Health benefits of green chillies

The spicy taste adding green chili peppers are mostly known for its hot taste but there are underlying health benefits of using green chilies, want to discover them! Then join the page to read.

Vitamin A

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The hot and spicy chilies consists of good vitamin A amounts. A half cup of chopped green chilies consists of about 884 International units of vitamin A.

So, what are you thinking about add chilies more than the usual to your salads and dishes to spice it up and to get the vitamin A, which is very necessary for the synthesis of red blood cells and is a major component of the rhodopsin – the special type of protein which allows the eye receptors to absorb light.

The daily need of vitamin A for an adult man includes 30 percent and is 38 percent for women. Vitamin A also fosters for the proper growth and development of the immune system. A person who is lagging with vitamin A may develop cancer and vision problems.

Vitamin C

Our body requires vitamin C for various general actions like build up of strong bones, synthesis of collagen and for the healing of wounds. The main advantage of vitamin C is that its antioxidant nature, which helps to fight the free radical molecules that are contributing in aging.

In the serving of half cup green chilies, you will get 181.1 milligrams of vitamin C. Indeed an adult requirement is about 100 percent in a day. It is recommended to add your diet with vitamin C in order to discard the risk of cancer, heart diseases, osteoarthritis and hypertension problems.

Make sure to store the green chilies at a dark and cool area because chilies lose their vitamin C quantity when they are exposed to heat, light and air.

Vitamin K

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Yet another important vitamin present in the chilies is vitamin K, which is the key vitamin for the blood coagulation and to foster the development and maintenance of bones. In a half cup of green chilies you can get almost 10.7 micrograms of vitamin K.

This half cup fills up to 8.9 percent requirement of the vitamin K for a man in a day, on the other hand the same quantity fills up to 12 percent of vitamin K required by a women in a day. Enjoy your food adequate amount of vitamin K from the sources like green chilli peppers to ward off the osteoporosis and to control the secretion of blood in the time of cuts and injuries.


Capsaicin is a compound present in all kinds of chilies, it is ruler of the spiciness in the chilies. The more the capsaicin present in the chilies is directly proportional to more spicy hot taste in the chilies.

The Scoville Heat Unit scale is a measure of capsaicin content, it holds from 0 to 15,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, or SHUs. It put the pure capsaicin scale in green chilies between 500 and 2,500 SHUs. Some researches showed that eating of rich capsaicin sources like green chilies help to prevent the growth of the cancer cells.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Consuming chilies can really have a positive impact on your health. People who suffer from diabetes or people who are overweight, they can consume chili to get a balanced health. A journal published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that consuming chilies can control the insulin level after having a meal.

The data presented in the journal shows that the amount of insulin required by the body to lower the blood sugar level following a meal was reduced by 65% which is quite incredible. All this is due to eating chilies after or with the meal.

Though it was not elaborated that how do chilies work on your body to manage the insulin levels but it works pretty well. It helps in controlling the blood sugar level, so why not add a little of chili to your everyday meal.

Improve heart health, boost circulation, thins blood and helps protect against strokes

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Chilies can have an excellent impact on your health by boosting up the blood circulation and also acts as a thinner to protect against strokes as well as heart attacks. Eating chilies with food as a part of your everyday meal is all you need to do to enjoy the health benefits it provides. It improves the heart’s health, boosts up blood circulation,

Acts as a therapeutic & relaxant

Chili’s also have a therapeutic effect on the body too, which has been revealed with the help of various studies and researches. It allows a person to relax and get rid of pain. It blocks a natural chemical known as substance P which is involved in the perception and transmission of pain.

According to multiple researches and studies, chilies can help get relief from headaches, discomfort due to sinus and from migraines. It can prevent from other pains aroused due to excess stress or pressure. The anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties present in chilies helps in prevention of conditions like neuropathy caused due to psoriasis and diabetes, irritable bowel, etc.

Helps clear congestion

Chilies are an effective solution to congestion. It can instantly give you relief from congestion. Eating chilies can clear the nasal passage which allows you to breathe easily without any congestion problem. You can eat a bowl of hot soup with chilies added to it for clearing congestions and get rid of cold effectively. Although there is some minor side effects like panting for eating the hot soup.

Limits spreading of prostate cancer

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In a study published by the cancer research in March 2006, chilies can help in seizing the widespread of prostate cancer. Chilies contain a substance called capsaicin which is very much destructive for the primary type cell lines of prostate cancer.

Capsaicin also slows down the growth of prostate tumors in the human cell lines grown in mouse model. The dosage produced effects which equated to about 5 Habanero Peppers per week for an adult. These dosages were tested on mice.