How to wake up early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning needs not to be always a challenge, particularly if you are able to time your body in the right way.

Our body needs rest but once the required rest time is completed you should not feel sluggish to come out of the bed, no matter even if it is early in the morning. So, here the first aim is to ensure that you complete your daily sleep quota before it is time to get up.

However, if you are running “in-adequate” on your sleep quota it might be difficult for you to get out of bed early in the morning on a daily basis, but you can certainly do that for few days and cover up the lacked hours of sleep on a holiday.

It is truly said that waking up in the morning is just a habit and if you are able to make yourself habituated with waking up early you can do that with ease, without feeling sleepy the whole day. Here I will tell you about some sure shot ways to wake up early in the morning,

Sleep early

This is surely the very basic yet most effective way to wake up early in the morning. As already said, our body requires a certain amount of sleep and rest; and once that required sleep is completed you are expected to wake up on your own, without the help of anyone in anyway.

So, if you go to bed early enough and get the required sleep you are most expected to wake up early in the next morning on your own and will not feel groggy the whole of the next day.

The primary problem that all of us face while trying to sleep early is that even after going to the bed early it takes hours before actually falling asleep.

Just like waking up early, sleeping early is also a habit that needs time to adopt and adjust with, but once you have adopted the habit, it will not be any more a problem to fall asleep early in the night.

Set the right conditions for a good sleep

Creating the right atmosphere is also important to ensure that you are able to sleep early and properly which can help you to complete your sleep quota.

You should be in a relaxed mood before going to bed and always make it a point to have a light diet at least one and half hours before going to bed.

Having a heavy diet or going to bed quickly after having your diner is never a good idea as the digestion process has the maximum chance to meddle with your sleep.

It is a good option to take a relaxed bath 15 minutes prior to going to bed; this will relax your senses and body and will make it easier to fall asleep quickly.

Watching the TV, laptop or even mobile screen for long before going to bed can also cause delay in sleeping or improper sleep, so stay away from these gadgets before you go to bed and instead listen to some relaxing music or read a light comic book before you go to bed.

Set the alarm to start with

Once you have adopted the habit of waking up early, you will be able to wake up even without an alarm; but to start with the process of adopting the habit an alarm can be of best help. Set your alarm right when you want to wake up in the morning, not 15 minutes prior.

Because once you set it 15 minutes prior you will always know that you have 15 minutes extra time in hand to sleep and there are maximum chances that you will get back to sleep again without actually waking up on the alarm.

Another common trick to ensure that the alarm is actually able to wake you up is to set it at a distance that cannot be reached from the bed.

This will make you wake up and leave the comfort of bed to stop the alarm and this can actually break the sleep. Setting up multiple alarms can also be helpful in this case, but if you are a grown up, setting multiple alarms is not surely the best idea.

Look forward to something that is enjoyable to you

The thought of waking up and getting engaged in the daily chore is boring enough to make any one slip back into the bed. So, if you are trying to wake up early in the morning include something in your daily morning routine that you actually enjoy.

This can be anything simple. If you love listening to music, set up an early morning radio program that you would not like to miss and this can work as your reward for waking up early.

For the nature lovers enjoying the atmosphere of the morning and watching the birds can be a great reward in itself for waking up early.

Going out on morning walk, jogging or just to do some stretching and free hand exercises in the open after waking up can also work as a great stimulator for waking up early.

If you have it in your mind that you will miss your daily morning outing or activity that you enjoy a lot, in case you are late to wake up, you will automatically wake up early even without the tiring alarms.

So, plan the starting of your day with something interesting and enjoyable for you to make it much easier and practical for your mind to leave the bed early.

Create the right environment in your family

Waking up early has a lot of benefits for everyone in the family. It is not only you who can benefit from an early start of the day but everyone in the family can reap the same benefits if they can adapt to this habit.

If your whole family wakes up early, it is very expected that you will also wake up early without pushing yourself. So, make the other members of your family understand the importance of waking up in the morning and make it a ritual in your home to leave bed early.

The idea that you will be the only one in the home to wake up early is often a deterrent of getting up from sleep, so if all your family is up you will not even feel that you are doing anything special and it will be much easier to adapt to the habit of early waking up.

You can always plan a family time right after getting out of bed which we often miss due to our daily hectic life routines.

Join a group of early birds

This can be another effective way to wake up early in the morning. If you join a cultural or activity group of people who meets together and performs their activities early in the morning, you can easily make it out of bed early enough.

Usually the members of these groups make it a point to wake up each other in the morning and this can be a sure shot way to get to the habit of waking up early.

You can join a laughing club or a group of morning walkers to ensure that you are actually able to get up early enough. Being in a group like that will not only help you to leave bed early without complaints but also give your day a nice start.

Do not get back to sleep once you are awake

Often it happens that we wake up 15-30 minutes early before the time at which we have planned to wake up, and normally, we again get back to sleep for that small span of time and miss to wake up at the scheduled time.

So, if you happen to wake up earlier than you have planned, do not get back to bed again, better engage yourself in some activity that you enjoy. In this way you can adopt your body to wake up early and make it a habit.

Ensure that the morning light falls on your bed first

If you are planning to wake up as soon as the sun rises a nice option will be to place your bed at a position where the first light of the morning will directly fall onto your eyes. So, drag your bed near the east facing window of your room and do not drag in the curtains.

The bright light of the morning sun can easily make you wake up from your sleep without any late. Once you are habituated with waking up as soon as the first light of the day falls on you, you will be able to wake up early in the morning with ease, even if the curtains are shut.