15 best ayurvedic tips for long hair growth

People no more trust the chemical and harsh products that are available in the market. Rather, they go for naturally obtained ayurvedic remedies. Even for treating various common problems natural solutions are adopted.

You can now easily show your gorgeous hair with exclusive ayurvedic remedies. Ladies with short hair wishes to get long and beautiful hair but due to lack of proper hair growth, they suffer from un-fulfillment of their desire.

This Ayurvedic solution of hair growth was always present but people hardly adopted it in past. But, today, the effectiveness of these products has been proved and more and more people are getting them. Let us have a look at some ayurvedic tips.

15 best ayurvedic tips for long hair 

Aromatic jatamansi

How to maintain long hair

Jatamansi is one of the common herbs in Ayurvedic medicine that helps in getting good hair growth.

It is also known as Indian spikenard which has brilliant power of removing impurities in blood and provides you a glowing complexion. This can treat your hair growth in number of ways.

You can either consume it in capsule form which is available in an Ayurvedic store or can apply it over your scalp directly. Remember no consume capsule which is more than 6mg.


Indian gooseberry


This Ayurvedic ingredient is more popular in Indian by the name of Amlaki or Amla. It is used by our grandparents to treat the condition of indigestion in the body. It is really very effective in controlling hair fall.

Even today, women have the habit of mixing these Amla powder with Henna before applying it in hair. Since this natural product is rich in vitamin C as well, all other hair problem s will be eradicated along with a wonderful glow in your skin tone.

Amla in the dry form must be mixed with lukewarm water and applied over the scalp which helps in promoting black and thick hair.

Ayurvedic hair message 


Best tips for long hair

These days, people hardly go for a hot oil massage which is really important for the nourishment of your hair.

You can now get some ayurvedic message oil and apply it in your hair root and message slowly so that your blood circulation improves and there gets the initiation of hair growth. You can apply brahmi oil or that of coconut for the hair message.

This helps in rejuvenating hair follicles and manages less hair fall. You can get quick hair growth in just 6 months time.



This is the name provided to the king of herbs. It has the capacity of enhancing hair growth. You need to make a paste out of the leaves of bhringaraj by washing it properly.

Some people may not have this bhringaraj leaves handy. Thus they can get the powder of it in dried from an ayurvedic store. You need to make a paste by putting 5 to 6 teaspoon of this herb in warm water. Apply the paste over your hair and keep for a period of 20 minutes and wash it.



Home remedies for dry scalp & hair loss

This is another variety of miracle herb available in the grocery store. This is one of the important spices in Indian kitchen.

This is also very good for people who have high blood pressure.  You will get both seeds and powdered form of the product.

You need to dip few spoons of methi powder in the warm water and cool it. Once it is cool, apply it over your hair, keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it away.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera has many utilities for your day to day life and health benefits. For years people have been using it to deal with variety of health problems. You can enjoy clean system with the help of Aloe Vera extract

. If you can consume it two teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel, it will really benefit your body metabolism in a great way. You can also take out the Aloe Vera extract from its leave and apply it over your hair to get wonderful result with regards to hair growth.



This is another important herb available with Ayurvedic medicine. This is a wonderful anti oxidant herb which helps relieving you from Pitta Dosha.  If this is eradicated, the root cause of hairfall will also be eradicated.

You can remove toxins from your body easily once you consume it on a daily basis. If the toxin is removed from your body, hair follicles will becomes health and help growing long hair.

Margosa leaves


A natural herb which can be boiled in 4 cups of water. Now cool it and get the leaves filtered.  Now you can use this solution in rinsing your hair. You can get a healthier hair like this.

Curry leaves and lemon peel


Benefits of coconut oil for hair care

You need curry leaves of around 15 to 20 pieces. Take 1 lemon peel. You would also require soap nut powder, green gram and fenugreek seeds. Mix all these in a mixture with addition of water as required. You can apply it and wash it with shampoo to get healthy hair.


water bottle

Some people do not have habit of drinking water which might harm the metabolism of individuals. Even the toxins in your body will be washed away with drinking of enough water.

You can easily get a healthy and beautiful hair if you drink water on a regular basis. Your hair growth will never be hindrance with regular drinking of water.

Henna conditioning


Hair color ideas for long hair

Henna is an ayurvedic product that has adequate amount of all herbs together that makes your hair root strong and initiate adequate hair growth. You can apply it at least once in two weeks.



There was a time when women used to wash their hair with reetha. This was the time when there was no shampoo or conditioners in the market. But, even then women had very dense and long hair. This is just due to the use of effective ayurvedic product.



Iron rich foods for long hair

You can now get powdered shikakai powder in any of the organic store. Just mix it with water and apply it over your hair to get healthy and long hair.

kunthala and neelibhringadi oil


This is ayurvedic oil which helps in natural growth of your hair with fine massage all over your hair. You need to slowly massage your hair to get an effective blood circulation.

Spinach, carrot and lettuce

Spinach, carrot and lettuce

Take adequate amount of spinach, lettuce and carrot and grind it adding some water. Drink the juice to get benefit in hair growth.