Home remedies to clean the clogged skin pores

There can be clogged pores on the skin due to lots of reasons. Skins get clogged due to dirt and sweat. The dirty elements try to pass out from the pores and in the process if often clogs the pores and make the skin develop several outbreaks.

This is the time you should look for the best home remedies to help the skin stay in the best of state.

Being with acne is your routine? and getting pimples on one way or another is too common for you? Then stop applying those facial creams for fighting with acne and know better about your skin pores.

When skin pores are blocked they tend to cause various skin problems, among the top are acne breakouts and pimples. It also calls for dull and dark skin, blackheads and unattractive looking skin. So here are methods to open the clogged pores.

Methods to dead with clogged pores

Steam facials

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The process of cleaning is too much important to remove all those dirt, bacteria, dust, left over makeup and any other products on your face. Rinse of your face with a cleanser that not just suits your skin type but also challenging to give clear skin.

While rinsing the lather from the skin use warm water repeatedly on your face to fulfill a complete cleaning process. Once done with cleaning the face, follow up with steaming.

For this, bend over the hot water by covering head with a cloth or towel. Also add your hot water with green tea, chamomile tea or tea tree oil to improve the cleansing action on facial skin pores. It also helps to reduce the acne as well.


There are many readily available exfoliation methods in the market but is good and simple to try them on your skin at the home as follows: Before moving with any kind of exfoliation processes it is recommended to cleanse your face otherwise it results for the pushing of dirt into the pores.

Get an exfoliation brush that is loaded with soft bristles and use it on the face where you note the dry areas. Gently massage on those areas in the circular motions skipping the areas above and below the eyes which are known to be most sensitive areas.

While doing this process make both of your brush and skin are dry. After done with this step rinse off your face with cool water and follow up with a moisturizing lotion. Try this process for once a week to get the best results.

Natural exfoliating facials

As discussed earlier exfoliation is an excellent way to wake up the clogged pores. At the same time cleaning your face is highly recommended before starting any exfoliation process to get the perfect output.

There are lots of doors open to get the market exfoliation products but trying something homemade and natural will give you more pleasure and help to indulge into the method.

Use your kitchen ingredients and prepare your own exfoliate as follows: Mix one tablespoon of rice flour with one tablespoon of milk and half tablespoon of fuller’s earth. Use it on your face as like a general exfoliate.

Alternatively try mixing milk with walnut shells powder and fuller’s earth to get an effective paste that works magic on your skin. After using it, rinse off with cool water and follow up by applying moisturizing cream. Do it for once a week.

Clinical treatment

In some cases the clogged pores need clinical treatments like micro dermabrasion or prescription of topical medication from a dermatology expert.

The interesting sugar recipe

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You can make a superb recipe to unclog the pores of the skin. For this you need to one tablespoon of sugar and you also need few teaspoons of prepared green tea. One tablespoon of honey should also be mixed well with the rest of the ingredients.

The process

It is time that you add some green tea to the bowl. You should allow the tea to get cool. After the tea becomes cool you should add honey and sugar to the same and form a paste consistency. First you should wash the face nicely and then you should apply the scrub.

It is time that you massage the face nicely in complete circular motions and you should try with the more dry areas on the face.

The process should be continued for five minutes and then it is time to wash the face with cold water. At the end you should apply moisturizer on the face to avoid dryness of the skin.

The complete egg therapy

You can even have an egg mask for the clogged pores. It would be interesting for you to know that egg has the best skin tightening properties. It helps the pores stay perfectly clean. Egg also comes with perfect toning features and this is the reason it can make the skin feel so supple and soft.

In case you have acne breakouts you can use the while portion of the egg to be applied on the pores. This will help in the process of skin tightening and prevent the growth of acnes.

The process

To make the same you need the white portion of at least two eggs. Then to the same you can add two teaspoons of honey. You can even apply the egg yolk of both the eggs. Before the application it is time that you clean your face well.

Now it is time that you take the white portion of the egg and apply on the face. If desired you can even apply honey along with this. Now you should allow the paste to get dry.

Then it is time that you wash off the mask by applying water. After this in order to prevent the skin to become dry you should apply egg on the face and provide the skin with the best of nourishment.

The yolk should be allowed to get dry for fifteen to twenty minutes and then it should be washed off using normal water. In case your face feels too dry you can apply moisturizer.

The magic of oatmeal and fuller’s earth

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You can even have fuller’s earth, Oatmeal and water for clogged pores of the skin. For this you need one tablespoon of fuller’s earth. To add to this you need one tablespoon of oatmeal. Both should be mixed well by applying water.

The process

You should pour in the right amount of water to make paste of oatmeal and fuller’s earth. It is time that you clean your face perfectly and then apply the mask well on all parts of the face. Retain the mask for at least fifteen minutes.

Then it is time to wash off the fame and in case the face feels too dry you can apply moisturizer to help the skin become too soft. The process should be repeated once in every week.

Baking soda is good for clogged pores

You can even use baking soda and honey to be applied on the clogged pores. For this you need two tablespoon of baking soda. You need four tablespoon of honey, juice of two full sized lemons and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

The process

You should take a bowl to apply baking soda. To this you should add cinnamon powder, lemon juice and honey.

After the paste has been prepared you should apply this as a mask on the face. The mask should be retained for five to eight minutes and then it should be washed off with norm later. The process should be tried for at least once in a week.