How to maintain long hair right way

Those long cascading locks look absolutely gorgeous and can make a special addition to your overall appearance and personality. However, even though long hairs look actually good, maintaining them properly might not be an easy task. If you have somehow managed to keep your hairs long so far and are planning to cut it short now, particularly because you are not able to maintain it in the right way, check out this article before you actually get to the salon. This article will provide you with some simple tips as well as hair care tricks that can be ideal to maintain long hairs properly. So, say “long live” to your long beautiful hairs and start taking care for them in the right way.

Select the right hairstyle to not to strain the hair roots

Best tips for long hair

When you have long hairs, you actually need to be cautious about the hairstyle you pick. Doing a ponytail high and up might put enough pressure on the roots of the hairs causing them to shrink and the hairs to fall off. You have to keep in mind that when you have long hairs, you cannot really try out all the hairstyles that suit medium or short hairs, but you can do something more. Also try not to keep your hairs fully open every time you are going out, opt for lightly braided hairstyles that suit with your facial features.

Minimize the use of heat on hairs to keep long hairs damage free

Blow drying hairs every time after taking a bath is not the right way to maintain long hairs. It is sure to cause more dryness and damage to the hairs with time. In case, you do not have the time to let your hairs dry naturally, it is better to not to let them get wet at the first place. However, it does not mean that you should never blow dry your hairs, it is absolutely okay to opt for blow drying once in a while, but not daily. While blow drying also ensure that you do not use high heat at the same section of hairs for long. You can also opt for cold blow drying, which is not damaging for the hairs.

Hair colors are not the best friends of long hairs

We all love to color our hairs but the chemical dyes can be the worst enemies for your long hairs. So, if you are trying to maintain your long hairs in the right way, try to stay away from using those permanent colors on your hairs. Also do not opt for frequent changes in hair color. Make it a point to not to color your hairs more than once in 6 months. This can reduce any damage considerably making it much easier for you to maintain the long hairs properly.

Adopt the right brushing technique to maintain your long hairs in the right way

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Brushing your hairs regularly is important not only to detangle them but also to ensure proper blood circulation in the scalp. However, if you brush your hairs in the wrong way it can do more harm than good. First you have to pick the right brush to ensure that it does not scrape the scalp or damage it. Pick a brush that has soft bristles and places balanced pressure on the scalp. While brushing your hairs, start brushing from the ends, which will detangle the long hairs more easily. Always brush very gently and in case there is some tangle, first remove it with your fingers and then only follow with the brush.

The right hair washing technique is vital for maintaining long hairs in the right way

Before you go for a hair wash, make it a point to detangle and comb your hairs first. Going under the shower with tangled hairs is never a good idea. While using the shampoo or hair cleanser, do not ever use the product directly on your hairs. Take a small quantity of the product and mix it with equal parts of water. Now massage it gently on the scalp with your fingertips for 1 minute and then wash off with plenty of water and repeat. Always keep in mind that you need not to use more of the product on the hair shafts. When you wash your head automatically the shampoo on the scalp will clean off the hairs as well.

Towel drying your hairs in the right way is important to maintain long hairs

Wrapping up a heavy towel on your head to towel dry your wet hairs is not a good way particularly when you have long hairs. If you prefer wrapping up a towel on the head to soak up all the water from the hairs quickly, you should opt for a light cotton towel with high absorbing ability. Before you wrap up your hairs in the towel squeeze out the extra water from the hairs and then wrap it up in a light way, without putting any pressure on the hair roots or shafts. Do not keep the hairs towel-wrapped for more than 3-5 minutes, and after removing the towel massage your scalp and hairs lightly with another small super-absorbing dry towel to remove any extra water that is still left. Always keep in mind, when your hairs are wet, they are weak and can be easily damaged. So, be gentle while handling.

Washing the hairs frequently is not good for long hairs

The hair roots secret oil which keeps the hairs moisturized naturally, but when you have long hairs, the oil certainly does not reach for the whole length of the hair shaft, causing dryness. Hence, if you wash your hairs daily, it is sure to cause more dryness leading to damage. So, opt to wash your hairs only twice a week and not everyday to ensure that you do not end up reaping off the hairs from the necessary moisture.

Pick the right products to maintain your long hairs right way

This one is one of the most important things that you need to be cautious about to maintain your long hairs. The chemical filled cosmetic hair care products can do more harm to your hairs than good and hence staying away from them is actually important. If you have long hairs, always pick a mild hair cleanser that comes with Pro vitamin B5 and Collagen or natural ingredients like Honey and Aloe Vera. Also take the right care while picking the conditioner. Keep your hairs away from SLS/SLEs and paraben filled hair care products.

Bank on home treatments to maintain your long hairs

Well, one of the most effective ways of maintaining your long hairs is to opt for home treatments, which are completely free of side effects and can actually ensure the best for your long, lustrous locks. You can use these home treatments on every weekend when you have some time in hand, and they are sure to show results. Here are some home treatments that you should follow to maintain your long hairs the right way,

Oil massage, the best treatment for long hairs

Benefits of coconut oil for hair care

There is no hair care treatment that can surpass the goodness of oil massage for long hairs. It is best if you can use a mixture of an essential oil, like rosemary oil with a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil for massaging your scalp and hairs at night and then wash off with a cleanser in the morning. Take the oil massage every night before washing your hairs the next day.

Banana and honey hair pack for long hairs

This hair pack can be highly nourishing for your hairs and it can keep the dryness at bay. Take one over ripe banana and smash it so that no chunk is left. Now add 4 spoons of honey with it. You can increase the amount of each of the ingredients depending on your hair length and volume. Apply this hair pack on your scalp and hairs and leave on for 30 minutes, without letting it get dry. Wash off with plenty of water and a mild hair cleanser, if needed.

Aloe vera and sour curd hair mask for long hairs

A hair pack made from Aloe Vera and Sour Curd can work as the most effective natural conditioner for your hairs. Collect some fresh Aloe Vera pulp from Aloe Vera leaves. Take 4 spoons of this pulp and mix it with 4 spoons of sour curd, preferably, prepared at home. You can use this mixture for coating your scalp and hairs. Leave on for 30 minutes covering your hairs with a shower cap and then wash off with plain water. Use a hair cleanser only if needed.

Jojoba hair-wash for long hairs

Skipping your daily hair cleanser for a homemade jojoba hair-wash at least thrice a month can give you some great effects. Collect 20 jojoba flowers and around 10 jojoba leaves. Wash them clean and crush together to make a paste. Use this paste to wash your scalp and hairs. It will also form mild foam.