Best habits of women with beautiful long hair

If having beautiful long hairs is your dream then following the best habits for hairs is a must for you. Women who enjoy healthy, problem free, beautiful and long hairs always maintain some particular habits that ensure the best health and condition of their cherished locks. Anyone can have long beautiful hairs only if they are keen to give the required effort and time for their hairs. To have beautiful and long hairs first you have to ensure the best health of our scalp and you also have to consider the measures of protecting your hairs in the right way. This article will inform you about the best habits of the women with beautiful and long hairs and if you want to grow your locks following these habits is a must for you too.

They keep their scalp and hairs clean

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You cannot really grow gorgeous and long hairs if you do not maintain the best hair hygiene. Keeping your scalp completely free of debris and your hairs free from dust and pollutants is a must to have gorgeous hairs. However, using a chemical filled strong shampoo to clean your scalp and hairs everyday is surely not the way to go. You need to use proper scalp and hair cleansers to maintain the best scalp and hair health but you need to stay away from those chemical filled hair cleansing products that can actually harm your hairs due to regular use.

Most of the ladies with long and beautiful hairs use mild hair cleansers on their hairs every alternate day or twice in a week, instead of using them daily. The frequency of use of a hair cleanser should depend on the type of cleanser you are using and also the environment in which you spend most of the time of the day. For ladies staying indoors for the most part of the day washing their hairs twice a week can be sufficient to keep their hairs and scalp clean. On the other hand, for women who stay a lot outdoors, washing their hairs with a mild cleanser might be necessary every other day to keep the scalp and hairs perfectly clean.

They chose the right products

In order to maintain the best health of your hairs it is really important that you use the right products. Using products that are filled with chemicals or does not suit the specific needs of your hair type can be highly damaging for your hairs and they are sure to do more harm than good for your hairs. The ladies with beautiful long hair always take maximum care about the products that they use on their hairs. They make it a point to settle for cleansers that are herbal and completely free from sulfates and parabens. SLS, SLEs and parabens are not very friendly to your hairs and scalp, they reap off all the necessary moisture from the scalp and hairs making them prone to dryness and breakage.

Most of the ladies with gorgeous hairs pick good quality hair care products from the most reputed herbal brands and ensures that the products are free from harmful chemicals and are formulated for their specific hair type. Many women with beautiful hairs also opt for homemade herbal treatments instead of using any hair care products. Reetha, Amla and Shikakai concoction as a hair cleanser and Mayonnaise or olive oil as a hair conditioner is often the preferred choice of ladies with beautiful long hairs.

They go easy with brushing

Brushing your hairs is important, but you should not brush them rigorously which can cause breakage and tangling. The long haired beauties always use a wide toothed comb instead of a narrow toothed one to ensure that the tangles in the hairs can be easily smoothed off without much effort. While brushing their hairs they also make it a point to go really light and easy, because tugging and pulling your hairs hard while brushing can cause serious damage to the hair strands and even to the hair roots, which can trigger hair fall.

The women with long hairs always avoid brushing their hairs roughly when wet; because when the roots are wet they naturally become weaker and even a lighter pull can be harmful. They always settle to comb their hairs lightly with a wide toothed brush only after the hairs have half dried.

They use minimum heat on hairs

Heat is not actually good for your hairs particularly when used on bare hairs for over a long period of time. Drying your hairs quickly with a high load dryer can actually give you that perfect blow-out look but it is not a hair friendly habit. The ladies with long hairs always make it a point to let their hairs dry naturally. Air drying your hairs is always the best option as it does not harm the hairs in anyway. In case you are using a dryer, always ensure that you do not spray the hot air on the same hair strands continuously, which can easily dry out your locks and make them prone to damage and breakage.

When it comes to styling hairs by applying heat, the women with long and beautiful hairs always make it a point to apply a layer of protective gel or oil that can ensure minimum damage due to the application of heat. They also settle for treatments that stay for long and needs minimum repetition to ensure that they need not to use heat regularly on their hairs.

They focus on moisturizing the scalp and hairs routinely

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Your scalp and hairs need sufficient moisture to stay in their best condition. The ladies with gorgeous long hairs always make it a point to condition their hairs properly at regular intervals. They often opt for deep nourishing homemade hair care treatments during the weekends and holidays to ensure that their hairs are not starved of the essential moisture. Using a natural conditioner like Aloe Vera or Mayonnaise on hairs after every wash is often a preferred choice of long haired ladies. Many also vow for oiling their hairs with olive, almond or coconut oil a night before the wash.  Amongst the week-end deep conditioning treatments many prefer a hair pack with egg, banana and honey.

They ensure a healthy eating habit

This is one of the most important things that majorly decide the quality of your hairs. What you eat is sure to show on you and hence the beauties with beautiful long hairs never miss out on a healthy diet. They always include foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals in their diet.  Iron and Biotin both are essential minerals for hairs and including the foods that are rich in these minerals in your diet is sure to show its effects on your hairs. The women with gorgeous hairs always include vegetables like Spinach, kale, beetroot, cabbage and others in their diet in high amount along with legumes, eggs and fishes like salmon and tuna. Munching on almonds and walnuts is the other hair friendly habit. Eating fruits that can supply vitamin C and Omega-3-fatty acids to the body can actually be very effective to get long and beautiful hairs that shine with health.

They opt for trimming hairs regularly

Trimming the hair ends can be a very good habit to get rid of the split ends routinely. Trimming the ends of your hairs regularly can be very helpful to grow them longer and to maintain them in the best health. So, if you are trying to get those long hairs and hence you are afraid of chopping off even the split ends, it is surely going to harm the overall health of your hairs. Women with long and healthy hairs always make it a point to trim their hairs at regular intervals to ensure that the hairs can actually grow.

They focus on protecting the hairs

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Protecting your hairs from the harmful rays of the sun, pollutants and any form of physical damage is important to maintain the best hair health. Women who have long hairs usually take the best care to keep their hairs protected by using particular products or physical cover. Using a scarf or hat during the summer or while on the beach is one of the very common habits of women with beautiful long hairs. Hairstyles that place high stress on the hair roots can also be very damaging for hairs, and ladies with beautiful hairs never opt for hairstyles that place high stress on the hair roots continuously. Using silk pillow covers during the night and tying up the hairs lightly before going to the bed are some of the common hair protective habits of women with long and beautiful hairs.

They use minimum chemicals on their hairs

Most of the hair care as well as hair styling products available in the market come filled with chemicals in some form or other. These chemicals can be very effective to give your hairs a quick boost but they are sure to show negative effects on your hairs with time. The hair styling products as well, like the hair setting sprays are filled with chemical that can harm your hairs in the long run when used routinely. The ladies with beautiful long hairs always make it a point to use minimum chemicals on their hairs. Either they opt for completely homemade haircare products or they stick to the best known herbal brands manufacturing hair care products without chemicals like SLS/SLEs, paraben and others. They also do not prefer to opt for complicated hairstyle that will need a hair setting spray to hold on, because the hair setting sprays are filled with chemicals.

They dry their hairs with care

When your hairs are wet, they are weak and are prone to breakage. So, ladies with long and beautiful hairs always take the best care to ensure that the hairs are dried properly but are not damaged. To ensure the best care they first towel dry the hairs but do never opt for any ways that can put pressure on the hair roots or hair shafts and cause breakage. Once the hairs have been towel dried they let it dry out naturally. Using heat on your wet hairs is never the right way to go. Heat is sure to damage your hairs in the worst way in the long run. The ladies with beautiful hairs comb their hairs lightly when they are 60% dry, this helps in quick drying and smoothing of the tangles without putting any pressure on the hair roots.