin making you feel clean and fresh.

Face mask to remove dead skin

Aloe vera for hair

Blend a handful of cucumber dices with aloe vera gel and oatmeal and apply on your face.

Massage it in circles before scrubbing it off with lukewarm water. This is a great remedy to remove dead skin cells from your face.

Making a face pack for combination skin

Grind shea butter in olive oil before mixing it with aloe vera gel. This paste works wonder for people with combination skins. It restores moisture in the dry regions leaving you clean and refreshed.

Another face pack for people with dry skin

Take two spoons of Aloe vera gel some cottage cheese, cucumber dices, dates and one spoon of lemon juice. Put them in a bowl and grind them to make a nice and thick paste. Keep the bowl in the fridge to cool it then apply this on your face with a cotton ball to get glowing skin.

By using organic ingredients as remedies, you will restore the natural glow of your skin without the harmful side effects associated with chemical products.