Inspiring anarkali dress ideas

Inspiration of anarkali dresses was derived from a famous character in Mughal’s time named Anarkali. She was a legendary slave girl who was ordered to be buried alive between two walls.

Her punishment was decided by the famous Mughal emperor’ Akbar’ just for her affair with the prince Salim. She used to wear frock style salwar kameeze that looks really beautiful on her. Recently her style is followed by thousands of girls and women around the nation.

An inspiration from Mughal era

Anarkali style is an inspiration from Mughal era which includes very gorgeous ethnic wear to grace every lady and glorify their appearance.

If you are willing to wear something tradition on an occasion or a wedding ceremony, anarkali dresses would be really fascinating.

Even the queens and princess of Mughal period used to wear Anarkali style dresses. In the modern edge, a slight change is observed by keeping the style same to suit contemporary fashion trend.

Aspiration for fashion forward women

Women of modern edges are normally seen in jeans and skirts. But, now they have become bored of wearing same variety of dresses. Anarkali style dresses also inspire these women in the modern edges who wish to change their taste of dress fashion.

This brings out a royal image of women in front of the entire crowd. Today, dress designers are presenting the garments with more unique design and color combination to suite people with different mentalities.

Graceful fashion

Even if you are modern edge women, grace is always maintained in traditional style of garments which include Anarkali fashion. You will see a sudden change in your personality after wearing this wonderful anarkali dresses which will make the other person spell bound.

Since these designer anarkali dresses are quite opposite to the fashion forward women, some women might hesitate before wearing. But, once they have worn it, they themselves would realize it’s worth.

These have acquired great esteem across the world for its designing sense and varied colors available. Let’s have a look at some very gorgeous Anarkali designer suits.

  1. Gorgeous Blue and green Alarkali dress

New 1

This is a lovely Anarkali dress having a perfect combination of green and blue with half color design till the neck. The design goes really well without sleeves. You can choose this design for attending a wedding occasion.

  1. Amazing green Anarkali design

New 2

Amazing green anarkali dress is embroidered with silver laces and metal accessories at the bottom. Even the neck and corners of dupatta are designed that way with some dangling in four corners of dupatta. The model looks very beautiful with this heavy work anarkali designer dress.

  1. Sophesticated peach anarkali dress

New 3

The peach color anarkali dress is quite rare in the market. People with a preference for very light color dresses would definitely choose this variety of anarkali design.

These dresses have broad spaghetti on one shoulder covered by golden lace and spaghetti in another hand with very thin with beach color thread. The lower portion of dress has golden color border which adds sophistication to the dress.

  1. Contemporary white anarkali dress

New 4

The fashion model is wearing a white color anarkali dress with a contemporary jacket over it. This is a different design anarkali dress which replaces dupatta with jacket. The dress adds a contrast beauty with black color velvet lace at the bottom.

  1. Grey and black anarkali dress

New 5

The combination of anarkali dress as portrayed in the picture is really stunning. The lower portion of the dress has a wide circumference made with grey color designer net. The upper portion is totally black in color. The chest area, hands as well as lower portion of frock has heavy work that really suites the need of Indian bride.

    6. Blue princess anarkali design


Blue color Anarkali dress has given a shape of brinces gown. The lower part of the dress is totally made of blue designer net and the upper portion is wonderful with silk embroidery designed cloth. The hairstyle of the model also suites with the designer anarkali dress style.

Fabrics used in Anarkali dresses

You can now get Anarkali dresses in variety of fabrics. If you are going for designer and party wear anarkali dresses, the fabrics used are net, georgette and silk. But, during the summer season, these materials might not be very soothing.

Thus, Anarkali dresses are also available in cotton fabrics. Even some people wishes to wear anarkali dress in offices and local visits. For them, cotton dresses with smaller circumference is also made.

For any festival or occasion, Indian women prefer anarkali dresses made up of silk, georgette and net. The dress will add a special spark to the occasion especially when you are within your friends and relative.

Colors for Anarkali dresses

Anarkali dresses are available in variety of colors starting to dark, bright till very light. Manufacturers have made so many colors available to suite the demand of several ladies.

Ideally for a night occasion, the dresses to be chosen should be bright such as orange, black, red, green etc. But, if you are going to attend an occasion that is going to take place in the morning, probably light colors will be preferable.

You can now get the designer Anarkali dress in all colors according to your wish. Even the choice of color also depends upon the weather condition.

A bright sunny day must be accompanied by light color clothing whereas the nights of rainy days should be accompanied by dark color clothing.

Enhancement of Persona

It is now possible to enhance personality of every woman with the help of designer wear available in the market. Today, you can even sit at home and shop for gorgeous looking Anarkali dresses online.

You can either buy the suite piece or ask your local tailor to make the beautiful Anarkali dress or get the tailoring done by the seller. It is better to ask a professional with experience to carry on with the tailoring or else your dress material will be ruined totally.

Even for a get together or a casual outing, anarkali dresses would be worth which has been made in a different style and with different material.

But, when you are going to attend a party, a heavy anarkali dress design will easily enhance your personality within the occasion. The dress designs are made with different fabrics, materials, style, cut and accessories to make each of your occasions whether formal or casual really perfect.

Exquisite collection of Indian ethnic women

Women generally prefer ethnic wears during an occasion or a wedding ceremony. Even the religious festivals such as Eid, Durga Puja, Dussheras are complemented with designer ethnic wear.

Anarkali dresses works really well for every occasion. People willing to visit their relatives and friend’s house during the occasion would always wish to look beautiful and trendy.

This Anarkali dresses are really wonderful and have the potential in making even an averagle person look beautiful. It is also possible to get the wonderful Anarkali dresses online from boutique stores.

Market is flooded with largest collection of traditional dresses which will remind you the MUghal era. The elegance and etherealness will be always present with the Anarkali suites that you have chosen from the stores.