Yoga treats for urinary incontinence

Male and females are suffering from variety of urinary problems these days.  Some people are adopting conventional medicines whereas others are happy with home remedies. If you are among those people who have a problem in holding urine for a long time, you are suffering from the problem of urinary incontinence. This has become a common problem suffered by women of all ages in the society. Even the leakage of urine is a big problem for ladies who have crossed 50 years of age. But, due to change in lifestyle, today around 7% of young ladies are suffering from the same problem. The age group of such ladies is between 20 to 39 years.

People are adopting variety of Yoga Asana these days as it helps in resolving variety of health conditions. Urinary continence has become a serious problem where you suffer from issues related to urine control. The bladder cannot hold urine for a long time. The condition becomes severe when women cross 50 years of age. But these days ladies with all age group suffer from urinary incontinence. It is true that we must urinate whenever nature calls. But, there is a certain limit till when every human being must hold their urine. But, urinary incontinence will ask you to urinate now and then. Let’s speak about some Yoga poses that treats this health condition.

But, today, we can easily get rid of urinary incontinence with holistic as well as natural process. This can be wonderfully done with the help of Yoga. For many years people have been carrying on with variety of Yoga techniques in order to keep their bladder sound and healthy. Most of the women suffering from urinary incontinence can also result the same due to stress. You can also find the escaping act of small amount of urine passing away from the bladder with a pressure in abdomen.  For hundreds of years several technique of Yoga has been proved powerful in treating the bladder problem.

Types of yoga for urinary incontinence

Mula bandha

One of the ancient secrets associated with Yoga is termed as Mula Bandha. There was a challenge among people to practice the Mula Bandha Yoga. Even the individuals who have been practicing asanas and Yoga for years were incapable to adopt this asan. Only with proper practice for years, Mula Bnadhan can be acquired. For many years this has been passed from a teacher to a student with the technique of oral transmission.

In this form of asan people has to move downward where apana vayu is forced to shift towards the upward direction. Individual has to press the heal against the rectum and get it contract with a force in repeated way. The meaning of bandha is the lock or bind.

Follow the steps to do mula bandha

Step 1: Go to urinate and stop the urine in midstream. Whatever the muscles you used to stop urinating the same should be used for the next step in Yoga asana. If you are not sure which muscles to contract then just place a finger within vagina and press to feel tightening sensation around the finger.

Step 2: Step into a quiet room and sit in asana which is so comfortable like sukhasana or sidhasana. Remind that the back and spine should be straight.

Step 3: Drag the perineum by shrinking the entire pelvic floor. Same time you have to contract the muscles around the anus.

Step 4: Concentrate on energy and perineal area that may be recognized as Muladhara chakra. Hold on for three seconds.

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Step 5: Relax all muscles and count for 10 numbers again repeat doing step 3, 4 & 5.

Do this for ten times by giving intervals for every three seconds. After performing the mula bandha for three months then increase the amount of time spent on the steps gradually.

Yoga treats for urinary incontinence

Bottom line asana

The category include several Yoga poses that will help you stay away from urine leakage. Let us explore the poses in this article. Three major poses such as Trikonasana (triangle pose), Utkatasana (chair pose), Mula Bandha (root lock) are really effective in removing the problem of urinary incontinence. If you don’t know the asana perfectly, speak to a Yoga trainer. Each of the three yoga poses are very effective in reducing your urinary problems.

Surya namaskara

Some of the yogis practicing Yoga on a regular basis say that the pose for the Surya Namaskara is really effective in reducing the problem of urinary incontinence. If you can practice this pose on a regular basis right in the morning, you can easily get a control over the urinary frequency. This helps in restricting the urine right from your bladder. The yoga trainer must be contacted certainly in order to comply with the Surya Namaskar pose.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise can be a way to get a control over urinary leakage. Most of the people have found it useful apart from medication and general treatment process. This process also involves squeezing the PFM that sorts out the urine leak problem. Though there are many reasons for this health condition, but this is not incurable. If you can go ahead with the healthy habits, staying away from the urinary problems will become really easy.