Amazing health benefits of eating curry leaves in diet

Every Indian is familiar with the curry leaves. They are extensively used in curries as well as in a number of dry dishes to add to the taste and flavor of the preparation. Just like the many other Indian herbs and spices that are extensively used in cooking in every Indian home, curry leaves also have great medicinal properties. Eating curry leaves in your diet is a healthy and tasty way of getting the health benefits of this Indian herb. If you do not prefer curry leaves in your diet, then you should change your preference instead of keeping this healthy herb out of your diet. The health benefits of curry leaves described below will tell you, why you should include them more in your daily diet,

Curry leaves help in fighting anemia

Health benefits of curry leaves

Anemia is a common and serious health problem amongst the Indian women. Indian women are often said to be genetically predisposed to be anemic and hence taking every measure to prevent it is vital, because anemia can have serious effects on the overall health and well-being of a person. This is one of the first reasons why curry leaves have been used so commonly in every Indian dishes since centuries. Interestingly, these tiny green leaves are rich with both iron and folic acid, and this combination is the best way to keep any type of anemia at bay. So, anyone suffering from anemia or with a tendency to become anemic, taking in curry leaves in diet can be a natural way to recover from the problem without side effects.

Curry leaves help in controlling blood cholesterol

Increasing blood cholesterol is a common problem in our today’s society which directly leads to heart and other coronary diseases. Including curry leaves in your daily diet can be a healthy way to maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level. Curry leaves include a bunch of antioxidants and these compounds prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, stopping the formation of LDL cholesterol, which is the actual culprit for adding to the blood cholesterol levels. As the amount of the LDL cholesterol is reduced, automatically, the percentage of HDL or the good cholesterol is increased in the body, which helps in promoting a better heart and cardiovascular health.

Curry leaves for healthy blood sugar levels

Curry leaves have been found to be able to lower the blood sugar levels in the body. It impacts the activity of insulin in the body, reducing the sugar levels in blood. The dietary fibers present in these leaves also help in lowering the blood sugar levels. The best thing about curry leaves is that, they do not only reduce the sugar in blood but also offer a prolonged action on the body. So, for patients of diabetes including sufficient curry leaves in their daily dishes can be highly beneficial.

Curry leaves aid in better digestion

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A good digestive health is essential for a healthy body. The curry leaves are highly helpful in digestion and they are also known for their carminative properties. Curry leaves have a mild laxative property that helps in clearing the toxic elements from the stomach and can be helpful to cure not only digestive problems but also constipation. The fiber content of the leaves also helps in proper bowel formation and bowel movement. This is one of the primary reasons why these leaves are used extensively in cooking.

Curry leaves can help in curing stomach infections

If you are suffering from chronic stomach infections including more curry leaves in your regular diet or banking on curry leaf extracts can be a good way to fight the stomach infections in a healthy way instead of gulping up the antibiotics.  Curry patta has natural anti-bacterial as well as healing properties that can be helpful in curing mild stomach infections with regular intake. The leaves are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful to soothe an upset stomach.

Curry leaves can help in fighting cough and cold

Curry leaves are known for their content of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Apart from that, it also comes with active compounds like kaempferol which is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative as well as decongestant properties and hence the leaves can be highly helpful to cure common cough, cold and chest congestion due to mucous. It boosts your immune system and helps you to enjoy an overall better respiratory health.

Curry leaves make an ideal food for pregnant women

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During pregnancy the needs of your body are more acute and often different.  Folic acid or iron related anemia can be highly dangerous for the expecting mother and also for the fetus. Curry leaves being packed with folic acid and iron helps not only in curing anemia in the expecting mother, but the folic acid also ensures proper neural growth of the fetus. In addition to that, the mild laxative, carminative and healing properties of these leaves also ensure a better digestive health of the mother which can lead to a heathy pregnancy.

Curry leaves provide protection from liver damage

Protecting your liver is very important in order to enjoy a good overall health and if you are concerned about your liver health, including more curry leaves in your diet can do all the good for you.  Curry leaves are believed to protect the liver cells from the effects of toxins and oxidative stress. The kaempferol present in these leaves not only detoxifies your liver but also helps to control any kind of inflammation, helping it to work more efficiently.

Curry leaves beauty benefits

Curry leaves also offer a bunch of benefits for your hairs and skin. Starting from controlling hair fall and boosting hair growth to treating acne, they can be used effectively for their beauty benefits, as per requirements.