How to get rid of oily skin and oily face with home remedies

Oil skin is one of the skin types. This is not the natural skin type so you can free from this oil skin. Cleaning twice daily is good to treat the oily skin.

Use the glycerin soap to remove the dust and dirt on the oil skin face. Clean the makeup before going to bed. Lacking of vitamin B2 is the cause for the oily skin. So add the vitamin B2 rich food in your diet.

Some vitamin B2 rich foods are nuts, beans, wheat; grains etc. take the protein rich food to prevent the oily skin. Reduce the foods like chocolates, deep fried items, alcohols etc. This oily skin makes you early aging, wrinkles on the face etc.

Oil skin is caused by over sweating of the oil by the skin pores. This extra oil is nothing but the fat hides in under the skin. This extra fat is not useful for the body this will be thrown out by the skin cell causes the oily skin.

Lemon juice

Oily skin care tips

Lemon is known to be rich in citric acid that is helpful in absorbing the excess oil from your skin. It is also a great antiseptic and astringent for your skin.

Mix the 1 tbsp lemon juice with cold water and apply it on the oily skin .Leave it for 10- 15 minutes then wash with the glycerin soap. Now your skin is oily free. This is the tip followed from the olden days.

Honey and lemon paste

Honey is known for reducing the extra oil from your skin and keeps your pores clean. It also helps in preventing wrinkles and other facial lines. Mix the 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp honey, few drops of milk.

Mix them all well. Apply this solution before going to bath. This will acts as bleaching for the skin. It will also clear the oil from the skin.


Take the few ground almonds and make them as fine powder. Add the few drops of honey to the powder. Make it as a fine paste. Massage this paste on the oily skin. After 10-15 minutes wash with warm water it clear the oil from the skin.


Oatmeal powder is known as a great exfoliate and helps in absorbing the extra oil from your skin. Take the oatmeal powder and mix the aloe Vera gel with it. Apply this mix on the skin. Wash with the water. You can get the oil free skin instantly.

Aloe vera gel

Best face packs for oily skin

Aloe Vera is known for its antimicrobial properties and is great for treating acne-prone oily skin.

It also helps in absorbing the extra oil from your skin. Take the aloe Vera gel. Put it in the refrigerator. Apply it 2-3 times daily on to the face. This will reduce the oily skin.


Apple is known to have astringent, antiseptic and soothing properties and is known to exfoliate your skin. It hence, makes as a great remedial ingredient for oily skin.

Take the apple and peel the apple skin. Then make the apple into small pieces and rub these pieces on to the face. This is the simple and natural tips for oily skin.

Egg whites

Egg Whites are known to be rich in Vitamin A and are effectively in drying out the skin blemishes. It will also tone and tighten up the oily skin.

You can whip the egg white and apply it evenly on your skin. Leave it to dry and wash with warm water. Continue this process two times in a week for effective results.


Containing lactic acid as the main ingredient, yogurt is known to exfoliate your skin and also absorb the extra oil from your skin. You can apply one tablespoon of yogurt on your skin and spread it evenly. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with cool water to see effective results.


Skin care tips for oily skin

Known to be quite effective in treating oily skin, cucumbers are great cooling and soothing agents.

They are rich in mineral and vitamin content like Vitamin E and A, potassium and magnesium. These nutrients are essential for oily skin.

You shall cut the cucumber into slices and rub them gently on your face. Leave it overnight and wash with lukewarm water in the morning.