Top 30 summer sunscreen lotions

As you can see that the particular sunscreen lotion has the SPF 40, it will protect you from the harmful effects of sun for a longer duration of time. Apart from rescuing your from sun damage, it will make your skin fair as well as soft in appearance.

Biotique Bio Aloe Vera faces and body sun lotion SPF 30

The manufacturer has made this product with the natural plant Aloe Vera and the juice extracted from it. This will give you a soothing appearance in hot summer climate.

It will protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. The product also contains Sunflower oil that makes your skin good in quality.

Nivea Moisturizing Sun lotion SPF -30


There was a time when very few brands were available in the market that sells and markets their skin care products. Nivea was also one among the leading in the list.

Even today the brand has maintained its quality. Since it is attached with SPF 30, it will be absolutely outstanding in protecting your skin from harmful sun radiation.

Ayur sunscreen lotion SPF-30

Ayur is one of the herbal brands which will give you products in low cost without any side effects. You can get the result after some time but it will definitely work for all type of skin. The particular moisturizer with SPF 30 is very popular in the market for its usability on sun exposed skin.

Biotique Bio sandalwood face and body lotion SPF 50

Many people are fond of the fragrance of sandalwood which brings a soothing and peace of mind.

The particular product comes with SPF 50 which also has the power of water resistance. Even if you sweat due to heat of sun during the summer season, the effect of SPF will not go off.

Himalaya herbals protective sunscreen lotion

If you are afraid of harmful effects of cosmetics in the market, Himalaya is a wonderful brand that provides sun protection with nature’s touch.

This brand has proved to people with their product quality and efficiency in providing best results. You can easily stay away from sun damage after using this on a regular basis.

VLCC sweat free SPF 40 sun block lotion

This is one among the most rare sunscreen lotion with higher sun protection factor and beautiful impact on skin by restricting sweat from your body entirely.

This will not allow sweat to create a mess on your skin whenever you are going out to attend a meeting or somewhere else where you need to give a fresh look to your face.

Lotus herbals Almond nourish daily nourishing body lotion – SPF 20

When you are going out in summer, not only your face but also your hand and other skin throughout your body needs to get enough moisture and sun protection.

This is a wonderful product brought in the market by lotus which will not only protect your skin from sun but also improve your skin complexion. This will also help you to stay away from skin tanning with the enrichment of Vitamin E and anti aging factors.

Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry touch sunblock SPF 50 PA ++

It’s true that Neutrogena is one of the most expensive and quality brands in the market which has gained confidence of thousands of people throughout the world.

This is a wonderful sunblock formula brought by the manufacturer which will easily control oil from your skin giving you a fresh feel.

Moisture white sun block

If you are having some dark color patchy spots over your skin, this wonderful formula will help you removing those spots entirely from your face. Along with the sun protection factor of the product, this will help you get radiant and glowing skin for a longer period of time.

VLCC surya sandal sun block lotion

The product might have a low sun protection factor of 20 but yet give you a good protection. The cost of this product is also not too high.

Thus, people who cannot spend more on sun protection cream can easily avail this without affecting their budget. This will also give your skin a wonderful matte finish.

Aroma magic Aloe Vera sunscreen gel

Some people with acne prone skin might not be able to apply all products. Only some selected product must be within their reach.

This is one of the herbal gels available in the market which must be applied to your skin just 20 minutes before you are stepping out from home.  You will get healthy and youthful skin after applying this.

Clinique super city block oil free daily face protector

This is another very efficient product in the market which acts as a wonderful sunscreen and is ideal for all those who have oily skin.

Along with its usability of protection the skin from tanning, it also works really well in eradicating acne, pimples and spots from your face entirely. Check it out only and order it today.

Banana boat sport SPF 50

This product might not be very popular but people who have used this product has appreciated about its quality.

It is an imported quality with the long lasting effect of sunscreen lotion. It also has non greasy formula which helps people to stay beautiful and oil free throughout the day. It is both water and sweat resistant.

Neutrogena age shield face lotion sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 110

Very rare product in the market has so much SPF or the sun protection factor as more the SPF more is the quality and wider the price range.

After application of this cream, it penetrates inside your skin layer by providing you good nourishment. This is also been recommended by the dermatologists and so have no side effects at all.

Neutrogena beach defense sunscreen lotion with broad spectrum SPF 70 PROTECTION

Getting SPF 70 protection is not a matter of joke. This product is ideally made for all those who wish to stay and carry on with variety of activities in the beach side.

You can apply this lotion over your skin where sun will be exposed before going to the beach. This will help you to stay away from the harmful radiation of sunlight in beaches for a longer duration of time.

Lanopearl white pearl treatment lotion with sunscreen natural cream

The expensive product to keep you away from sun will be worth using regardless of its price. Since it is a natural product, there are not side effects at all. You can use it without worrying about its safety at all.

Apart from protecting your skin from sun light and its harmful radiation, this also have the wonderful effect of toning and moisturizing.  You can stay within the atmosphere of exposed sun without getting  any damage to your skin after applying this lotion.

Biocare anti aging sunscreen SPF 60

Biocare anti aging sunscreen SPF 60

This is one of the wonderful varieties of sunscreen lotion that will not only protect you from the harmful rays of sun but would also give you a benefit of aging.

This includes vitamin C along with high protection broad spectrum of UVA and UVB. It is also having a water resistant facility which will keep you away from sweating.

Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry – touch sunscreen lotion – Rs 3,125

Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry – touch sunscreen lotion

Neutrogena is a well known brand and it has been manufacturing variety of skin care products. The touch sunscreen lotion is among the advanced variation which is also been recommended by the dermatologists.

The products include 3 tubes which contains lightweight non greasy formula. After applying this product you can get your skin soft along with sun protection.

Vedicline sun protector – SPF 30

The Sunscreen lotion has good powder it holds the sun protection factor of 30. This will be less expensive as the maximum crowd look for the product that costs less but can give better quality.

This sunscreen product is made for people of such type of mentality.  Since it is 100% natural, you won’t have any side effects. You can get a wider protection from sun tan, dryness, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Khadi moisturizing sunscreen lotion – SPF 60 Pa++

Khadi moisturizing sunscreen lotion

Khadi is one of the well known product manufacturing companies that is used by many people around the world. Even the report of the product is simply wonderful. It is a non greasy sunscreen variety that has fast absorbing capability.

This also has natural active ingredients that will keep your skin well balanced. Your skin will be nourished and get beautified along with the sun protection factor. Get it online right today.