Different ways to make your blinkers look bigger

There is hardly a substitute for doe-like, wide pairs of sparkling, beautiful eyes. But unfortunately enough, nature is not kind enough to us always, thereby leaving us with blinkers that fall short of our definitions of being ‘beautiful’.

So if you want to make your eyes appear bigger, then make sure that you have all the essential tricks and tips up your sleeve. And the best thing is you can make your eyes look bigger even without applying makeup.

Do not use eyeliner around your eyes

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This will simply make your eyes appear small and fenced, ringed-in. As a matter of fact, this also means that you need to avoid donning a smoky look while making your eyes appear bigger. However, if you want to make to add drama, then Smokey eyes are perfectly alright and smaller eyes will look mysterious.

However, as mentioned earlier, avoid that look if you really want to make your eyes look bigger. Also, while applying eyeliner to the bottom lashes; do not use the cosmetic inside your rims.

Bottom out

Make your eyes look as seductive as Angelina Jolie’s using the perfect technique. Use a charcoal pencil and take it at the middle of the lash line. Make it thicker on the outer corners of your eyes.

Do not thick in the center, or you will end up getting roundish, panda-like eyes- just the thing that you will particularly like to avoid. Use a clean eyeshadow brush or a cotton swab to smudge the harsh lines and impart a dreamy, soft look.

Lighten up the waterline

Use a white, cream or other white-colored eye pencil to highlight the wet-line. This will make your eyes bigger noticeably. But once again, make certain that you do not ‘overdo’ it. Otherwise you are likely to look awkward.

To make your eyes appear wider, you can extend the eyeliner or pencil outside your eye corners. Also, the same line should be moved a little upwards, so as to mimic long eyelashes.

However, accomplishing this ‘eye do’ can be a bit tricky to accomplish. If you do not apply the liner in a symmetrical way, then chances are that your eyes will look lopsided. Hence, practice it with the aid of a mirror, or ask a friend to help you out.

Apply white eye shadows to the inner corner of the eyes

This process will help you bring a lot of light into the eyes, thus producing an illusion of wider-looking blinkers. Of course, make sure that you use a softer shade; harsh ones will make you look theatrical.

You can also use a medium brow eye shadow on the crease of your eyes. Take a fluffy eye brush and sweep a matte product. Start applying in an arc. Begin with the outer corners, gradually spreading throughout the centers of the eyes.

Tend to your eyebrows

Just like a picture frame affects how an image will look, your eyebrows will affect how your eyes appear. It is important to groom and tidy up your eyebrows.

Remove the stray hair and make your eyes more impressive. Nevertheless, never commit the mistake of thinking that thinner eyebrows will make your eyes look bigger.

Elongate your eyelashes

Make your eyelashes appear longer by:

  • Curling your upper eyelashes using an eyelash curler.
  • Applying mascara
  • Applying artificial eyelashes

Manage puffed eyes

Those swells in and around your eyes can make your blinkers look shrunk, tired and smaller. You can reduce puffiness by:

  • Sleeping well and abundantly
  • Washing your face with cool water regularly
  • Using used, cooled teabags over your eyes as the tannin content in tea acts as a skin tightener
  • Decreasing salt consumption. Excessive intake of salt can lead to retention of water, thus leading to eye puffiness.
  • Exercising regularly to increase blood circulation and manage retention

Do away with dark circles

This method might not help your eyes to look wider. However, dark circles do detract your eyes, no matter how big and beautiful they are.

Consider the ‘Cold Spoon Treatment’

Before going to sleep, keep two spoons in your refrigerator overnight. As you wake up, wash your eyes and put those cold spoons, one on each of your eyes.

Wait for about a minute. This process will make your eyes appear brighter and bigger all day long. As a bonus, you will ride your eyes from dark circles.