Best Precautions and diet have to follow during pregnancy

Why taking care of your diet during pregnancy is important?

Pregnancy is that crucial time period in a woman’s life where she must be careful about herself as well as her baby. The first three months is the most crucial stage as a new life develops in her womb. Maintaining a proper diet plan becomes a huge responsibility. A woman must avoid consumption of alcohol, drugs and medication during her pregnancy. The growing baby inside your womb absorbs the same thing that you are eating. Given below are some the foods that a pregnant woman must eat in order to keep herself and her baby safe.

Calcium rich foods

Healthy diet for healthy pregnancy

Calcium keeps the bone strong. Calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurt and cheese must be consumed in order to initiate bone formation in the baby as well as prevent bone loss in the pregnant woman. It helps to keep away the high blood pressure and provides proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Drinking 3 to 5 glasses of low-fat milk on a regular basis helps in the nourishment of her baby inside her womb. Oatmeal cooked in milk instead of water helps to add more calcium and keep you strong.

Iron-rich foods

Fish, beans, peas and extra-lean meat are some of the protein-rich foods which are a great supplier of iron. Eating chicken without skin is considered as a healthy source for both the baby and mother. Iron-rich foods help in growth and development. It also aims to prevent premature delivery. Try to cook the foods in a cast iron pot. Taking multivitamins containing iron helps to provide the normal oxygen supply to the baby and keeps the baby healthy.

Drink more and more water

Water is that nourishing fluid which not only keeps away constipation but provides proper functioning of the body. Drinking water between each meal provides nutrients to the baby as well as the mother.

Calorie count

Do not forget to take extra calories as it makes the baby healthy. Start eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, milk. Including vitamin B in the diet can prevent any kind of birth defects. Besides a moderate dose of multivitamin is also required.

Other than these, whole grains, beans, salmon, eggs, berries and low-fat yogurt are some of the best foods that must be included in a pregnant woman’s diet.

There are certain precautions that must be followed when a woman is pregnant. The list is given below.

Top foods for pregnant women

  • Excess body weight can initiate the risks of pregnancy complications. pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, stillbirth and caesarean delivery are some of the examples of pregnancy complications. If a woman is overweight or underweight, she must start doing exercises in order to keep the baby healthy.
  • A balanced diet is important for the developing baby. A pregnant woman must avoid eating low-carb and start eating healthy foods.
  • If you are a pregnant woman then try to keep yourself away from harmful chemicals such as hair dyes, nail polish, paint fumes, insecticides. These chemicals will lead to birth defects.
  • Smoking is injurious to health. Similarly, smoking is dangerous for a pregnant woman. It not only creates breathing problems and infections in the baby but also leads to low birth weight babies.
  • Caffeine must be eliminated from the diet as it causes anxiety and nervousness. Coffee, tea, colas, chocolate should be avoided. Birth defects and premature delivery are some of the consequences if you consume too much caffeine.
  • A pregnant woman’s body undergoes several changes. Wearing comfortable clothes makes you feel comfortable. Wear flats instead of high heels as it will reduce the pressure on your feet and avoid accidental tripping.
  • Seafood must be completely avoided. Eating 12 ounces of cooked fish in a week can be dangerous for the baby. It causes a hindrance in the mental and physical growth of the baby. Raw fish, meat and poultry also cause infection.
  • Saunas and hot tubs because overheating and can ultimately lead to problems related to the development and growth of your baby.
  • Always consult your doctor before you indulge yourself in some medications or herbs. This may cause an adverse effect and turn out to be harmful.