Health benefits of curry leaves

What are the health benefits of curry leaves or karipatta? Culinary recipes of India include curry leaves as one of its essential elements. It is quite popular for the people staying in south India. But, today this wonderful flavored leaves is also used in various parts of India. Once it is added to the vegetable curries, people get a distinct aroma.

The very fresh leaves are light green in color and the matured ones becomes dark green when added to the recipes. You can also powder it and add it to the salad to get wonderful flavor. There are various benefits of curry leaves starting from improved function of small intestine to eradication of cancer.

How curry leafs are beneficial to health? Curry leaves are highly used herb in the India from the long time. The origin for the curry leaves tree is India and sri lanka. This curry leaves are widely used in Indian dishes, curries, stews, legumes etc. It is the midsized plant with height about 3-4 meters. Most of the Indian homes contain this tree in their homes.

The curry leaves are bitter in taste and very aromatic. These leaves are not to throw away from the food they have the benefits too. What are the health benefits of curry leaves? Curry leaves have the many health benefits. Find the some of them in below.

Best health benefits of curry leaves

Curry leafs best solution for kidney problem

How to use curry leaves for hair growth

Health benefits of curry leaves. Pain in stomach can be one of the reasons behind kidney problem.  Due to kidney problem people also need to go for dialysis in an advance stage. But, curry leaves works really well in solving kidney problems without any side effects. If you have kidney problems in your family, it is important to take precautions from very first day.   You should consume curry leaves adequately in your food to get away from this problem.

Controlling bile

Amazing health benefits of curry leaves. Since curry plant is a medicinal herb, apart from its leaves, other different parts of it also have some very effective medicinal properties.  The bark of curry tree provides relief from problem like indigestion, diabetes and other stomach problems.  If you are suffering from bilious vomiting, curry leaves can be a wonderful remedy. You can dip some curry leaves and bark in hot water and keep for some time. After an hour, take out the bark and leaves and drink the water to get solution of bilious vomiting.

Problems in pregnancy

Health and nutritional facts of curry leaves. How curry leaves are healthy for pregnancy women? Pregnancy is stage in the life of every woman where she takes care of herself as well as her baby. But, while doing this, pregnant lady faces a lot of discomforts. Morning sickness, vomiting tendency etc are some of the discomforts faced by many pregnant ladies.  Nausea is the reason behind changes of hormone in women body after pregnancy. If you can consume the water that has boiled curry leaves, it will be really effective for reducing the discomfort level and morning sickness in women who are pregnant.

Curry leaves for treating diarrhoea

How to get rid of diarrhoea by taking curry leaves in diet? Curry leaves good remedy for the diarrhoea. The curry leaves contain the carbazole alkaloids plays the key role in treat the diarrhoea. To treat the diarrhoea, take the curry leaves and make it as paste or juice directly.

Curry leaves or kadi patta health benefit for indigestion

Amazing health benefits of curry leaves

How to treat indigestion at home with curry leaves or curry leafs? Curry leaves are the remedy for indigestion and nausea. Take the juice from the curry leaves and mix the fresh lemon juice and sugar to it. It will help to treat nausea and indigestion.

Curry leaves improve eyesight

Using curry leaves in daily diet helps in improving the eyesight. Curry leaves are helpful in improving the eyesight.  They can prevent the eye cataract.

Curry leaves for healthy hair

Curry leaves are help in improving the hair color.  Add the few curry leaves in the hair oil then boil the oil and apply this on the hair scalp.  This improves the hair health.

Curry leaves lower the cholesterol

How to control bad cholesterol? curry leafs control the bad cholesterol in the body and make your body from fat free.

Curry leaves controls side effects

Curry leaves help to decrease the side effects comes with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Control diabetics with curry leaves

Amazing health benefits of curry leaves for diabetic patients. It is the good food for the diabetic patients. It controls the glucose levels in the blood. Better to use the curry leaves powder in their breakfast.

Curry leaves protect gastrointestinal tract

Curry leaves contain the antioxidants and alkaloids. Good to treat the gastrointestinal tract and improves the digestive system.

Curry leaves for hair care

How to use hibiscus leaves for hair care

How to get healthy hair? If you are suffering from various types of hair problems such as hair fall and dandruff, curry leaves can be one of the effective remedies. You can also use curry leaves in helping your hair growth. For this, you need to boil water in a container and add curry leaves, basil leaves, hibiscus flowers and coconut oil. Boil them all and keep it to cool down for some time. Now apply this solution over your scalp and slowly spread it over each of your hair roots. You need to keep this for half an hour on your hair and wash away with mild shampoo to get your hair grow quickly.

Some people have a great problem of premature hair graying. Even the teen age people are suffering from premature hair problems. For this you need to go through the following process:

  • Heat some oil in a pan. You can either boil coconut oil , almond or that of olive oil
  • Now add some curry leaves in it
  • Let the oil fry the curry leaves till it turns golden brown in color
  • Now remove the oil from the heat completely
  • Let the oil get cool and then transfer it in a container
  • Apply this oil over your scalp regularly in order to avoid premature graying of your hair.

Curry leaves are good for hair care.  Take the leaves without throwing them from the food. Other wise use the curry leaves powder in morning breakfast. Curry leaves prevent the premature graying of the hair.