Detective Pikachu Actor Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively expecting their third baby

Blake Lively astonished the world when she walked the red carpet for husband Ryan Reynolds’ New York premiere of Pokemon Detective Pikachu with a baby bump.

The actor duo is parents to two adorable daughters – James Reynolds (4) and Inez Reynolds (2) already and now are expecting the third baby.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively expecting their third baby

‘A simple favor’ actress was looking refreshingly beautiful in yellow dress that highlighted her baby bump.

The Pokemon Detective Pikachu actor Ryan Reynolds, 40 and Blake Lively, 31 however, did not utter a word about this lovely news but the glow and the baby bump speak volumes about the new celebration.

The actor at the Tokyo premiere revealed that one of his daughters persuaded him to take up this role. The actor reportedly was sent the scrappy detective Pikachu paired with his voice and dialogues from Deadpool.

While he was watching the film, one of his daughters passes by and gets hooked up with it. Reynolds stated that she made them watch this movie for n times in a row. That is how, he signed up for the movie.

The lovely couple has been together for nearly a decade now. Despite the age gap of more than ten years, they make a ravishingly beautiful pair.

Lively took to Instagram, posted a lovely picture of hers and hubby Ryan from the red carpet itself, and announced her third baby in her own sassy style. The actress has now cleared all the confusion and is rocking her baby bump like a real diva.

Reynolds was previously married to Scarlett Johansson. The couple got divorced in 2010 and officially declared it in 2011, right before Ryan got married to Blake.

The couple is often seen doing PDA in their Instagram feed and it gives the hints of them having a great family life even after trolling each other on social media.

Apart from her baby bump surprise, the actress was nowhere to be seen in the Met Gala 2019 for some reason. Blake and Ryan were not present in this year’s Met Gala that took place on 7th of May.

The fans were literally dying to see this hot couple and especially Blake’s look for this year’s Met Gala theme.

Few insiders claim that the couple is finding it hard to manage their professional and personal lives and it is pretty natural. Handling two young children along with so much work is one hell of a tough job.

Besides the fact that the couple is trying to find balance in amidst of so much happening in and around their lives, it is also speculated that Ryan is perhaps leaving for a film location and the family is going along with him.

There is seriously too much to do for the family at this point of time. So, now skipping this humongous and sparkling event like Met Gala make sense.

Nevertheless, their absence at the event has given enough room to our imagination. We can only imagine how gorgeous she must have looked in the Met Gala.