Curry leaves for hair growth

Magical hair can be seen in television commercials and movies. You must be envying the characters whose have such a wonderful hair type. There might be some artificial effect or camera trick in getting such a beautiful blend of hair. But, there are some wonderful tips.

With some effective household remedies, you can easily get beautiful and shiny hair without spending lot in cosmetics and other expensive hair care products available in the market. The curry leaves that grows around your home or kitchen garden can do wonder to your dull and unattractive hair.

The ideal nurture followed with a good treatment never leave your hair dull and hair fall prone. If you wish to activate your hair with market products, they not only swallow your pocket money but tends to offer side effects. So, why can’t we try something that completely available in nature and makes our hair gorgeous and great. So, it’s the time to move with the very handy available curry leaves. They come you at very low budget and takes you away from despair.

Curry leaves Helps the damaged hair

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Curry leaves consists of many vital nutrients that especially works in restoring the strength in the hair follicles. Due to the pollution or due to usage of the artificial hair strengthening products clogs the hair follicles, which will later leads to the hair damage and hair fall. In treating such damaged conditions curry leaves is your best friend. Curry leaves helps the hair follicles to take the breath by helping in the scalp restoration process.

To treat premature hair greying

Premature hair greying is resulted due to several factors such as stress, consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking, age, genetic build-up etc. Curry leaves consists of vitamin B, which helps to restore the natural color of the hair by strengthening and nourishing the roots. The same treatment also aids in growth of the new hair roots with healthy pigments. By that you will get thick, strong and radiant hair texture.

Take a handful of curry leaves and soak them in water for a whole night. Soak a ratanjyot stick in 1/4 cup of coconut oil and leave it for a whole night. In the following day, remove the stick from the oil, you will find the oil color turned into red. Now add the soaked curry leaves with the red coconut oil and grind it. Apply this paste over the hair and scalp. Let it sit for hour an hour to hour and then rinse off thoroughly with the help of mild herbal shampoo or you can also use the lemon juice diluted water to rinse off the hair.

Dry hair treatment with curry leaves

To treat the dry hair, oil prepared by using curry leaves works effective. Add few washed and dried curry leaves to half cup of coconut oil and warm it for two to three minutes. Let it come to the room temperature and massage the oil on your scalp with the fingertips for about five minutes. Now cover the head with a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse off the hair with a mild shampoo and then pat dry.

Yogurt and curry leaves to stop hair fall

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If you are facing hair fall problem, this is the best remedy to stop it. Take a half cup of curry leaves and grind it with the combination of yogurt. Apply this paste on your scalp and let it dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off with a mild shampoo and pat. Do it twice a week for three weeks in a row for best results.

Apart from the external use, make a habit of eating curry leaves along with your food dishes to get rid of hair problems. Simply toss them in the buttermilk or make a powder using curry leaves and munch it with your snacks.

How to use curry leaves for hair?

You can now make your hair strengthen with very less hair problems with the helps of curry leaves. But, it is also very essential to know how to use curry leaves. Following are some of the ways:

Hair tonic

Curry leaves can be exclusively used as the hair tonic where you need to boil the leaves adequately such that the leaves become soft and likely to get mixed with water making the water greenish in color. Cool the solution and apply it evenly over your scalp. It is quite important to massage your hair with the tonic so formed for around 15 to 20 minutes time. If you can follow this process twice in a week, you can get the remedy of hair problems.

Curry leaves in diet

Curry leaves have wonderful smell which acts as an appetizer, you can fry some curry leaves and then add boiled vegetables in it to create a smell in your boring dish and at the same time creating a wonderful remedy for your hair damage.

Curry leaves with other herbs

Along with curry leaves, you can also combine neem and shikakai and apply it to your hair for eradicating all types of problems faced. You can also add yogurt and make a fine paste for a curry leaf mask.

Top benefits of curry leaves for hair

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Many people are still not aware of the benefits provided by curry leaves. Since these leaves have rich source of proteins and beta carotene, it helps in preventing loss of hair as well as stopping thinning of hair. These leaves are also quite rich in amino acid and antioxidants which are very effective in strengthening hair follicles. Your hair will get duly moisturized with the antioxidant present in the leave. Even if you are suffering from hair loss due to dandruff, curry leaves works really well in removing the dead skin from your scalp which is the prime reason behind dandruff.

Rejuvenation of hair follicles with curry leaves

Hair follicles are very important for the health of every single hair. If enough nutrients is not provided to these hair follicles, this can even give rise to hair damages. But, if you have curry leaves handy, this will be really effective in creating strength to your hair follicles. Since it contains the nutrient which is really essential for hair growth, restoring strength inside the hair follicles will be quite easy.

Curry leaves can be utilized for making your hair healthy in two different ways. Either consume it with vegetables and cereals or simply apply it over your hair. Due to artificial styling products, your hair follicles can get clogged. This can give rise to damage of hair as well as loss of existing hair. Since scalp restoration process is already present in the curry leave, essential nutrients in present in the leave will help your hair to breathe.

Hair shaft strengthening

Some people might not even know what exactly hair shaft is. It is nothing but a particular part of hair that rises above the scalp. Curry leave contains vitamin B6, which is really effective in acting as a hormone regulator in the process of hair loss. It has been proved that, curry leaves are high in its nutritional values which helps in strengthening hair root as well as hair shaft. It is also very beneficial for digestion. Thus, the hair problems get eradicated right from the root if you treat your hair with the help of the curry leaves.