Health benefits of Ghee

We all know that ghee is prepared by heating the milk cream, it contains of both saturated fatty acids and mono-saturated fatty acids. The stable saturated bonds present in the ghee are less tend to form the free radical molecules while cooking hence ghee is good for the body as the fatty acids easily metabolized.

Most of us don’t go near to ghee because of its saturated fat content. Though saturated fatty acids are linked with high cholesterol levels and heart diseases, the little amount of saturated fatty acids are necessary for various body functions like brain development, bone health, nerve functioning and boost up of the immunity.

Health benefits of ghee

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  • As ghee is made out of small chain fatty acids, it is simple to be digested and is easy to convert into energy.
  • It stimulates the immunity by its strong microbial properties.
  • You can find the array of vitamins like A, D, E and K in ghee. These vitamins are fat-soluble, it means – they need to be digested with other fat molecules in order for these vitamins to enter it into our bloodstream. Ghee consists of lots of dietary fats, majorly saturated fats that makes our body to absorb and make use of these vitamins. The vitamin A present in the ghee do not exist in other edible oils.
  • It helps for the promotion of flexibility and lubrication of connective tissue.
  • It is good to consume ghee because of its antiviral and anticancer properties.
  • Ghee is unique from all the edible oils with its high burning point, through which it neither smoke nor burn while cooking and don’t break down in high heat what other cooking oils do.
  • It comes under a low salt food item as it don’t possess any percentage of salt.
  • Ghee doesn’t consist of fats like trans fat and hydrogenated fats, which are risky for the health.

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  • To increase the physical and mental health one need to intake the ghee in regular food diet. It even works effective for the growth of the muscles, good eye sight and health of the tendons and to flush out the toxins present in the body.
  • It is easy to digest because of the less fat content.
  • In ayurveda, ghee is considered as a medicine to balance vata and pitta, it is even beneficial for the whole body.
  • Ghee is also believed to be an item which restores the poise of the brain, it stimulates the function of the brain.
  • Ghee consists of HDL, which is a good cholesterol.
  • The people who are having intolerance with milk and milk products can use the ghee as it is free from lactose.
  • The conjugated linoleic acid present in the grass fed cow ghee  helps to reduce the body weight because linoleic acid acts as a natural fat cutter.
  • People those who have cholesterol problems can consider ghee in their food rather than butter, as pure ghee is lower in fat than butter.
  • Pure ghee lasts for long time without the storage in refrigerator.

Energy booster

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The fats which are composed in ghee consist of medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are very much helpful for the body and can easily be processed by the liver. It helps in acting as energy boosters by not moving into the adipose tissues and adding up your overall weight. Ghee is an important ingredient to consume for the athletes as it boosts up the energy and keeps them charged up for any challenge or hurdle placed in front of them. It is recommended to consume ghee to get a burst of energy that you might need to match up a high energy lifestyle or go through a day full of challenging tasks piled up for you.

Allergy issues

Ghee, being a dairy product is free of all side effects as all of the dairy residues is shimmered off from it. People who cannot tolerate lactose or those who hate consuming butter, they can enjoy the delicious treat of ghee which is equally tasty and more beneficial for your health than butter. If you are consuming ghee in place of butter then that’s a very good thing as ghee won’t land you into gastrointestinal problems like most people have.

Heart health

As most people bracket butter with excess fat and a reason for heart issues, ghee is there for you. The rich variety of fat provides necessary healthy boost to your heart by keeping it healthy and in a well performing state. The Omega-3 fatty acids present in ghee can reduce the cholesterol levels and supply an energy boost to your heart. It balances the fat intake and keeps you healthy.

Reduce inflammation

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One of the most beneficial short chain fatty acids which is required by the body is the butyric acid. This acid is present in ghee which makes ghee healthier and beneficial for your body. In recent studies and researches it was found that butyric acid helps reduce inflammation in most parts of the body such as the gastrointestinal tract of your body. It is now recommended to consume ghee for people who have ulcerative colitis. Ghee has been an ages long traditional remedy used for curing inflammation.

Antioxidant activity

Ghee helps in removing the free radicals from the body. The benefits offered by vitamin A and the strength supplied by carotenoids are packed in ghee which makes it a valuable element for your body. Getting deep into the beneficial ingredients of ghee, we get to know that it is a powerful anti cancer substance which can reduce the oxidative stress throughout your body. Ghee can perform such tasks because of its contents like the antioxidant capacities of combined butyric acids with linoleic acids and vitamin A.

Eye health

Ghee, being rich in vitamin A helps control your eye health. Ghee is an ideal ingredient when it comes to eye health. Ghee can prevent the development of cataract and macular cell degeneration with the help of carotenoids and the antioxidant properties. It helps in neutralizing the effects of free radicals and eliminating them. These free radicals basically attack the macular cells of the eye which later results in degeneration of macular cells and cataract.

Immune system booster

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As mentioned above butyric acid is the most important property to be found in ghee. This property is also linked with the stimulation of T-cell production. T-cells are heavy hitting cells of the immune system, which means along with all the other benefits ghee can also charge up your immune system by 200%.

A final word of warning

On the basis of the information provided above, it may seem like ghee is the only and healthy substitute of butter but do not forget that ghee is also an ingredient which is purely made of fat. It is recommended to consume ghee but excess consumption of ghee can imbalance the fat intake by your body. To keep the fat intake balanced and yourself healthy, consume ghee according to your requirement. Keep a measure of how much you consume so that the fat intake by your body is balanced.