How to get rid of eyebrow dandruff?

People with eyebrow dandruff not only feel uncomfortable but also end up hiding their face and avoid socialization. However, some people get used to this situation and start socializing. Having dandruff in your eyebrows should not be the reason for your not being able to socialise, therefore, today we are sharing some of the best tips to get rid of the same. To know, more keep reading.

How to get rid of eyebrow dandruff?

Essential oils for dandruff

Treating eyebrow dandruff is very easy and can be done with ingredients available in your kitchen. However, we tend to think a lot and ignore all the amazing ingredients which we already have and go for expensive treatments.


Dry and flaky skin is the primary reason for getting eyebrow dandruff. The very first thing that you can do to treat the dry skin is to apply a thick layer of moisturizer. This will prevent further drying and will gradually decrease dandruff.

Scrub and wash

Another way to get rid of eyebrow dandruff is to use a mild scrubber and face wash to exfoliate your eyebrow. This is a very effective remedy, however, you must be very careful while doing this. Make sure that you close your eyes while washing your face to protect your eyes.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil mixed with different carrier oils will help in reducing dandruff. This remedy is very helpful and has a long-term effect. All you need to do is take few drops of the oil and massage it on your eyebrows. Alternatively, instead of using any carrier oil you can also use aloe vera gel to get a cream like consistency.

Almond oil

How to get rid of dandruff with epsom salt

As mentioned earlier, dry skin is the primary reason for eyebrow dandruff, almond oil will also be very helpful in dealing with the problem. Take few drops of almond oil, warm it and every night before going to bed massage it on your eyebrows. This remedy is having two advantages, it will also help in growing your eyebrows and will prevent eyebrow hair fall also.

Egg oil

This is one of the most effective and oldest methods for treating eyebrow dandruff. All you have to do is apply just a few drops of traditional Unani egg oil on your eyebrow and massage it. Egg oil helps in increasing the production of natural oils, therefore, prevents dryness and dandruff.

Table salt

You might not believe the fact that table salt is very effective in fighting dandruff from the very beginning. Table salt is a great exfoliant and helps in removing flakes from your eyebrows. Every day you need to take some table salt and very gently rub your eyebrows with it. Doing this will remove any existing dandruff flake and will also prevent the re-occurrence of the same. Also, make sure that you don’t use shampoo your hair after rubbing eyebrows with salt.