Top remedies for combating morning sickness during pregnancy

Best remedies for combating morning sickness during pregnancy

Morning sickness is a uneasy feeling (kind of illness) of nausea and vomiting, seen in women during their pregnancy period. As the name suggests, morning sickness isn’t just an uneasy feeling that affects these pregnant women in the morning times but it can be felt in any part of the day. However its effects is at its peak during the morning time thereby subsiding as and how the day passes by. Experts claim that small changes in the diet may cause relief from this illness to a greater extent.

Morning sickness is a common problem for the pregnant ladies. It is a joyous moment when a new life is growing inside you but, while keeping him inside you need to face variety of difficulties as well as discomforts. You feel a terrible nausea and discomfort within your stomach. There is no medical treatment to eradicate morning sickness while you are in the preliminary period of pregnancy. But, herbal remedies can do a wonder in this regard. You can get these remedies readily at your home. Try these out and get a wonderful remedy for morning sickness.

Here are few food tips that could help combat nausea and vomiting feeling during pregnancy

  • Eat small yet frequent meals during the time of pregnancy. It is wise to binge on light snacks in between the meals to keep your stomach full. ost of the pregnant women feel like having food rich in carbohydrates, however experts suggest that a protein rich diet is more helpful during these times. So it’s better to add food chicken breasts, eggs, green vegetables, fish and so on.

  • Women tend to feel more hungry when they are carrying than otherwise. Its advisable to stock few healthy snacks so that it’s easy to just pay heed to those little cravings that crop up several times a day. Try to stock up a box of crackers by the bedside. If you are among those who get up feeling nauseated in the middle of the night, then nibbling on crackers is the best choice for you. It will not just help you combat that nauseated feeling but also make you feel full. The best solution would be to binge on few crackers as soon as you are awake and then rest for about 30 mins before you start your day. It will be more like a healthy and good start for you.

  • Stay away from food rich in fat. Your digestive system tends to get very sensitive during pregnancy times and its safe to avoid food that are rich in fat to aid easy and quick digestion. Since you would have to eat several small meals in a day, keeping away from fatty, acidic and spicy food would be helpful.

  • Do not eat food that gets in that nauseated feeling in you. If any food makes you feel sick and smells different than its better to stay away from it. However there will be few pregnant women who will feel so for almost every kind of food they see and smell. In such a case they can have selected food that appeals to their eyes though not to their other senses. Even if the food they have does not fall under the balanced diet list they can still go ahead and have it at this time. All that matters is, if they are eating on time and taking proper care of themselves.

  • Ginger is a great food supplement to help fight the morning sickness. If you don’t like or don’t want to have ginger then you can make ginger by adding a fresh ginger root to hot water and keep sipping it all day long. This is one superfood that helps heal morning sickness completely. Having a piece of ginger in the morning will help you stay away from that uneasy feeling all day long.

  • Ask your physician to prescribe necessary vitamins that might be losing due to the nausea feeling. Once prescribed use the pills regularly so that your body gets all the necessary nutrients it needs at this point in time.

  • Drink lots of water. it will keep your body hydrated and flush out all unwanted toxins from your body. However do not drink bottles of water at one go and then skip your meal or eat less. Instead keep sipping water and other fruit juices at regular intervals, all day long.

Top home remedies for combating morning sickness

Herbal tea

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Herbal tea would consists of variety of natural herbs such as ginger, peppermint, red raspberry tea etc. Ginger tea is very advantageous to remove morning sickness and make you feel very fresh. In order to make ginger tea, you need to boil 30 grams of dried ginger root. You just need to give 1 cup of water and boil the root for 5-10 minutes so that all the extracts come intact. After staining the ginger, you can sip the ginger tea slowly and stay away from morning sickness.

In order to remove nausea, peppermint tea is also very helpful. You need to take dried herb of peppermint tea and make a tea out of it by adding lemon drops in it.

Raspberry leaf tea is also very advantageous for removing all types of problems related to pregnancy. Along with eradication of morning sickness, you can get soothing and relaxed muscles.


Spices can also prove to work effectively for the pregnant ladies who have been suffering from the problem of morning sickness. You can take a spoon of cumin seed and roast it over a separator. You just need to reach that smell to the pregnant lady who has been suffering from morning sickness. You can also chew roasted cumin seed and get away from the morning sickness.

Vitamin B6

Along With all herbs, it is also important to take vitamin B6 in diet appropriately. It has been proved that women who have been consuming 25 milligrams of vitamin B6 three times in a day have stays away from morning sickness. Vomiting is also a problem which is faced by pregnant ladies. But, it will be important to consume vitamin B6 as prescribed by your doctor.


Some women have a tendency to consume less water. This will make your body dehydrated and make problematic when you are within the pregnancy period. Water is a natural product which can be consumed as much as you can without any side effects. If you are pregnant and have problem of morning sickness, water will be a wonderful remedy to eradicate morning sickness if you can drink it in every hour. As it will wash away all oxidants from your body, your body will regain its strength and will keep away from the problem of morning sickness entirely. If you have lost enough energy through sugar loss, drinking water will keep you hydrated.